Who dies in Coronation Street on Christmas Day? New Corrie trailer hints someone will be shot – The Sun

BRITAIN's oldest soap Coronation Street is set for a dramatic Christmas episode that could see a character take their final breath.

The trailer hinted that one star's fate could be sealed and and we will have to tune in on Christmas Day to find out who that person will be.

Gary Windass

What a 2019 it has been for Gary.

After previously working in Ukraine to solve his money issues, Gary sold off his tools and van to pay off loan shark Rick Neelan, who had been terrorising Garry for months.

This past summer Gary then killed Rick in self-defence, but has since turned into a tyrant himself, viciously assaulting Ryan because he owed him money.

However, Gary may well get his comeuppance as his stooge Derek decides to fight back with the help of a live rifle found in the second hand shop.

After months of being bullied by Gary, Derek recently decided to play the builder at his own game and claim the business Gary forced him to put under his name.

Will Derek get his sweet revenge on Windass?

Robert Preston

The world of Robert Preston came crashing down last week, after Michelle Connor brutally exposed him at their planned wedding.

After months of leading a double life, being married to Michelle and then hooked up with Vickie Jeffries and got her pregnant.

Rather than coming clean to Michelle, he constantly lied about his whereabouts and did not tell her about Vickie and his unborn child.

However, Michelle finally became suspicious and stole Robert's phone, where to her dismay she read all the saucy texts he had exchanged with Irishwoman Vickie.

Michelle was also able to persuade Robert to sign away his half of the Bistro, and after he was ruthlessly exposed on the wedding day, he was left with nothing.

The former co-restaurant owner has angered many people on the street with his deceit and whilst he is on the hunt to get his restaurant back, someone may be out for his blood.

Rita Tanner

Rightfully known as one of Corrie's most legendary characters, Rita finds herself in a spot of bother on the 25th December.

In the lead-up to the special day, Rita is disappointed because she unfortunately had to cancel her visit to see her friends, leaving her feeling lonely and unwanted.

On Christmas day, Rita finds herself home alone and with everyone believing she has gone away for the festive season.

However, a freak accident leaves her vulnerable and in danger and could spell the end of the one of the most iconic characters in British soap history.

Shona Platt

With Julia Goulding set to go on maternity leave after giving birth to a baby boy just over a week ago, she may get caught in the crossfire and be killed in a shock turn of events.

Shona and David tied the knot after David was released from prison.

Shona Platt is determined to make new husband David’s birthday extra special and arranges a treasure hunt with herself as the prize.

But with clues leading David and the rest of the family to Winter Wonderland, they find themselves at the centre of Derek’s drama, which could spell danger for David's wife.

Adam Barlow

The lawyer has had his hands full both professionally and personally.

The Scotsman has been doing his best to help support his uncle Daniel, who is grieving the death of his wife Sinead and is coming to terms with raising his son Bertie on his own.

Most recently, Adam, played by Samuel Robertson, helped Michelle take the Bistro from under Robert's nose.

Robert was furious with Adam for helping Michelle, and uttered the words "this isn't over".

Could Robert have it out for Ken's grandson?

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