Vikings season 6 spoilers: Ivar the Boneless star teases brutal battle with new warpaint

Vikings finished off its fifth season on a high, as Bjorn (played by Alexander Ludwig) achieved a lot in the final two episodes.

After more-or-less defeating his brother Ivar the Boneless (Alexander Hogh Andersen) in battle, he returned to Kattegat to await the next event.

The upcoming sixth season is no doubt going to continue the brutal battle waging between these siblings, and how it will affect their lives as viewers move into the final episodes of the series.

Ivar actor Alexander has now all but confirmed a huge event for the upcoming season, as he has shown off a new costume feature for his character.

Alexander posted on his Instagram account earlier this week to show off some new face paint – reminiscent of the infamous “god” face paint he donned back in season five.

The paint can be seen to be white from the shoulders up, covering his entire face. His face is also covered in black stars, which gives Ivar a menacing look, while below his shoulders is entirely blood red.

Alexander captioned the image with a tribute to his costume and make-up designer Tom McInerney.

He jokingly wrote: “That one time @puffjockey went a lil’ too far.

“Miss you touching my face, painting my nipples, shaving my armpits. For your Emmy consideration.”

This is the first time this make-up has been featured on the show, so will Ivar be sporting this brand new look for an upcoming battle?

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That one time @puffjockey went a lil’ too far. Miss you touching my face, painting my nipples, shaving my armpits. For your Emmy consideration. Link in bio.

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That one time @puffjockey went a lil’ too far

Alexander Hogh Andersen

If so, the question remains: Who will he be fighting against?

Obviously, Ivar has a huge problem with his brother Bjorn, who currently resides in Kattegat, but he also may dare to take on Lagertha (Katheryn Winnick).

With rumours flying online about Lagertha’s supposed upcoming death, fans of the show may have just had a glimpse of the demon who is about to kill her – in the form of Ivar’s new warpaint.

Fans of the actor began praising him and his new look, and also started saying he deserves an Emmy.

One wrote: “Looks great, holy s**t!!!” while another added: “Thank u for this.”

A third sincerely said: “I truly hope you get the nomination and you win the Emmy, Im voting for you…

“You’re an amazing talented person and there is nobody on earth who could ever portray Ivar as f*****g AWESOME as you do.”

Recently Lagertha star Katheryn posted a trailer for the upcoming sixth season, in which she teased a conflict between her and King Harald (Peter Franzen).

But with Ivar ready to attack as well, will Lagertha be facing enemies on all sides?

Vikings season six is expected to return to History Channel and Amazon Prime Video this year.

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