The 'Sex and the City' Reboot: Harry Goldenblatt Will Be Back

The cast of Sex and the City is coming together for a limited series on HBO Max. The streaming giant announced the reboot, And Just Like That…, in January 2021. After that, details were hard to come by. That is all changing. Now that the cast is sitting down for table reads and planning their filming schedule, a full picture of the series is coming into focus. News about the returning supporting characters is especially exciting. 

Evan Handler is officially returning to ‘And Just Like That…’

Sex and the City fans have waited months to find out whether their favorite secondary characters were returning to the show. In April, John Corbett announced his involvement. He’ll be returning as Aidan Shaw. The following month, Chris Noth and David Eigenberg’s inclusion was confirmed. Noth played Mr. Big for all six seasons. Eigenberg, best known for his starring role in Chicago Fire, spent several years on Sex and the City as Steve Brady. Now, fans can breathe easy knowing Evan Handler will return to the series as Harry Goldenblatt.

HBO Max announced the return of Handler on the reboot’s official Instagram account. The announcement about Harry came on the same day that the streaming network announced the return of several other supporting characters. HBO Max also announced the return of both Willie Garson and Mario Cantone. Fans know Garson as Stanford Blatch. Cantone portrayed Anthony Marantino starting in season 3.

Writers Introduced Harry Goldenblatt in season 5 of ‘Sex and the City’

Writers introduced Handler’s character, Harry, to Sex and the City fans in season 5. Initially, he served as Charlotte York’s divorce lawyer before they became romantically linked. The unlikely pair married in the season 6 episode, “The Catch,” and lived happily ever after. When Sex and the City aired its final episode, Charlotte and Harry were headed to China to adopt their daughter, Lily.

Harry was a fan favorite. Not only was he lovely to Charlotte, but he managed to challenge her thoughts on love and compatibility. The production team did not portray Harry as traditionally good-looking. He was shown in contrast to Trey MacDougal, Charlotte’s first husband. Still, Harry was Charlotte’s perfect match.

Evan Handler reprised his role as Harry Goldenblatt in ‘Sex and the City: The Movie’ and ‘Sex and the City 2’

To be honest, Handler’s inclusion in the reboot didn’t seem like much of a question mark to fans. The writing team included Handler’s character in both Sex and the City movies. He played a significant role in Sex and the City: The Movie. The first film, released in 2008, followed Carrie Bradshaw as she navigated being jilted by Mr. Big. Charlotte, Miranda Hobbes, and Samantha Jones played integral roles in helping her get over her heartbreak. Harry served as Charlotte’s emotional support. 

Handler returned for Sex and the City 2 two years later, but his role was not nearly as nuanced. Most of the film took place in the United Arab Emirates. Harry and most of the supporting characters remained back in New York. Fans and experts criticized Sex and the City 2 for its lack of depth and contrived storyline.

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