Virgin River: Jack Sheridan star ‘offended’ over character’s secret: ‘I was shocked’

Virgin River: Netflix releases trailer for third season

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Season three of Virgin River had a whodunnit on its hands after bar owner Jack (played by Martin Henderson) was left bleeding out on the floor in the season two finale on Netflix. However, as his relationship grew stronger with nurse practitioner Mel Monroe (Alexandra Breckenridge), issues arose between the pair. Star Henderson has since detailed Jack’s actions towards Mel in the latest season.

In season three, Mel accidentally discovered that Jack was previously married to a woman called Mandy.

Viewers, like Mel, were shocked at the news as Jack had never once mentioned it before.

Mel was left confused by the revelation and it definitely raised some questions about the former Marine’s past.

Actor Henderson spoke to TV Line recently about his character’s complex personal life and how it has affected new love Mel so far.

In the interview, Henderson revealed that he “spat my coffee out” when he read the script for Jack’s big reveal.

“Like most of the audience, and certainly like Mel, I was shocked and confused.”

He stated that after reading the scenes, he called showrunner Sue Tenney immediately.

“I was like, ‘He was married? Why didn’t I know that?’”

Despite Mel and Jack dealing with the news in season three, could it create more problems for the two later on?

“I got kind of offended on Mel’s behalf. Why wouldn’t he have shared something so relevant?” the actor remarked.

Jack attempted to offer up an explanation to Mel, explaining he and Mandy got married straight out of high school.

The character joined the Marines soon after prompting his ex-wife to file for divorce when he left for Iraq.

The two were only married for three months so Jack admits: “It’s not something I ever think about.”

It makes sense that Jack wouldn’t immediately reveal his marriage to Mel as the relationship was extremely short and was over years ago.

The actor believes “Jack is being sincere when he says it’s not something he ever thinks about”.

He added: “The relationship never had time to evolve into anything deep or serious.”

Henderson stated Mandy was not a “great love” and that he was too young for marriage at the time.

However, showrunner Tenney has teased that Mandy could play a significant role in the future, and her appearance could cause problems for Mel and Jack.

“Now you can see that he did make that commitment at some point,” Tenney commented.

She added that Mel and Jack haven’t really known each other that long so more stuff could come up in the future.

Henderson teases Mandy showing up is “possible for the show”, adding that her presence would definitely “complicate things even more”.

How will Mel handle the situation if Mandy were to make an appearance in season four?

All seasons of Virgin River are available on Netflix now.

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