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THE VIEW fans are begging show producers to hire a former president's daughter to be a permanent co-host as calls for Whoopi Goldberg to get fired continue.

Viewers loved seeing Chelsea Clinton guest co-host on the daytime talk show as many fans have been frustrated by Whoopi's recent performance.

Fans have been calling the long-time host Whoopi out for multiple blunders on air.

However, they were extremely impressed by Chelsea during her time as a guest host on The View.

One fan thought: "I hope – if she wanted – they add her to the panel. I think she’d be a great moderator."

About her time guest-hosting the show, a fan commented: "She was just classy, smart and knows how to work a panel discussion."

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Another agreed and wrote: "She is so smart. You can hear it when she speaks."

A fourth said: "I thought she was terrific. Well-spoken and respectful. Honestly, before now, she wasn't on my radar, at all, but I was very pleasantly surprised."


Meanwhile, fans are calling for further line-up changes after the current season of The View wraps up on August 5.

Many would like to see Whoopi quit, following controversial comments she made about the holocaust earlier this year. 

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The Emmy Award winner has also been slammed by viewers for making numerous on-air blunders in recent weeks.

On a recent episode of the live talk show, Whoopi said: "Sometimes you have to be an a** to be a parent."

The comedian's language didn't go down so well with viewers at home, with one posting in a fan thread: "Whoopi and Sunny's [Hostin] foul language was a bit much today."

The user also called out the hosts for cursing while talking about tighter gun control.

"Between Whoopi using the word 'b***hin' and Sunny referring to Republicans 'p**sing on her leg when it's raining,' I had to turn the show off," they wrote.

"I know they're passionate about gun issues but this is daytime TV, not the Howard Stern show. Some people have kids home for the summer."

Another posted on Twitter: "Does Whoopi really need to swear all the time?"

Others rushed to Whoopi's defense over her bold statement, however, with one fan tweeting: "Yep! Kids won't like all of your decisions but you gotta do what you gotta do."


The View is currently celebrating its 25th season on the air.

Earlier this month, Whoopi and company broadcasted from The Bahamas to commemorate the milestone.

The ladies of The View are now back in New York City, but 79-year-old co-host Joy Behar has been out most of this week.

Whoopi only half solved the mystery as she told viewers: “Joy is not out with Covid. She's getting over something else, the flu, or maybe she's pregnant, I don't know.”

Meanwhile, meteorologist Ginger Zee made her co-hosting debut on the show, and fans showered her with praise.

"Ginger is so refreshing and cool," one viewer tweeted. "She's better from one day than all of the other fill-in guest hosts.”

One fan pushed for the GMA star to join The View permanently, writing: "Loved you on The View, Ginger. You should become a new cast member!"


Most recently, fans had Whoopi under fire from a recent episode of the weekly talk show.

Whoopi clapped back against the hate the daytime show gets over its lighthearted topics.

The moderator defended their easygoing topics as “fun as hell to talk about.”

The outburst from Whoopi came as The View's panelists discussed a recent Reddit story on Tuesday’s episode.

In the story, a boyfriend had been scalded by his soon-to-be fiancée for letting his mother pick out her engagement ring.

Anna Navarro and Sunny Hostin were joined by guest co-host Ginger and they enjoyed a lively debate about the meddling mother-in-law.

The discussion came following fan backlash over The View’s recent selection of Hot Topics.

Whoopi then turned to the camera as she told viewers: “The thing is about these stories that we bring you constantly is we don’t have any more information than what we find out.

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“But it is fun as hell to talk about this stuff,” she added.

The studio audience cheered in support of Whoopi while the other panelists laughed in agreement.

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