TV hosts brutal Queen joke horrifies studio as producer screams f*** off

A TV host has brutally poked fun at the Queen after his colleague reported on Her Majesty's latest public engagement.

Australia's 9 News Today show host Karl Stefanovic made the comment about the Queen being "single" as co-host Alex Cullen was speaking about her being seen using a walking stick in public for the first time.

The measures were understood to be taken for the Queen's comfort, rather than a new medical complaint.

As pictures of her event were shown on screen, Alex recounted the news for those that hadn't heard it.

As the host shared the pictures in the studio today (October 13), Alex said: "The Queen pictured at a public event using a walking stick for the very first time.

"She was using a cane, she's 95," he explained, before Karl quickly chimed in: "To use it to beat you up."

Co-host Allison Langdon added: "She'd win too."

Alex replied: "I'd let her win, she's 95."

The bizarre side-step in reporting continued as Karl said "she'd smash" the reporter.

"Smash me and then jump on me," Alex added before Karl delivered his brutal joke in the background, saying: "Oh, I suppose she is single."

The Queen's beloved Prince Philip, who she was married to for more than 70 years, died in April.

A stunned studio producer was heard shouting in shock: "What? F*** off!"

Realising Karl may have pushed it a bit too far, Alex had to finish the sentence, saying: "…and shout at me for being a proud Republican."

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Allison, meanwhile, looked shocked as she watched Karl laughing his heart out.

Many viewers were not impressed by the presenter's joke. One wrote: "Stefanovic and Cullen should be fired for their rudeness, disrespect and crude insinuations, that stick is to help our 95 year old Queen and that sort of rubbish on our TV program should be dealt with harshly."

"I thought he got kicked off TV ages ago. Who brought him back, Yikes," another said.

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