The Funniest Super Bowl Commercials 2020: Jason Momoa, Rick And Morty, Lil Nas X, And More

The Super Bowl is over, and while many people will be talking about the Kansas City Chiefs, from Missouri, beating California’s San Francisco 49ers, the talk around the water cooler will also be the commercials. This year, we saw commercials that cost companies millions of dollars for 30-second spot, as they tried their best to get our attention.

Many times, these ads have a comedic slant, and sometimes, they’re actually funny–and often, they fail miserably. Over the course of Super Bowl LIV, there were a ton of ads, but only a few of them were actually really funny. So we collected the best ones from the NFL game and have them for you below.

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When your hands are covered in Cheetos dust, you may not want to touch anyone or anything. MC Hammer pops up to sing the chorus from his hit song “U Can’t Touch This.”

Avocados From Mexico

Every year, Avocados From Mexico puts out some hilarious commercials for the Super Bowl. This year, it spoofs the Home Shopping Network with accessories for your avocado.

Rocket Mortgage

Apparently, Jason Momoa isn’t the man we all thought he was. Just watch the commercial for yourself, as it’s easily one of the best of the evening.


Ricky & Morty make an appearance in this year’s Pringles commercial, poking fun at the other Pringles commercials from the past year. Also, there are Pringles robots now.


Lil Nas X and Sam Elliot got into a dance-off during this Doritos commercial. Is there anything funnier than a horse with a sound system strapped to it? That’s rhetorical because the answer is obviously “no.”

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