Wife Swap legend King Curtis is unrecognisable a decade after viral nugget clip

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Wife Swap legend Curtis Holland left viewers in stitches with his unforgettable appearance on Wife Swap 13 years ago and the now 19-year-old star is unrecognizable in new snaps.

The 2009 episode went viral with fans after he was filmed reacting to his dad's 'new wife' Joy throwing out junk food from the fridge

The sassy kid, who famously proclaimed “bacon is good for me” told his new mum that he was “fat and happy” before packing his bags and running away in protest.

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More than a decade on, King Curtis has now grown into a professional welder with a penchant for hunting.

Curtis’ Instagram bio confirms that he’s employed as a welder while his grid suggests he spends most of his spare time riding around in pickup trucks shooting wildlife and fishing.

In the years since his TV moment, Curtis became a viral sensation multiple times – and now the video of him famously battling with his fitness fanatic replacement mum, Joy, has resurfaced once again.

One person recently posted to Twitter: "If you’re bored, watch this."

At one point, the kid, from Vanceboro, North Carolina, said: "I don’t wanna be skinny! I wanna be fat and happy."

During one tantrum, the chicken nugget loving tyke wrote “I am not listening to your rules" on a Post-It note.

In another particularly memorable scene, he responded to Joy’s veg and fruits diet by saying: "I gotta tell you something. Bacon is good for me!"

Another viral clip of him packing his suitcase to run away saw his angrily tell the camera: “She thinks out of the blue that she’s a smart little girl and she can do whatever she wants.

“No, that’s not how she can do it in our family. She acts like she’s the queen, and we’re the sorry people.”

Speaking to the New Statesman in 2017, Curtis said he still loves bacon – and he eats it every single day.

"Every morning my mum gets up and we all cook bacon together," he said.

Shortly after Wife Swap, the boy's love of bacon reportedly led to a deal where a local bacon company wanted to take him on as its mascot.

Discussing his internet fame, the teenager said: "We live in a small community, and a lot of people say that I’m the movie star.

"I mean I don’t have a Twitter but a lot of people say that I’m up there just about every week."

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