Why You Shouldn't Be Surprised By That 'Spider-Man: Far From Home' Post-Credit Scene

We weren’t sure it would, but thankfully, Spider-Man: Far From Home has two post-credit scenes (one mid-credits, one at the very end). Keeping up this MCU tradition was a breath of fresh air for fans, especially those concerned about all of the unknowns of Phase 4. 

Oftentimes, the first scene is the one that is teasing what’s to come, while the second one, continuing the tradition of the famed shwarma scene in The Avengers, is a bit more lighthearted and fun. But this time around, the second scene is just as important as the first, if not more so. Here’s why you shouldn’t be surprised by the big reveal in it.

This is the scene in question


After the credits finished rolling, a second post-credit scene begins. Fury and Hill are shown, as they often are, driving together. But then, it’s revealed that this isn’t the two SHIELD operatives after all — rather, it’s Talos and Soren, two Skrulls you may recall meeting in Captain Marvel.

Talos (portrayed by Ben Mendelsohn in plenty of prosthetics) then calls up the real Fury, telling him how they’ve struggled during this mission involving Spider-Man and Mysterio. Fury ignores the call, and the camera pans away to reveal that he’s not relaxing on the beach as we’ve been led to believe, but instead the leader of a shipful of Skrulls.

Why you shouldn’t be surprised


If you were really paying attention during Far From Home, you’ll recognize that Fury and Hill weren’t in peak form. Hill, a sharp yet kind agent, was very dismissive of Peter in their moments together and didn’t really seem to have a full grasp on the situation.

What’s more, Fury was definitely off. His “B***, you went to space,” line was funny, and not totally uncharacteristic, but what about his complete lack of suspicion when it came to Beck’s true identity? And why didn’t he know where the other Avengers were? This doesn’t seem like Fury. And we now know it wasn’t.

Did Jackson hint at his surprise identity?


Fans of Samuel L. Jackson, who portrays Fury, know that he is an active Instagram user. He’s always posting images of himself getting ready to go on set, as well as the usual promotional actor images. He also wears the greatest t-shirts, often featuring a character he plays.

But his most recent image may have been a hint regarding his status in Far From Home. Jackson posted the above shot of two different ads for the film featuring himself — however, one had his infamous eye patch of his left eye, while the other seems to be a mirror image with it over his right eye. Was this a hint about the post-credit scene? We’ll probably never know.

How long has Talos been pretending to be Fury?

This is the biggest question we’re left with after viewing this scene. We saw Fury turn to dust in the Avengers: Infinity War post-credit scene. If it had really been Talos then, we assume he would have reverted to his Skrull form before disappearing. 

So our best guess is that post-Tony Stark’s funeral in Endgame, Fury decided he needed a break, and asked to swap places with the Skrull leader. Or maybe he wanted to know more about what was going on in the rest of the universe. Either way, this is one mystery that needs more explanation in future films.

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