When is Hollyoaks on over Christmas and New Year?

It’s a time of year that Hollyoaks fans often anticipate, but this festive season has been more anticipated than ever, given that we’ll finally find out the answers to those questions posed in last year’s flash-forward episode.

The question is: who is in the body bag?

Before all that, however, there is Christmas, and this year will see heartbreak aplenty for several of the village’s finest — namely mainstay Tony Hutchinson (Nick Pickard).

Yes, the chef is left devastated when his manipulative father Edward (Joe McGann) reveals that Diane (Alex Fletcher) is dead.

But is all as it seems?

Elsewhere, Liberty Savage (Jessamy Stoddart) catches Sienna Blake (Anna Passey) snogging Warren Fox (Jamie Lomas)!

When is Hollyoaks on over Christmas and New Year?

The next two weeks will change everything for a number of residents, and here’s everything you’ve got to look forward to.

Note: All dates are for First-Look airings on E4.

Monday December 21

Tony refuses to give up on his family without a fight, but Edward issues a dark warning to his son — informing him that backing him into a corner simply isn’t a good idea. The sinister surgeon then formulates a dastardly plan.

Mercedes is excited about Bobby’s impending return, but little does she know that Silas is intent on kidnapping the boy. Goldie is accused of being the blackmailer’s accomplice.

Ollie asks Cindy for money to buy Christmas presents, but when she refuses, he goes to Brody for a handout.

Speaking of Brody, he asks suggests that he and Sienna should co-parent Faith with Liberty, but Sienna’s not pleased.

Tuesday December 22

Hour long episode.

Edward breaks the news to Tony that Diane is dead, before making one final play for victory, as he plans to poison his son.

Sienna refuses to accept that she’ll have to share Faith, and ultimately ends up in Warren’s bed once more. Liberty witnesses them kissing, and decides to tell Brody!

Ollie sneaks out to buy more drugs, and Luke takes drastic action as a result — which leaves both Cindy and Ollie in shock.

Tom begins to worry that he’s not Yazz’s ideal man.

Wednesday December 23

A flashback to New Year’s Eve 2019 sees Nancy toasting to 2020, hoping to make it a ‘year to remember’ but back in the present day — i.e. New Year’s Eve 2020 — the police are searching her home.

Meanwhile, all the residents are excited about the midnight wedding which is rapidly approaching.

Victor gathers his foot soldiers, including Juliet, Charlie and Ella, and gives them their final orders for the big night ahead.

Jordan avoids Victor’s calls and makes clear that he wants to welcome in 2021 with Peri — that is, until Leela arrives home suddenly!

Nancy tells Charlie she’s proud of him, but John Paul later witnesses the young boy dealing drugs to Ollie.

Misbah, Imran and Sami are overwhelmed when stunning bride Yazz walks down the stairs, while, Romeo is heartbroken when he discovers that Cher is going on a date.

Monday December 28

Hour long episode.

Tom assists Mandy and Nancy in decorating The Dog for his wedding ceremony, but will it all go ahead with the impending danger looming in the village?

Nancy is horrified when John Paul reveals that he saw Charlie dealing drugs, but something sparks Mandy’s suspicion, and she desperately tries to call Ella.

The police puts out a search for Charlie and raid Nancy’s house, and Nancy is devastated when they locate drugs inside Charlie’s game controller. Everyone is frantically looking for Charlie and Ella, but will Victor get to them first?

Victor threatens to kill one of Juliet’s loved ones. Juliet panics, and does everything in her power to protect those closest to her. Before long, she arrives at the Lomaxes, and confesses her love for Peri.

Leela searches for Sid and fears the worst when she finds his smashed-up guitar in The Dog carpark.

Tuesday December 29

John Paul fears the worst when he speaks to George about the dangerous situation unfolding the village, and soon enough, he’s given reason to be concerned, as he locates his boyfriend’s ID badge next to a body bag.

He cries with grief, but is George really dead?

Tragedy strikes, and Darren cannot contain his emotions, as The Hutch becomes a crime scene.

Ollie’s actions threaten to tear Cindy and Luke apart.


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