You can live like royalty in this 1960s castle on sale for £350,000

Have you ever felt like you should have been born a king or queen in a castle?

Well, now’s your chance to live like royalty with your very own castle, as one is on sale at the incredible price of £353,645 ($419,900).

Built in the 1960s, the unique home is located in Hartford, Wisconsin, US, and has four spacious bedrooms and three-and-a-half bathrooms.

Inside the 3,525 square foot property there is beautiful exposed stone adding to the medieval vibe, two indoor water fountains and three fireplaces for an added royal effect.

In the living room there is a home bar made of the same stone for regal entertaining.

Other interior design features include exposed brick tiles and walls.

The kitchen and dining area is one space, with the electric hob counter separating the two.

A spacious garden is situated outside the property and the new homeowner can watch over their kingdom from the second floor window.

There’s also an attached garage for cars and any horse drawn carriages.

To protect the castle from potential invaders, the property also comes with four gun cabinets.

And social media users are piling on the praise for the unique property.

One Facebook user noted: ‘I think this is the perfect balance between castle and normal house, and I think its not half bad.

‘Could use some modern touches but thats nothing a couple cans of paint cant fix. [sic].’

Another fan of the house added: ‘I… actually really want this house. I would totally remove the carpet and keep the stone look going through, but I dig the vibe.’

While a third person joked: ‘You’ll have some great Medieval Times here!’

The castle is currently on the market with Tina Goodman with RE/MAX United for $419,900.

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