Who is Russian Doll on The Masked Singer?

FANS of The Masked Singer are gearing up to start throwing their guesses in as to which celebrities could be behind season five's costumes.

The Russian Doll costume, which comes in a set, already has audience attention.

Who is Russian Doll on The Masked Singer?

The Masked Singer recently teased a Russian Dolls contestant duo singing Shallow from A Star is Born.

The introduction of the Russian Dolls may mean audiences will see another pair like the Snow Owls from season 4.

"They multiply!" judge Jenny McCarthy says of the two Russian Dolls in the clip. "That means they could multiply more."

A new character named Cluedle-Doo will take the stage at random times to help the audiences along with clues that the judges won't see, so fans could be quicker in guessing who may be hiding under the Pheonix mask.

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Cluedle-Doo the rooster will be unmasked at some point during the season.

For the first time ever, the show will feature an unknown number of wildcard rounds.

New masked celebrities will be introduced at unprecedented times during the run of the show.

These celebrities will perform at the end of the show and get a chance to unseat another contestant in the group.

There will be 10 total non-wildcard contestants split into two groups of five (Group A and Group B).

Who are the other contestants?

The costumes known so far include the Snail, Seashell, Porcupine, Phoenix, Grandpa Monster, Chameleon, Russian Doll, Black Swan, Raccoon and Piglet.

Although a new set of contestants will hit the stage, the original judging panel will return to their chairs and hedge their bets this season.

Series producer Craig Plestis teased that season five would not only boast some "incredible" talent but that there would also be a few unexpected twists introduced.

"For casting, just so you know, there's going to be a couple of unbelievable surprises that we've never done before. Unbelievable. [In season 4], we had some incredible singers,"

"The profiles of these singers were better than any season before and that bar is high, and we're trying to surpass that bar for season 5 as well."

When is The Masked Singer on TV and how can I watch it? 

The Masked Singer returns to the small screen for its fifth season on March 10.

Viewers can tune in to Fox at 8pm.

Ken Jeong, Jenny McCarthy, Nicole Scherzinger, and Robin Thicke are all returning to the judging panel.

Niecy Nash is serving as guest host for the first few episodes, filling in for the show’s regular host, Nick Cannon.

Cannon tested positive for coronavirus before production began and was in quarantine and resting.

He returned once he had recuperated and recovered from the virus.

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