'The Last Kingdom': Fans React to an Official Look at Aelflaed in Season 5: 'I Can’t Stand Her!'

The popular series The Last Kingdom is ending with season 5, which has yet to premiere. With no premiere date yet known, the official social media channels have been sharing official looks at some of the characters ahead of the new season, including Aelflaed (Amelia Clarkson). We have all the details to know about the post and what fans are really saying about it.

Get a first look at Aelflaed in season 5 of ‘The Last Kingdom’

Fans may recall that Aelflaed is the wife of King Edward (Timothy Innes) of Wessex. She’s also the daughter of the scheming Lord Aethelhelm (Adrian Schiller). She gave Edward a son, and she is also proclaimed Queen in season 4. The mother of Aelfweard, we’ll have to see what season 5 holds for this interesting character.

On August 27, 2021, the official social media channels shared a first and official look at the character ahead of season 5. The name of the series is in the upper right corner. Aelflaed can be seen in the middle with long blonde hair at her sides. She looks off while wearing dark-colored clothing. A quote from the character is included at the bottom of the image. 


“’If they try to take me, I shall throw myself upon their knives.’ – Aelflaed.”

The post is captioned on Instagram: “The knives are out… #thelastkingdom #tlk5.” Over 21,000 people liked the post, and over 100 people commented on it.

Fans react to the post

Some fans chose to comment on the post, including about the new season as well as about a hypothetical season 6. Others made comments like the ones included here. Not all fans are fond of the character Aelflaed, however.

One fan praises the actor who plays Aelflaed, admitting to disliking the character. “Great performance by Amelia!” they said. “Makes me really dislike her character.”

Another calls the performance “outstanding,” and they didn’t stop there. “Outstanding acting. I can’t stand her! 😂 Again kudos to all the actors and writers of TLK,” the fan said. “It must not end so soon. Too much to be told. ❤️❤️❤️.”

While a fan admits to not liking Aelflaed. “She plays her well but I don’t like her character Aelflaed up till now S4,” another fan wrote.

While a fan calls Aelflaed, “Such an irrelevant character🤷‍♂️.”

A fan pointed out that the character no longer looks like a queen. What could that mean for her future on the series? “She doesn’t look like a ‘queen’ anymore. 🤔 Wonder what is gonna happen with her character,” they said.

Another fan calls Aelflaed their “favorite character 😩😩❤️.”

It’s always great to get a first look at characters ahead of a new season. We’ll have to see what is in store for Aelflaed when the new and final season finally premieres of The Last Kingdom. We’re anxiously waiting for the premiere just like you. Who knows what else will be shared before season 5 premieres?

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