Twisted trailer for festive horror film Black Christmas leaves viewers ‘hiding under their trees’ in terror – The Sun

IF you thought December was a time for good will and festive cheer, you clearly haven’t seen the trailer for Black Christmas.

The remake of the 1974 horror classic of the same name will hit cinemas next month and suffice to say it’s a marked departure from the kind of flicks you expect to see in the run up to Christmas.

Set in Hawthorne College, the movie follows a group of sorority girls being picked off by a serial killer on campus.

With a shady nearby fraternity giving off strong cult vibes, the girls become increasingly suspicious, ultimately arming themselves and waging war on their fellow students.

The trailer includes some seriously inventive murder scenes, with one poor teen being stabbed to death with an icicle before being laid out on the ground in the position of a snow angel.

At another point the girls are warned by their stalker: “I will bring you to your knees,” before the lights cut out and sinister footsteps can be heard coming up the stairs.

Towards the end of the clip, we see the surviving ladies band together, with one warning their attackers: “You messed with the wrong sisters,” before firing an arrow into their heart.

Judging by the comments section on the video, viewers were thrilled and chilled in equal measure.

“Way to put a dampener on Christmas – I’ll just be over here hiding under my tree armed with a candy cane,” one user joked.

“Nothing says Christmas like being strangled with a string of fairy lights, does it?” a second quipped.

A third chimed in: “NEVER trust someone wearing a hooded cloak, I’ve watched enough horrors by now to know that.”

While a fourth simply snapped: “NOPE!” alongside a trio of screaming emojis.

Director Sophie Takal boasted that the film was fiercely feminist and marked a twist on the typical teen slasher genre.

“It’s inspired by this idea of misogyny always being out there and never totally eradicable,” she told Entertainment Weekly.

“What I love was this was a group of women who, even though there was some conflict and strife, they were all very much three-dimensional, strong female characters.”

Black Christmas will be released in cinemas on 13th December.

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