'The Irishman' Is Honestly the Perfect Movie to Watch With Your Dad on Thanksgiving

How was it even possible to go home for the holidays before Netflix was invented? Like…were you expected to actually talk to each other? I’m joking! Kinda! But seriously, streaming services have made family time significantly easier because all you have to do is turn on the television (for your own sake, I hope it’s a smart TV, or is at least hooked up to a Roku), and press play on the first thing Netflix suggests. If you’re too nervous to pick something at random, here’s a suggestion: just watch The Irishman. Trust me, even your super picky dad will be into it.

First thing’s first: The Irishman is about organized crime.

Yup, that’s right. Issa mob movie. It’s truly fun for the whole fam.

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The Irishman takes place in post-war America, and is told from the perspective of hustler, hitman, and World War II veteran, Frank Sheeran (Robert DeNiro). The movie spans across a few decades, but it’s about the (still unsolved) disappearance of American labor union leader Jimmy Hoffa (Al Pacino), and the connection between organized crime and politics. Basically, if you’re into cold cases and conspiracy theories…you should watch it.

It’s (roughly) based on a true story.

In The Irishman, and in real life, Frank Sheeran confessed to killing Jimmy Hoffa…but police aren’t sure that he actually did it. Like, they were so unconvinced that they never even charged him with the murder, even after the confession. To this day, investigators still have no idea what happened. They’re just pretty certain that Sheeran is not the man who killed Hoffa.

“It’s baloney, beyond belief,” says former FBI agent, John Tamm. “Frank Sheeran was a full-time criminal, but I don’t know of anybody he personally ever killed, no.”

I guess the main takeaway here is that the movie likely isn’t accurate, but nobody’s sure what happened, so you might as well still watch it. Worst case scenario: your dad ends up knowing a little bit more about the mob than you anticipated, and you have to hear him talk about his theory for the entire weekend.

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