The Masked Singer UKs wildest theories so far from Susan Boyle to Liz Hurley

The Masked Singer UK will be back on our TV screens in January – and fans are so excited that they're already sharing theories on who is under the mask.

With various costumes already shown on screen, viewers are putting two and two together and making five as they share their guesses.

However, if one thing is to be noted on The Masked Singer, it's that no detail is too small or insignificant – so they all could be onto something here.

The costumes so far including: Robobunny, Traffic Cone, Chandelier, Lionfish, Poodle, Panda, Doughnuts, Bagpipes, Rockhopper, Mushroom, Firework and Snow Leopard.

Fans have already started speculating the identities of those behind the mask, and one which is getting more traction than any other is Chandelier.

It's unsurprising that most of the guesses for Chandelier's identity point in the direction of famous singer Sia – but could that perhaps be a little too obvious?

Elsewhere, viewers have speculated that Chandelier could be Heather Small or Jane McDonald.

One eagle-eyed fan also recognised something about Robobunny, as they speculated that one clue gave away their identity.

They wrote: "I reckon Declan Donnelly is in the bunny machine thing as it looks like something for a smaller person. He is small, and two of the four plans in one side are bigger on the left than the right.

"Which could signify Ant and Dec as Any stands to the left of Dec when we see them on TV."

Another fan took one look at the bagpipe costume and automatically put their finger on Britain's Got Talent star Susan Boyle, who is originally from Blackburn in Scotland.

However, another guess thrown in the ring for Bagpipes is Laura Whitmore, with one user writing: "People will expect a Scot, but she's married to one…"

Looking at over at mushroom, one fan guessed at Liz Hurley, writing: "Because she was in Austin Powers and she is an activist (I was looking at her costume because it is very earthy like she wants to help the planet).

But as we all know, it's not always their costumes that give it away immediately, but as the show goes on the clues slowly released each week will help viewers guess who is behind the mask.

The Masked Singer will return to ITV in January.

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