Who is Bake Off winner David Atherton's partner Nik Sariyski?

DAVID ATHERTON was crowned the ultimate baking champ in the Bake Off finale – and it seems that his love life is just as sweet as his pastries.

But who is his partner Nik? Here's what we know so far…

Who is Bake Off winner David Atherton's partner Nik Sariyski?

Bake Off winner David Atherton is happily loved up with his partner Nik Sariyski.

Little is known about Nik as he's not in the public eye, however based on his LinkedIn account he attended the University of St.Andrews and is now a visual merchandising manager at Nike.

He's also a talented linguist, counting four languages within his repertoire – including Bulgarian, English, German and Spanish.

And judging by his Instagram account he's a keen traveller.

The couple visited Florence in Italy in September and also visited India earlier this year – with David uploading a pic of the pair in October of them enjoying samosas, saying:

"@nsariyski and I fell in love with India when we visited earlier this year. Amongst many things the food was amazing. This brought back memories of us eating and laughing (do not do this at home as it might cause a choking hazard ?).

And Nik is clearly proud of David, posting a gushing post about his partner back in August, which wrote:

"As good a reason as any to break my 3 year Instagram silence.
"So proud of this ? ? !
"To all my Instagram followers who have been waiting for me to post something for so long, (no one) I hope you’re enjoying the moment just as much as I enjoyed my insta break ?.

"P.S. I know it’s a different shirt but it was a part of the same styling session, okay?"

Who is The Great British Bake Off 2019 winner David?

David Atherton was brought up in Yorkshire, where his mother, who was an avid baker, inspired him to take up baking.

The 36-year-old continued to explore his pastries making abilities when he travelled to Malawi, among other places, as part of his work as a health adviser.

In Malawi, he learned to build an oven out of an oil drum and invented a cake that could steam cook over a village fire.

David specialises in bread making and is not a fan of colourful icing but prefers robust flavours and good, solid bakes.

The baking enthusiast shows off his culinary skills on his Instagram page here.

What has happened to David on Bake Off so far?

  • Week One, Cakes – David wowed the judges with his first Showstopper of the series – The Snakey Bakey Cake – with a beautifully green and pink, fork-tongued reptile. Paul said it was "charming", and they loved his egg with baby snakes in it. He redeemed himself after placing tenth in the Angel Cakes technical.
  • Week Two, Biscuits – His "messy" Coco-Nutty chocolate bars were praised for the flavours, but it was his Wedding Spray sculpture that really had the judges gushing.
  • Week Three, Bread – David's Showstopper African masks may have split but they still earned him praise for their look from Prue and Paul – and probably saved him from the Bake Off axe too – although he did come second in the technical making burger buns.
  • Week Four, Dairy – David might not have been named Star Baker but he definitely ranked highly with the judges after dishing up a Poppy seed and Lemon cake with Limoncello glaze which Prue “loved”. He also did well in the lemon curd tart Technical and got heaps of praise for his “neat, precise and aromatic” mishti Showstopper.
  • Week Five, The Roaring Twenties – It was a great week for David when he got a Paul Hollywood handshake for his Classic vanilla custard pie with flapper girl biscuit toppings, though he nearly ruined it all by coming last in the Technical challenge. However his lemony Showstopper cake saved him from the axe despite its grainy buttercream.
  • Week Six, Dessert Week –  David started off with a Spice Meringue Surprise, which Prue said "looked like a painting". Unfortunately she then said it "didn't taste as good as it looked". His Delightful Bombe Showstopper was called "beautiful" and "delicious" but sharp, with the jelly a "little bit rubbery"
  • Week Seven, Festival Week – David was second once again in the Technical Challenge and he was understandably disappointed to have missed out on doing enough to win something. Thankfully his Bulgarian Easter bread Signature dish and his monochrome and multi coloured cake sculpture Showstopper did enough to keep him in the competition.
  • Week Eight, Pastry – David finally came top in the Technical when he was the only baker that made a decent Moroccan Pie.  The judges also liked his Signature Tarte Tatin filled with shallot, walnut and caramelised carrot as well but Paul wasn’t as pleased with his open fish pie Showstopper.
  • Week Nine, Patisserie – The judges were torn over David's aperitif domed tarts with roasted rhubarb and chopped hazelnuts and they were equally disappointed in his greenhouse inspired Showstopper which was a sugar glass case with a pastry tower cake. After peaking in the Technical in Pastry Week, he went back to his usual spot of second as the bakers produced a Gâteau St-Honoré.


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