The Witcher boss divides fans as she reveals Geralt will be left with 'life-changing disability' after horror accident

THE Witcher's Geralt of Rivia, played by Henry Cavill, is known for his impressive strength, resilience and super quick refelxes.

However, what fans of the show may not know is that the white-haired hunk is set to suffer a life-changing injury during his upcoming adventures.

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The fantasy TV adapation has always been clear that it is based on The Witcher novels by Andrzej Sapkowski, rather than the video game series.

While the games gloss over Geralt's injuries, in the Time of Contempt book the protagonist finds himself gravely hurt after shattering his elbow and thigh bone.

In fact, he may not have even pulled through if not for the Dryads arriving and healing him as best they can in the Waters of Brokilon.

The storyline came up after a fan of the show highlighted the importance of disabled visibility in film and TV.

"Geralt of Rivia is disabled. That statement always surprises people, even fans of the series. But it's true," Twitter user @mustangsart wrote.

"It's just that people only remember how Geralt is shown in the CDPR videogames – a grizzled but able-bodied monster hunter – without realising that CDPR removed that disability."

They continued: "Why is it important that Geralt is disabled? It adds a lot to Geralt as a character and a protagonist. When you think about Geralt of Rivia, you think about a strong and capable (if sometimes reluctant) hero.

"That isn't something you see very often in fantasy novels or the genre as a whole and as someone whose disabilities include osteoarthritis and nerve damage, it meant the world to see someone like me be a famed and powerful monster hunter."

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The fan goes on to explain all the ways the disability impacts Geralt in the long term: a limp, struggling with prolonged periods of horsereiding and chronic pain.

The comments quickly gained traction as show runner Lauren Hissrich addressed the points made – and vowed to include Geralt's disability in the show.

"Thank you for this thread, and for all of your work in bringing forth the details of what's left behind in the books. We won't forget," she replied.

"I've read these books a dozen times, these specific sections, and I've not thought of it further than: 'Geralt has some pain, onto the next thing.'

"I've been wrong. I'm excited to dig into this more. To add this layer to our hero."

Hissrich's comments were flooded with praise as other fans commended her open-mindedness and willingness to listen.

However, there were some who expressed concern the impact a disabled Geralt could have on the show's action sequences.

"I'm all in favour of this, as long as we still get to see Geralt kicking butt – that's my favourite thing about the show," one Twitter user wrote.

"So will Ciri and Yennefer be taking the reigns while Geralt recovers? Not sure how I feel about it…" a second added.

While a third chimed in: "Geralt better still be able to swing that giant sword around because I need ALL the escapism [at the moment]."

The comments come after The Witcher was forced to supsend filming again after crew members tested positive for coronavirus.

The shutdown followed Henry Cavill leaving the set of season 2 ahead of England's second lockdown.

Elsewhere, The Witcher shared a teaser clip of some new monsters Geralt will face off against to celebrate Halloween.

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The Witcher season 1 is available to stream on Netflix now.

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