Yellowstone season 4 theories: Barrel racers break up the bunkhouse Crashing the vibe

Yellowstone: Paramount release series four trailer

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The next instalment of the acclaimed Paramount drama is finally heading to screens later this year. In the meantime, a number of posts from Yellowstone’s official Instagram account have provided some hints to what’s coming next, including the potential return of divisive season three additions Laramie (played by Hassie Harrison) and Mia (Eden Brolin).

The two disruptive barrel racers have both appeared in a recent social media update teasing the upcoming return of Paramount’s hit Western series, Yellowstone.

Mia sparked much of the drama in season three as she convinced ranch hand Jimmy Hurdstrom (Jefferson White) to pursue a dangerous new hobby in the rodeo.

Meanwhile, Laramie raised some eyebrows with her unexpected relationship with older bunkhouse resident, Lloyd (Forrie J Smith).

Their disruption landed Jimmy a visit to the ICU after a shocking rodeo accident, and fans don’t think he’ll be quite so lucky next time he gets back on the horse.

Despite considerable outcry from some viewers, it seems the barrel racers will be back to cause more chaos in the upcoming season.

Yellowstone’s social media account certainly wants fans to keep Laramie and Mia in their minds during the extended run-up to the upcoming premiere.

The show’s Instagram page recently posted some of their key scenes from the third season last year.

The page teased fans by captioning the screenshots: “Crashing the Bunkhouse vibes.”

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It seems the series’ social media team has caught on to the backlash towards the latest additions to the bunkhouse amongst the fanbase.

Unfortunately, it’s now more likely than ever that Laramie and Mia will be back to cause more trouble when the drama finally picks up after last year’s dramatic cliffhangers.

Although the official cast list has not been confirmed, Mia will undoubtedly have a considerable role to play as her boyfriend Jimmy wrestles with his promise to John Dutton (Kevin Costner).

If the naive rancher goes against his boss’s wishes and heads back to the rodeo, the rest of the bunkhouse could turn against Mia when they inevitably blame her for Jimmy’s injuries.

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Moreover, Laramie and Lloyd’s flirtations have already caused a rift with the rest of the team.

While fellow female rancher Teeter (Jennifer Landon) has adjusted well to the bunkhouse’s male bravado, ranch manager Rip Wheeler (Cole Hauser) seems to consider Laramie a bad influence for the ranch.

With the Duttons recovering from a devastating attack and Rip and Kayce (Luke Grimes) seeking revenge, the last thing the bunkhouse needs is two newcomers causing trouble when it’s at its most vulnerable.

Some fans have already started campaigning for Laramie and Mia not to return with the fourth season of Yellowstone.

In the comments, one Instagram user said: “I hope they are gone in season 4.

“They bring nothing to the series,” commented another. “Trying to figure out the point of these characters.”

Given the series won’t be back until later this year, fans are looking out for the first official trailer to see if Laramie and Mia are let loose on the bunkhouse once again in Yellowstone season four.”

Yellowstone season 4 will premiere in late 2021 on Paramount.

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