World On Fire cast: Who stars in the cast?

BBC one’s brand new war-time drama World On Fire premieres tonight (September 29) with the first of seven unmissable episodes. Set during World War II, the new drama delves into the lives of those affected on all sides, giving an insight into how friends, foes and lovers coped with the horrendous first year of the war. Bringing to story to life is a number of A-lister actors, including Sean Bean, Helen Hunt and Blake Harrison.

Who is in the cast of World On Fire?

Douglas Bennett – Sean Bean

BAFTA-winner and Game of Thrones royalty Sean Bean takes on the role of Douglas Bennett in the BBC drama.

Douglas is pacifist whose worst fears are realised when both his son and daughter are both sent to fight in the war.

Bean lands the role after a hugely successful career which has seen roles in Lord of the Rings, Netflix’s Medici and Sky One’s Curfew.

Nancy Campbell – Helen Hunt

Nancy is an American journalist and broadcaster who can’t seem to stay away from the drama of war.

She’s portrayed throughout World On Fire by Oscar-winner Helen Hunt.

The actress has starred in some of Hollywood’s biggest blockbusters, including As Good as It Gets, Twister and Mad About You.

Robina Chase – Lesley Manville

Stern and steely single mother Robina Chase finds her world turned upside down when her son is sent to war.

Robina is played by five-time BAFTA-nominee Lesley Manville.

Manville recently received her first Oscar nod for 2017 drama Phantom Thread.

Lois Bennett – Julia Brown

A factory worker and daughter of Douglas Bennett, Julia is determined to pull her own weight in the war effort.

Despite suffering heartbreak in the show, Julia heads to France to offer her services.

Julia Brown takes on the part after impressing in The Last Kingdom, Shetland and MI High.

Stan Raddings – Blake Harrison

Stan is the sergeant to Robina’s son Harry (Jonah Hauer-King) in the war.

He’s a man with compassion and loyalty, proving particularly valuable to Harry.

He’s played by former Inbetweeners star Blake Harrison who’s also enjoyed success on Amazon Prime’s A Very English Scandal and BBC drama Trust Me.

Harry Chase – Jonah Hauer-King

As mentioned earlier, Harry is the son of Robina and translator in Warsaw.

Somewhat of a disappointment to his mother, Harry’s still a rather impressive young man.

However, when war breaks out his life is turned upside down, especially after falling in love with Polish girl Kasia Tomaszeski (Zofia Wichłacz)

Harry is brought to life by Hauer-King who fans may recognise from Little Women, Howards End and Ashes in the Snow.

Other actors to keep an eye out for in World On Fire include:

  • Mateusz Więcławek as Grzegorz Tomaszeski
  • Brian J Smith as Webster O’Connor
  • Parker Sawyers as Albert Fallou
  • Eugénie Derouand as Henriette Guilbert
  • Ewan Mitchell as Tom Bennett

World On Fire begins tonight at 9pm on BBC One.

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