The surprising truth about Jerry Seinfeld’s proposal to his wife

Stand-up comedian-turned-sitcom star Jerry Seinfeld’s love life is no stranger to tabloid fodder. After all, it is alleged that he once entered into a relationship with a 17-year-old, Shoshanna Lonstein. Ruh-roh! The Seinfeld star, however, was quick to explain that he had no idea Lonstein was so young (via People). It’s reported that the relationship lasted for four years in the ’90s and Seinfeld even popped the question to the young woman. And it appears that his friends were quite fond of her as well. 

Seinfeld’s buddy, George Wallace, even went on the record stating that he thought things were “serious” between the pair. He also described Lonstein as both “beautiful and mature” and “good for him [Seinfeld].” Well, as mature as a teenager can be, we suppose… But it’s his proposal to his wife, Jessica Sklar Seinfeld, that really got everyone talking. And it all had to do with how and when the actor chose to pop the question to her. 

As reported by E! News, Seinfeld met his future wife at the Reebok Sport Center, but that wasn’t the problem. Keep reading after the jump to learn why the proposal proved to be quite scandalous for the high-profile celeb.

Jerry Seinfeld's wife was a newlywed when he proposed to her

One might make the argument that the art of good timing isn’t necessarily actor Jerry Seinfeld’s strong suit. As it turns out, Seinfeld proposed to his now wife, Jessica Sklar Seinfeld, while she was married to someone else. Yikes. As reported by E! News, Seinfeld’s now-wife married Broadway producer, Eric Nederlander, only one month prior to Seinfeld popping the question to the newlywed. 

At first, it appears Nederlander wasn’t worried about the budding relationship between his bride and Seinfeld. During a Daily News interview (via E!), Nederlander had this to say: “I know all about their friendship.” He continued, “I know that they see each other at the gym… They talk to each other on the phone… I have no problem with it… Our relationship, it couldn’t be more solid. Jerry Seinfeld is not going out with my wife, and if he were going out with my wife, then we’d have some real problems.”

But it didn’t take long before he had very different words about his estranged wife and Seinfeld. Nederlander later told the New York Post that “Jerry and Jessica have no respect for decent values. They deserve each other. I’m going on with my life.” Ouch! Something tells us these three won’t be rekindling a friendship anytime soon… or ever for that matter.

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