The Man Behind Mr. Jingles Has Already Played 2 American Horror Story Killers

While you processed the simultaneously poppy and freaky ’80s vibe of American Horror Story: 1984, you might have scratched your head over why the terrifying Benjamin “Mr. Jingles” Richter, the ear-obsessed creep who killed nine campers, looks familiar. For those who know American Horror Story in and out, it’s because the actor behind the murderer, John Carroll Lynch, has played a — let’s say twisted — character before: Twisty the Clown from AHS: Freak Show. Plus, Lynch is a pretty prolific character actor who’s been featured on the big and small screens over the years.

First, let’s talk shop about his new character. AHS: 1984 immediately introduces us to Mr. Jingles in the first episode when they flash back to the killer murdering nine people at Camp Redwood in 1970. There is one survivor from his attacks: Margaret Booth (Leslie Grossman), who is the evangelized owner of the camp in the show’s current day of 1984. While Richter is incarcerated for years, he breaks loose from a mental hospital after faking his hanging. Before the camp murders, Richter was a Vietnam War soldier with a high kill count, dishonorably discharged when the Army discovered his DIY project where he made a necklace from his victims’ ears. Back in America, he became a janitor at Camp Redwood. Margaret, a counselor on that murderous night, remembered the sound of his keys jingling before the attack. Thus, Mr. Jingles.

Lynch first appeared on season four of American Horror Story as Twisty the Clown, the deranged children’s entertainer with a sad-turned-utterly bonkers backstory. After shooting off his lower jaw, Twisty emerged as a serial killer and mentored the spoiled Dandy Mott. Lynch reprised his creepy clown role in season seven in Oz Mayfair-Richards’ nightmare. (In Cult, Twisty is a fictionalized comic book character.) He also briefly appears in AHS: Hotel as John Wayne Gacy . . . another serial killer.

Even before American Horror Story, Lynch has been a recognizable name on many TV shows and movies. His career first gained notoriety when he starred in the Coen brothers’ Fargo as Frances McDormand’s painter husband Norm. Some might also remember him as Steve, Drew Carey’s cross-dressing brother on The Drew Carey Show. Additionally, he’s worked with big-name movie directors like Clint Eastwood and John Woo as well, cast in supporting roles in action films such as Face/Off and Gran Torino.

And yes, Lynch has been in many a horror-thriller project outside of the Ryan Murphy universe. He’s played creepy parts in The Invitation and Zodiac (above). In the latter movie, he portrayed Arthur Leigh Allen, a man suspected to be the Zodiac Killer. Lynch starred in the David Fincher thriller across Robert Downey Jr., Jake Gyllenhaal, and Mark Ruffalo long before their Marvel days.

We honestly can’t wait to see how Lynch brings to life the terrifying Mr. Jingles as this season of AHS progresses. For now, there are plenty of his past projects we can enjoy as we wait for future episodes — the man has, after all, a whopping 120 acting credits to his name on IMDb.

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Here's Where to Watch American Horror Story: 1984 If You Didn't Catch It Live

Navigating the streaming landscape might not be as scary as Mr. Jingles and the Night Stalker on American Horror Story: 1984, but it can be a mild nightmare. After a 10-month wait that felt like an eternity in Murder House, season nine of the anthology series premiered on Wednesday, Sept. 18 at 10 p.m. on FX. But what if you missed the first episode? In the universe of streaming and on-demand options, it can be a struggle to find new episodes. But save your fears for the creepy stuff on the show. Below, we’ve rounded up all the places to catch the latest season of American Horror Story.

Let’s start with the series schedule. American Horror Story: 1984 airs on the FX channel every Wednesday night at 10 p.m. Those who have already cut the cord can stream the show live with services such as Hulu+ Live TV, YouTube TV, and Sling TV — for folks who don’t quite want to commit, it’s possible to try out free trials of those streaming services.

If you can’t watch every Wednesday night, tune into the show on the FX website after the newest episode airs — be prepared with information about your cable provider. You can also buy individual episodes on Amazon and iTunes.

While watching the latest episodes might take work, you can stream old episodes pretty easily. Every season of American Horror Story is available for a good (and nightmarish) binging session on Netflix, with the entirety of AHS: Apocalypse, aka season eight, dropping on the service on Sept. 24. Apocalypse will be on Hulu the same day as well, along with all the previous seasons. Currently, the first episode of season eight is also free on YouTube TV and Google Play, but you’ll need your credit card.

Now stream on and prepare yourself for the wrath of ’80s mullets and murders in season nine!

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Teen Girls On TikTok Created A Hoax That They Eat Their Tampons And It's Pretty Funny

If you’ve ever wondered what people with periods do with their used tampons, the answer is simple — we eat them.

How else would we reabsorb the blood?

No, this isn’t some weird Goop health advice. It’s actually a hoax started by a teen girl on TikTok and it seems a lot of boys on the app can’t quite work out if it’s true or not.

It stated with this video from Caroline Majcher, an 18-year-old TikToker in Toronto.

“Guys are so clueless. So today I was talking about periods with my guy friends and just explaining some stuff to them,” she says in the clip.

“And they had no idea that girls eat their tampon after they’re done with it to reabsorb all the blood that they just lost.”

Majcher told BuzzFeed News she had been chatting with her sister about potential videos when the idea came up.

“I thought I could probably make up a lie about girls and any boy would believe it,” she said.

It all could have ended there, but it didn’t. Other TikTokers kept the hoax going in the comments.

Girls started posting videos of their boyfriends reacting to the original video.

“There’s one with a whole group of guys and at the same time you can see all their jaws drop,” said Majcher.

Note how they look to the girl in the group for confirmation.

The magic of it all is you can’t quite tell whether the boys watching believe it or not.

And now girls are keeping it going with yet more videos.

It’s all pretty funny.

Plus you’ve got to admire the commitment.

It’s also spilled over to Twitter.

And in definitive proof that girls like gross humor too, people have been suggesting alternate consumption methods. Like, Diva Cup shots, tampon tea, and wringing your pad out into a cup.

“I saw one girl say that she would use her tampon and freeze it as popsicle,” said Majcher. “One said she used it as a salsa dip.”

Ew? Yes. Hilarious? Also yes.

And, just in case it needs to be said — we promise this is just a prank. Please don’t eat your tampons.

  • Lauren Strapagiel is a reporter for BuzzFeed News and is based in Toronto, Canada.

    Contact Lauren Strapagiel at [email protected]

    Got a confidential tip? Submit it here.

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26 Movies and Shows Every Hilary Duff Fan Should See Before the Lizzie McGuire Reboot

26 Movies and Shows Every Hilary Duff Fan Should See Before the Lizzie McGuire Reboot

If news of the Lizzie McGuire reboot hasn’t given you a whole new level of appreciation for Hilary Duff, we don’t know what will. In her 20-year career, she’s played everything from our childhood hero Lizzie McGuire (on both the TV series and in the movie) to a real-life Cinderella in A Cinderella Story, as well as an ambitious book editor on Younger. And we haven’t even mentioned her many music albums yet (Metamorphosis is the ultimate throwback!).

Over the years, Duff has made cameos and guest appearances on almost every TV show imaginable, such as Gossip Girl, The Chase, Chicago Hope, American Dreams, Frasier, and Joan of Arcadia. She’s even starred on Ghost Whisperer, Law & Order, Community, Dora The Explorer, and Two and a Half Men. But it’s the roles that see her take the lead (like Lizzie McGuire) where she really shines. With a knack for choosing productions that are just the right amount of lighthearted and feel-good, in our books, Duff can do no wrong.

Though filming for the Lizzie McGuire reboot has yet to begin, the series will revolve around Lizzie as a 30-year-old millennial navigating life in New York City. While we wait for the release date, we’re ticking every other Duff movie and TV show off our list (and listening to all her biggest musical hits). Scroll through to find her full filmography ahead.

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‘Ghost’ caught on camera ‘knocking food to the ground’ at service station

This the spooky moment 'ghost' was caught on CCTV causing chaos at a petrol station.

The 'ghostly' encounter happened at Toilisons' Services Centre in Cork, Ireland, after it closed on last Wednesday, September 11, according to Irish Mirror .

And the baffled owner of the services, which is eerily located between two funeral homes, has released footage of the shocking incident.

CCTV clips show a pack of rice cakes mysteriously flying off a shelf and a fruit basket falling off the top of a hot food counter.

The video has left thousands of viewers questioning the suspected paranormal activity.

Another clip showing the view behind the counter has also been released.

A number of people said they could see a woman in the new clip – but this has been denied by the owner.

Shop owner Tom O'Flynn said he still cant get his head around what happened.

He told 96FM: "I started Wednesday morning and saw biscuits on the ground and thought nothing of it.

"Then went around and saw a large fruit bowl on the ground so we checked CCTV and it looks as though it was pushed off.

"I would have been very sceptical with things like this but I looked at all angles and I'm at a loss with this.

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Nightmare that unfolds slowly in midsummer

Horror movies are often cloaked in the night, relying on the darkness to unsettle and scare.

Writer-director Ari Aster takes a completely counterintuitive approach by having Midsommar take place in midsummer in Sweden, when the sun never fully sets.

Neither is there an obvious grotesque-looking antagonist, just plenty of Swedes dressed in innocuous white for the festivities, with some of the women wearing flowers in their hair and others playing musical instruments. It all looks so idyllic, like something out of a fairy tale.

And yet, there is clearly a dark undercurrent.

An early scene of a car on the road is slowly tilted until the image is upside-down; a simple manoeuvre, but one that is effectively unsettling.

Aster, who made his feature debut with the acclaimed horror film Hereditary (2018), goes for psychological unease rather than cheap jump scares.

He lets the tension build slowly, almost casually, thrusting the group of unsuspecting college students into an unfamiliar situation and letting some off-kilter details register – a sacred temple where the visitors are not supposed to go is painted in a cheerful yellow; a bear is seen kept in a wooden cage; a folksy woven depiction of a love potion shows pubic hair as a key ingredient.



147 minutes/Opens today/4 Stars

The story: Devastated by personal tragedy, an emotionally fragile Dani (Florence Pugh) decides to tag along on a trip with her boyfriend Christian (Jack Reynor) and his buddies. Their Swedish friend, Pelle (Vilhelm Blomgren), is taking them to his commune during a major midsummer festival, where he says there will be pageantry and dressing up.

The film-maker also plays with the trope of the ugly American who is culturally insensitive. As if to compensate, the characters refrain from criticising or even questioning too much – until the tipping point is crossed.

The restrained approach pays off and the revelations that follow make quite a shocking impact.

Pugh (Fighting With My Family, 2019) and Reynor (What Richard Did, 2012) are believably real as a couple and the dynamics of their relationship – she leans on him for support, but does not want to be seen as being too needy; he has been thinking of breaking up with her and can be quite distant – add another layer to the proceedings.

Despite initial appearances, this is no dreamy tale, but a midsummer’s nightmare.

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Lea Michele's First Christmas Album Is Basically a Mini Glee Reunion, and We Can't Wait

Happy holidays! Lea Michele just announced her first Christmas album, and it sounds like it’s basically going to be a mini Glee reunion (aka the best Christmas gift ever). Christmas in the City is inspired by Michele’s childhood memories of spending the holidays in New York, she told People. “I am finally able to share this with you! #ChristmasInTheCity coming soon,” the actress and singer captioned her Instagram post revealing the album cover, which shows her posing in a red gown à la Carrie Bradshaw. “Can’t wait to get into the holiday spirit with you guys.”

Michele, who just got married to her husband Zandy Reich in March, says she’s at a very happy time in her life, so releasing the album just “made sense.” “It was always my dream to make a Christmas record,” Michele said. “Christmas is so special to me. It’s such an important time of year for me and my family that I have so many incredible memories from.”

Christmas in the City‘s soundtrack includes a mix of Michele’s favorite holiday songs, including “Do You Want to Build a Snowman?” from Disney’s Frozen, “Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree,” “Silver Bells,” “Silent Night,” and “It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year.” “These are the songs that I always listen to on Christmas . . . ‘It’s Christmas Time in the City’ really became the jumping off point for this album, Christmas in the City, because I grew up in New York, and it’s such a beautiful time of year.”

Michele will be joined by two of her former Glee costars on the album, including Darren Criss (“White Christmas”), Jonathan Groff (“I’ll Be Home for Christmas”), as well as British actress Cynthia Erivo (“Angels We Have Heard on High”). The album will also feature an original song Michele wrote titled “Christmas in New York.” “I wrote this song as my real love letter,” she said. “It’s the anthem of the album, and it just highlights all of the special things New York has to offer. It paints this beautiful picture of New York, but it also is really about what it means to be with your family and friends and engaged in that holiday spirit.”

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The T List: What to Visit, Eat and Know About This Week

Welcome to the T List, a newsletter from the editors of T Magazine. Each week, we’re sharing five things we are eating, wearing, listening to or coveting now. We hope you’ll join us for the ride. (Sign up here, if you haven’t already, and you can reach us at [email protected].)

Eat This

A 17th-Century Liqueur Perfect for Sipping, or Soups

By Merrell Hambleton

In 1605, an order of Carthusian monks living outside of Paris inherited a secret tonic recipe from a French diplomat that called for 130 different herbs and was thought to promote longevity. By 1764, they were selling a version of the concoction — also known as 110-proof green chartreuse — to residents of nearby villages. Now, in keeping with our wellness-obsessed food and drink culture, the earthy elixir has made the jump from the bar to the kitchen. In San Francisco, the Morris’s head chef, Gavin Schmidt, cures salmon in chartreuse to create a sort of alpine gravlax. Lincoln Carson, the chef of the new Los Angeles brasserie Bon Temps, tops escargots vol-au-vents with a take on persillade using green chartreuse; the “long, foresty notes” of the liqueur pair perfectly with snails. And chefs Nina Compton of New Orleans’s Compère Lapin and Lisa Giffen of Audrey in Los Angeles incorporate chartreuse into chilled melon soups. Compton uses yellow chartreuse to highlight the sweetness of the fruit, while Giffen garnishes a briny mix of clam and cucumber with a green-chartreuse-and-melon granita. It’s a complex dish that, in a single bite, takes you from the woods to the sea.

See This

An Artist Crawls Through Downtown New York

By M.H. Miller

Since the 1970s, the artist known as Pope.L has made works that explore racism, poverty, class inequality and consumerism in ways that are sometimes satirical, often biting, but always strangely moving. He is best identified by his “crawls,” in which he drags himself, positioned on his stomach — occasionally dressed in a business suit or as Superman, either alone or with a large group of participants — along the path of a city street. His most ambitious performance of this nature will be on Saturday in New York City: More than 100 people will crawl a one-and-a-half-mile-long route from the West Village to Union Square, passing through the arch of Washington Square Park. (Anyone can watch along the route.) This will be the first part of a trio of complementary exhibitions this fall called “Pope.L: Instigation, Aspiration, Perspiration.” Also on the docket: On Oct. 10, the Whitney Museum will debut a Pope.L installation called “Choir” in its lobby gallery, and later next month, a retrospective of works that spans the years 1978 to 2001 will open at the Museum of Modern Art. This series is the highest profile exposure yet for an artist who has spent much of his career with his eye meticulously trained on the gutter.

Use This

An Easy Skin-Care Routine to Get Back on Track

By David Farber

Summer is meant for slowing down and unplugging, but my travels (somehow) took me around the globe — to Milan and Paris, for the men’s fashion shows, the Greek island of Hydra, Copenhagen, Provincetown (the latter three in the name of decompressing) and, finally, back to New York. There, I was reacquainted with my bathroom mirror — a bit harsher than any to be found in a hotel room — and I quickly noticed that my face was dry and blotchy because of overexposure to the sun, wind and salt water. Fortunately, I thought back to a tip from a good friend earlier in the year: I’d asked whether he’d done some sort of “procedure,” and he told me the change came not in the form of needles but in a half-dozen bottles from the German aesthetics doctor Barbara Sturm’s brand Molecular Cosmetics. For the past few weeks, I’ve been using the six products that make up her Men’s Discovery Kit ($175) — a cleanser, facial scrub, calming serum, super anti-aging serum, eye cream and face cream — each day along with spraying on her newer Hydrating Face Mist ($95) as needed. My overall skin tone is already much more even, and my shaving irritation has nearly disappeared. Best of all, I have one less thing to worry about as I gear up for, yes, my winter travels.

Know About This

Breathtaking Garments and Bags From a Young Designer

By Angela Koh

Susan Fang began designing clothes at age 5, for the girls in her comic books. Born in Yuyao, China, she eventually settled in London, where she studied fashion at Central Saint Martins. After graduating, she spent two years gaining experience at Celine and Stella McCartney before founding her eponymous label in 2018. Characterized by naturalistic and geometric motifs, her otherworldly pieces include bags made from bubblelike glass beads and sheer pastel dresses. But perhaps her most notable constructions are her “airweave” pieces, made from strips of feather-light fabric (such as chiffon and yarn), that shape-shift as the wearer moves, creating the impression, in Fang’s words, that her garments “swim between two and three dimensions.” Although she is still based in London, Fang will show her spring 2020 collection tomorrow, in Milan, at the invitation of Sara Maino, the editor of Vogue Talents, a platform dedicated to emerging designers. Fang says the new range will be filled with optical illusions and unexpected materials for an effect that’s both ethereal and surreal. Meet five more emerging designers here.

Visit This

The Best of the Medina, All in One Place

By Gisela Williams

Shopping in the medina of Marrakesh can be equally exhilarating and exhausting. After the first two hours of walking through the narrow alleyways of the souk, passing by hundreds of tea glasses, sequined-covered straw bags and leather slippers, my initial delight soon turns to an agitated haze. So I was thrilled to hear that my favorite place to stay in the Red City, Riad Mena & Beyond — a serene white-walled hotel decorated with the perfect mix of midcentury-modern furniture and Moroccan handicrafts — had opened a boutique, the Pink Door. Inside, Riad Mena’s well-traveled owner, Philomena Schurer Merckoll, together with her friend Irineos Katsaros, the global visual creative at Vivienne Westwood, has designed an intimate aesthetic universe inspired by the best of Marrakesh: rugs from the carpet showroom Soufiane Zarib, hand-painted pottery by the home-goods studio Lrnce and photography from the respected Galerie 127. Plus, Schurer Merckoll has added favorite pieces from beyond Morocco, including clothing from the Paris-based line CristaSeya and tapestries by the up-and-coming French textile designer Louis Barthélemy. Not only is the store a celebration of Marrakesh’s innovative designers who are elevating Moroccan craft but, Schurer Merckoll told me, “it’s also about sharing all the talents of my friends.” By appointment, [email protected], 12 Derb Chorfa, Arset Loughzail, Marrakesh 40000, Morocco.

From T’s Instagram

Watch the Making of a Giant Bejeweled Lemon

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John Paul Jones and Tayshia's BIP Reunion Has Bachelor Nation Praising Her "Bold Move"

John Paul Jones and Tayshia’s BIP Reunion Has Bachelor Nation Praising Her “Bold Move”

For many Bachelor in Paradise fans, John Paul Jones and Tayshia Adams are the couple we never knew we needed. After the duo formed a connection on the beach in Mexico, Tayshia decided to end the relationship after JPJ said he was falling in love with her and she wasn’t quite there yet. Despite running after the blond sweetheart, the two parted ways and left Paradise on their own. However (!!), during Tuesday night’s reunion show, Tayshia admitted that she made a mistake and it was revealed that after talking with her mom and mulling things over at home, she decided to go after JPJ and visit him. Surprise, surprise!

During the reunion, we see the conversation that took place in Maryland and learn the news that Tayshia and JPJ are currently dating. Now they are “exploring things” as a couple, which means Shakespearean-esque ballads and JPJ even considering moving to Los Angeles to be closer to his girlfriend. Bachelor Nation couldn’t be more excited about their post-Paradise reunion and current status as a couple. See what fans are saying about the “bold move” Tayshia made to win back her man.

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Ben Higgins: Why I Think Peter Will Be a ‘Great’ Bachelor

It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s Peter Weber! After ABC named the pilot as the next Bachelor, former lead Ben Higgins opened up about what he expects from the upcoming season.

While Higgins, 30, admitted that he does not “know a ton about” Weber, 28, he told Us Weekly exclusively at the Bachelor in Paradise season 6 reunion, which aired on Tuesday, September 17, that he has high hopes.

“I think he cares. I think [from] what I’ve seen is he’s sincere, he doesn’t think too highly of himself, but he also doesn’t think too low of himself either,” Higgins said. “I think he has a good head on his shoulders. I’m excited to see where this takes him.”

As someone who has not only been the Bachelor but also watched and analyzed the past few seasons, the “Ben and Ashley I Almost Famous Podcast” cohost feels he knows what the franchise needs next.

“All I want in a Bachelor and Bachelorette is somebody that’s 1. excited to find somebody potentially, and 2. somebody who’s willing to open up their life to us as viewers, and 3. [someone who] is wise in their decision-making,” he told Us. “I think [Peter] matches all of those categories.”

Higgins called Weber a “great choice,” but he also would have been on board with fan favorite Mike Johnson. “I don’t think they could have gone wrong,” he told Us.

Bachelor Nation was introduced to Weber when he competed for Hannah Brown’s heart on season 15 of The Bachelorette earlier this year. He made headlines for having sex with the former beauty pageant queen, 24, four times in a windmill during their fantasy suite date. Weber finished in third place.

The Bachelor season 23 premieres on ABC January 6, 2020, at 8 p.m. ET.

With reporting by Kayley Stumpe

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