Who is the tragic mum as the remains of a dead baby are found in Emmerdale?

There are tragic and harrowing scenes ahead as a terrible past comes back to haunt an Emmerdale local when the remains of a baby are found at the grounds of the local school. And soon, the police have worked out who the mother is. And it’s a familiar face…

Out of the blue, Jessie Dingle (Sandra Marvin) is informed about the gruesome discovery and the police very quickly launch an investigation. As Jessie informs the locals in the Woolpack about what has happened, shockwaves spread through the village and for someone, it’s a blast from a past they never wanted to confront again.

As forensics get to work on the case, a profile is built and DNA seems to confirm a mother called Jenny Finn, who was around 16 years of age when the baby was born. And she has a striking resemblance to someone currently living in the village.

We can’t reveal who the person in question is or what happened to her child but when she learns about the discovery, her world will fall apart – but will she confront the issue and explain the truth about her terrible past?

And how much blame does she have to bear in relation to the death?

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