Why did Angela Griffin's character Fiona Middleton leave Coronation Street?

It’s going to be a dramatic week for Steve McDonald (Simon Gregson) on Coronation Street as he is set to find out he may have another daughter.

Audrey Roberts discovers that new neighbour Emma Brooker’s terminally ill father isn’t her biological father, and that Fiona Middleton is her mother.

Audrey and Liz McDonald then put two and two together and realise Steve could be her biological dad.

The impact of this could be huge – not only will Steve have to grapple with being a father (again), he’ll also have to come across his ex, Fiona.

And of course, there’s the issue of telling Tracey.

So, who was Angela Griffin’s character Fiona, how did she leave the street and what has Angela been doing since?

Who was Fiona Middleton and what were her storylines?

Fiona Middleton joined the street in 1992 where she helped Denise Osbourne (Denise Black) open her new saloon.

She worked her way up from being an assistant, to manager, and then ran the salon as her own business.

Fiona and Steve dated and moved into a flat together, before eventually breaking up when Steve started showing interest in his former flame Vicky Arden.

The pair managed to patch things up and later got back together.

Fiona also dated Tony Horrocks, (Lee Warburton) Steve’s father Jim McDonald (Charles Lawson) and got jilted at the altar by Alan McKenna (Glenn Hugill).

Why did Angela Griffin’s character Fiona leave Coronation Street?

Angela Griffin decided to leave the street in order to pursue other acting roles.

Because her character was so popular, producers wanted to leave the role open for reprisal, so didn’t kill her off.

Fiona decided to leave when she discovered Steve had cheated on her with her BFF, Maxine Heavey (Tracy Shaw).

After a dramatic bust-up and decision to sell the salon, Fiona left the street in September 1998.

What else has Angela Griffin starred in?

Angela has been busy over the last 21 years and starred in Waterloo Road, Inspector Lewis, Mount Pleasant, Brief Encounters, Ordinary Lies, Turn Up Charlie and most recently on cop show Wild Bill.

She also voiced Lizzy Taylor in Postman Pat between 2005 to 2013.

Angela previously hinted she would be up for returning to Corrie, hinting that any storyline would have to include Steve in it.

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