‘Waiting for an answer!’ Naga Munchetty hits out at Matt Tebbutt as he’s ‘put on the spot’

Naga Munchetty puts Matt Tebutt on the spot over charity walk

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Naga Munchetty and Ben Thompson had spoken to 11-year-old fundraiser Tobias on Saturday’s BBC Breakfast before cutting over to Saturday Kitchen to hear what Matt Tebbutt had coming up on the programme. Tobias, who has autism and cerebral palsy, is walking one kilometre as part of his money-raising challenge after taking inspiration from Captain Tom Moore and when Naga asked Matt what he could that was “cheffy” during a one-kilometre walk, the BBC chef struggled to answer.

After Ben introduced Matt to the show for a handover, Naga quickly jumped in to quiz the Saturday Kitchen host.

“So if you had to do something like ‘cheffy’ over a kilometre, what would you do?” Naga probed.

“Sorry, cheffy over a?” Matt asked, seemingly unaware of Tobias’ inspirational story and the interview Ben and Naga had conducted with him moments earlier.

Naga explained: “We were just talking to Tobias there, who has autism, and is going to be walking a kilometre with his stroller.

“He wants everyone to think about how they could do a kilometre in an unusual way, in a way that’s challenging to them…”

“Okay, over a kilometre?” Matt pondered. “That’s quite a long way, isn’t it?”

Seemingly growing impatient, Naga interjected:: “Yeah, what are you gonna do? It’s gotta be cheffy!”

Matt could be seen struggling to come up with an answer as he joked: “I love this being put on the spot like this, it keeps me on my toes.”

But Naga wasn’t going to let her BBC colleague get away without giving his verdict, teasing: “Still waiting for an answer!”

With the help of his guests, Matt eventually shouted: “Pancake flipping!

“Flip some pancakes for a kilometre maybe,” he added sheepishly. “We’ll have a think about that.”

Matt wasn’t alone, however, as the rest of the Saturday Kitchen crew stayed silent, seemingly stumped by Naga’s probe.

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“Anybody else got any ideas? No… brilliant,” Matt quipped as his guest roared with laughter.

Naga spotted the chance for another tongue-in-cheek swipe as she sarcastically said: “Sounds like it’s gonna be a really lively, engaged show!”


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