William Shatner hits back at George Takei over Star Trek criticism

William Shatner has hit out at George Takei after comments he made about tensions on set during Star Trek.

Speaking on David Tennant Does A Podcast With…, the actor, who played Hikaru Sulu, claimed that the popularity of Leonard Nimoy’s Spock on the 60s sci-fi series rubbed other stars up the wrong way.

George explained: ‘It got more and more intense. How do I put it? It began from the TV series.

‘There was one character whose charisma and whose mystery was like a magnet. It was Spock, the strange alien with pointy ears. That intrigued the audience and women thought, “I’m the one who can arouse him”.

‘His fan letters were this many, Leonard’s were that many, and that created an insecurity.’

When David suggested that it was the Captain Kirk actor ‘against the world’, George added: ‘You know, a movie-making, TV-making, theatre-making team is all about collaborative teamwork. A good actor knows that the scene works when there’s that dynamic going on with the cast.

‘Some actors feel that it’s a one-man show. That’s the source of some tensions.’

William has now had his say, accusing his former co-star of ‘making things up’.

He tweeted: ‘George needs a new hobby. Now he’s making things up. We never saw fan letters. That’s why there’s so many secretary signed photos.

‘We barely saw George. He was in once a week at most – how would he know anything? The only person with jealousy is George.’

William himself has said his ‘anxieties’ about Spock being so popular with fans were ‘never directed at Leonard’.

He told The Hollywood Reporter: ‘I remember going to the producers and wondering whether they were going to change the thrust of the show as a result of the popularity of Spock.

‘So my anxieties were never directed at Leonard per say, it was about “How was the show going to go?”‘

The actors famously fell out, but later patched things up. However, William has previously said that Leonard had stopped speaking to him in the years before his death in 2015.

He told the New York Daily News: ‘Until the day I die, I will still wonder what caused that rift.

‘After all the years we had spent together, after the bond we had forged, what could I have done that was so irreparable that he couldn’t even talk to me about it?’

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