The Chase fans baffled over unusual item contestant wants to buy with winnings

The Chase fans were left stunned after a sky diving instructor admitting the very important item he intends to purchase if he wins a cash prize.

As player Chris began chatting with host Bradley Walsh, the contestant began detailing his life on a small island in Scotland, where he began detailing his life as a sky diving instructor.

Chris said: “I’m lucky enough to have to have two jobs, I’m a mortgage broker and a sky diving instructor.”

“You’re a mortgage broker on an island with only one pub on it and then also you’re a sky diver?” Bradley replied.

Chris admitted he had done around “five and half thousand jumps.”

A shocked Bradley challenged: “No you haven’t,” before asking him what he will do with his winnings.

Chris left the studio and viewers at home in shock when he revealed he will “upgrade his reserve parachute.”

Laughter erupted across the studio as his fellow contestants faces appeared stunned.

“well I should hope so,” said Bradley.

“A reserve parachute you’ve got to be kidding me,” said one viewer.

“Can someone buy Chris a reserve parachute if he loses please,” another added.

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