The Right Stuff season 2 release date: Will there be another series of The Right Stuff?

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Disney Plus recently premiered its brand-new series about space The Right Stuff, which recounts the story of the Mercury 7 who were the first-ever American astronauts. The show started airing on the streaming platform on October 9 with more episodes to come. Many are wondering already if there will be another outing.

Will there be another series of The Right Stuff? has approached Disney Plus for comment on a possible renewal and will update this story with any news.

At this stage, it could be too early to make a decision with Disney looking at viewing figures.

Alternatively, The Right Stuff could just be a standalone, limited series telling this story.

The Right Stuff has been adapted from Tom Wolfe’s 1979 book of the same name.

When will The Right Stuff season 2 be released?

Should season two get the greenlight, it is likely to be arriving in 2021.

There could be another eight episodes in the follow-up which would air on a weekly basis rather than a mass drop of the entire series.

However, all of this will be dependent not only on a recommission but also the coronavirus restrictions in place on filming.

Season two could always be delayed due to this and come out at a later stage.

Who will be in the cast of The Right Stuff season 2?

The show would see the return of the main cast including the seven at the heart of the story.

This means Suits star Patrick J. Adams would be returning as Major John Glenn and Jake McDorman would again assume the mantle of Lieutenant Commander Alan Shepard.

Colin O’Donoghue would be back as Captain Gordo Cooper, Aaron Staton as Wally Schirra, James Lafferty as Scott Carpenter, Micah Stock as Deke Slayton and Michael Trotter as Gus Grissom.

Other cast members likely to be back could be Nora Zehetner as Annie Glenn, Shannon Lucio as Louise Shepard, Eloise Mumford as Trudy Cooper, Patrick Fischler as Bob Gilruth and Eric Ladin as Chris Kraft.

There could also be new cast members if the show continues and the story expands out.

What will happen in The Right Stuff season 2?

As season one hasn’t completed broadcast yet, it’s tricky to predict where the story would go next but most likely could pick up from the end of the first outing.

The first outing is set in 1959 during the height of the Cold War with the East and the West vying for supremacy on the world stage.

At this point in time, NASA was only just newly-formed while the USSR was leading the space race.

In a bid to make up ground, the American government decided to try and make up lost ground by launching its own space programme in the space of two years.

The series will also focus on the wives and families of the Mercury 7 and their own dilemmas.

Season two could also continue to dramatise the story of NASA more generally if it decided to move the focus away from the Mercury 7.

But again, this will all be dependent on the reception to the series and where the programme-makers want to take the story next.

Nonetheless there is scope for more story as The Right Stuff is based on a true story.

The Right Stuff season 1 airs weekly on Disney Plus

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