'The Challenge': Nia Moore on Why Social Media Hate Doesn't Affect Her

The Challenge star Nia Moore is returning after a seven-year hiatus for the spinoff, The Challenge: All Stars 3. Remembered as “Hurricane Nia,” many viewers have had things to say regarding her behavior on reality TV. However, she claims that social media hate doesn’t affect her and explains why.

Nia Moore explains why social media hate doesn’t affect her

Throughout her two years on reality TV, Nia Moore, 33, appeared on The Real World: Portland (2013) and two seasons of the competitive spinoff, The Challenge.

Despite her short stint, she gave memorable moments, including several volatile fights with her Real World roommates and disqualification from Battle of the Exes 2 due to inappropriately groping Jordan Wiseley.

Therefore, fans have had a lot to say about her. However, Nia claims their comments haven’t affected her mental health. Speaking to YouTuber Mike Bloom in an April 2022 interview, she explained that she abides by the familiar expression her father taught her; “sticks and stones may break my bones, but words can never hurt me.

While she’s noticed the “awful things” viewers have said about her online, Nia explained she hasn’t “absorbed” their comments because she knows what’s true. However, she claimed fans have contacted her family and friends and “bullied” them, which did upset her. 

Nia addresses rumors that she got banned from ‘The Challenge’

During The Challenge: Battle of the Exes 2, the rivalry between Nia and Jordan, which started when they were The Real World roommates, came to a head shortly before the finals.

In the heat of an argument, she inappropriately groped him and called him an “f—-t.” She then justified her use of the word by claiming she had gay friends. The reality star also addressed rumors that she got banned from the show due to her disqualification during the April 2022 interview.

However, she insisted that never happened, pointing out that she received a call to return for the following season, Battle of the Bloodlines. While she initially planned to bring her sister, Nia explained she decided to have someone pose as her cousin instead.

The reality star noted her previous experiences, protective nature, and emotional immaturity as reasons she wanted to shield her sister from the show, even though she believes they would have competed well together. Although Nia denies getting banned from the series, she admitted, “I should’ve been” due to her actions.

Nia has competed in two seasons of ‘The Challenge’

Nia first appeared on The Real World: Portland (2013) when she arrived as a replacement in episode 4. She and Jordan immediately butt heads, ultimately culminating in a massive argument involving them throwing things at each other and calling one another names.

She also got into a notorious fistfight with roommates Averey Tressler and Johnny Reilly, eventually earning the nickname “Hurricane Nia.” She debuted on competitive spinoff The Challenge: Free Agents (2014) and won the opening challenge alongside her team.

However, she quickly found herself in elimination during episode 3, where Cara Maria Sorbello sent her home. Nia returned for Battle of the Exes 2 (2015) alongside former fling Leroy Garrett, and they performed well together, eliminating three pairs.

They advanced to the finals, but Nia was removed due to inappropriately touching Jordan. After her disqualification, she left the reality TV community until returning for The Challenge: All Stars 3, which premieres May 11 on Paramount+.

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