Who dies in Money Heist? Full list of deaths so far on La Casa de Papel

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Money Heist, or La Casa de Papel as it’s known in Spain, has become one of Netflix’s most-watched shows to date. As with any drama, fans are always disappointed when their favourite characters are sensationally killed off. Season five part one saw one of the most shocking deaths of all take place, leaving the foundation of the programme in tatters. Here is everything you need to know about those who have died.

Who dies on Money Heist?


Alongside Helsinki (played by Darko Peric), Oslo (Roberto Garcia) thrived off his criminal mastery and was one of the best the team had.

Unfortunately, his time on the drama was short-lived as he was killed off at the end of season one by the most tragic of means.

Once in the Royal Mint of Spain, Oslo was on hand to ensure the hostages stayed put but he was hit over the head with a crowbar by one of them.

The injuries were so severe the character was left braindead and he would have never been able to lead the life he once lived.

In a tragic twist, it was Helsinki who killed his brother to put him out of any pain he would have been suffering.


The Professor’s (Alvaro Morte) older brother, Berlin (Pedro Alonso), was a character killed off in the earlier seasons.

He was one of the leaders for the heist on the Royal Mint of Spain and was more important to the operation than his sibling.

Unfortunately, those working with him didn’t realise he had a degenerative disease and his days were numbered from the get-go.

However, in a huge twist, this isn’t what saw him die as in the second season he made the ultimate sacrifice.

Berlin took the bullets from the police so his team could get out of the Royal Mint through a tunnel, but he did make a return in season four through a flashback.


Paco Tous’ character, Moscow, was also killed off in season two in a huge upset for fans of the show as they’d grown to love him.

Denver (Jaime Lorente), who is his son, was also part of the heist team and was one of the reasons his father was in the line of fire.

Moscow wanted to start a new life for himself when he was released from prison at the start of Money Heist season one.

His son had got himself into money problems, however, and needed the heist to work so he could pay off his debts.

The beloved character was shot by the police, when Tokyo returned to the Royal Mint after being in police custody.


Gandia (Jose Manuel Poga) was the Bank of Spain’s head of security and was originally a hostage.

However, when Palermo (Rodrigo de la Serna) set him free, he caused chaos in the bank and went on to shoot Nairobi.

The gang managed to get control of Gandia once more and he was pushed out of the bank in season five.

But not satisfied with his story, he joined the army when they broke into the bank to try and kill the gang.

Gandia died in the season five, part one finale when Tokyo caused an explosion in a sacrifice to protect her friends.


The death of Nairobi was one of the most heartbreaking as she was the ultimate fan favourite and had won over the hearts of the viewers.

Her death was down to Gandia who used Nairobi as a human shield to defend himself against being killed by the gang.

Ensuring he had time to get away from the gang, he pushed Nairobi before putting a bullet in her head.

As the gang were left devastated, Gandia rushed off, ready to take his next hostage, determined to take out the gang one by one.


In another surprising departure from the show, Tokyo (Ursula Corbero) met her demise in part one of season five, leaving fans devastated.

She was helping out with the heist on the Bank of Spain, albeit she was persuaded by the Professor to help.

He is captured in the process, however, and the plans fall to pieces around the team and it wasn’t long before the army was infiltrating the premises.

Hoping her team would get out to continue their mission, she sacrificed herself and was killed when she set off four grenades attached to her body.

It has been confirmed this is the end for the beloved character, despite many thinking there was a chance she would return.

Money Heist seasons 1-5 part 1 is available to stream on Netflix.

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