Why Fans Believe 'Big Brother' 2020 Will Be an All-Star Season

Big Brother host Julie Chen Moonves posted a photo on her social media account of the Diary Room couch, and fans went crazy in the comment section with their several theories.

Big Brother 2020 will be Moonves’ 20th year hosting the series. Since it’s been twenty years of the show, is the host hinting that Big Brother 22 will be something different than the usual?

Fans are convinced it means BB22 will be a spin-off series such as Big Brother Over the Top, Celebrity Big Brother, or the highly requested Big Brother All-Stars.

Julie Chen Moonves posted a ‘Big Brother’ hint on social media

On October 25, the Big Brother host posted a behind-the-scenes photo of the couch in the Diary Room, a place where contestants give their confessionals and cast votes.

She only captioned it with the bug eyes and wink face emojis, allowing Big Brother fans to run rapid with their several theories in her comment section.

While some believe it means the reality series will return earlier than the usual summer date, others think she’s hinting at the return of spin-off series Big Brother Over the Top, Celebrity Big Brother, or Big Brother All-Stars.

BBOT has had one season so far and was only available through CBS All Access. Therefore, if the series is returning earlier than the summer, an online exclusive would be a perfect way as it wouldn’t disrupt planned CBS programming.

On the other hand, some fans are convinced Moonves is teasing a CBB3 announcement as it’s still up in the air if the show will return for Winter 2020.

Others believe the cryptic post means BB22 will be an All-Star season because a former Big Brother winner posted a picture on Twitter hinting at his possible return.

‘Big Brother’ Season 8 winner Dick Donato returning to the series?

Richard “Dick” Donato, also known as Evel Dick, won Big Brother 8 and competed on Big Brother 13. Remembered for his harsh personal attacks on other houseguests but amazing strategic ability, Donato and his daughter, Danielle, made it to the Final Two and are the only father/daughter pair to do so.

He and Danielle came back for BB13 with four other returning players but went home during Week 1 after finding out he was HIV-positive. On October 26, a day after Moonves posted the Diary Room couch, Donato uploaded a picture to Twitter of a Big Brother bag with his name on a chain hanging from the luggage.

Therefore, fans believe Donato is hinting that he may return to the series, cementing the theory that it could be an all-star season. However, BB22 doesn’t start shooting until next summer, so he wouldn’t have his bag now unless BB22 takes the place of CBB3, which usually begins in the wintertime.

Additionally, Donato could be tricking everyone and posted a photo of his old Big Brother bag just to get everyone talking.

Is Julie Chen Moonves hinting at her ‘Big Brother’ host position renewal?

In September 2019, CBS announced that Big Brother would return for Season 22, and Moonves would serve as the host once again. After the controversy surrounding her husband, Les Moonves, her future as the Big Brother host remained in the air.

Additionally, Season 21 left a bad taste in some viewers’ mouths as they felt much of the cast were racist and bullies. Nonetheless, the show will return for Summer 2020.

Therefore, is Moonves hinting that Big Brother, and her contract, is renewed for longer than just one more season? Fans will have to wait and see until CBS gives an official announcement.

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