Strictly Come Dancing 2019: Dev Griffin comforts a sobbing Dianne after shock elimination

Dev Griffin and Dianne Buswell were the third couple to be eliminated from Strictly Come Dancing this evening. The couple faced a tough dance off with Emma Weymouth and Aljaž Škorjanec but ultimately all three judges opted to save the viscountess. Then, when it was time for the eliminated couple to have their last spin on the dance floor, Dianne broke down in tears while Dev comforted her.

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Danny Miller speaks out on Robron's final Emmerdale scenes and ending

Robert Sugden (Ryan Hawley) and Aaron Dingle’s (Danny Miller) love story in Emmerdale has certainly been one for the ages but, like the old adage says, all good things must come to an end, and that’s certainly the case with Robron, as Robert is set to faces the consequences for the attack he carried out on Lee earlier this year. With the couple’s final scenes approaching, Danny Miller previews what’s to come.

After the police were unable to bring a case against Lee for what he did to Victoria, Robert set out to seek revenge on behalf of his sister. He attempted to humiliate the rapist — amongst other things — but in the end he lost control and lashed out, hitting him with a shovel — an action which resulted in him being charged with GBH with intent.

In the coming episodes, Lee dies as a result of his injuries, and it’s up to Victoria to relay this information to her brother. Robert’s distraught but —according to Danny — so is Aaron, as it’s here that the realisation sets in that he may have to live his life without his beloved husband.

‘He feels sick with dread to hear about Lee. He he has grown up a bit recently and realised he has to be there for his family especially Liv and Seb. If Robert is going down, which seems inevitable to the pair of them, he knows he is going to have to pick up both roles and be strong for Liv and Seb.’

Determined to help her family, Liv (Isobel Steele) offers up a solution and suggests that both Robert and Aaron could go on the run together and — after some deliberation — the pair shockingly agree on this course of action. Bidding adieu to their families proves to be a tall task — especially considering they’ve so little time to do so.

Danny said: ‘The goodbyes are rushed. You can see that Aaron and Robert almost don’t have time to take in the emotion due to the rush and panic.  The police are essentially on their way, it’s all so quick, it’s a serious crime so he can’t be out on bail. They both say their individual goodbyes but I don’t think they realise this could be the final time they speak to people, it certainly doesn’t hit Robert until he gets in the car.’

‘It’s not a romantic “lets run off into the sunset together!” They have had no time to plan this, they just have to grab their things and go. Aaron has connections in France, he has inherited Cain’s contacts so it is possible they could make it work there. He takes control for a change which is nice and Robert is happy to let him do that.’

With Robert and Aaron having proven to be one of the most popular soap couples of all time, it’s safe to say that fans will be upset to see their love story come to an end. Little is known about how the narrative will come to an end, but Danny has already starting filming some of the pair’s final moments.

‘We’ve done some of it and there’s real raw emotion there for Ryan and myself.  During one of the emotional scenes, it hit me that it’s real and it’s actually happening and there are some genuine tears in there. ‘

It’s been amazing working with Ryan.  It’s been full on and we sometimes get on each others nerves but we just work so well together.  We have a level of trust and understanding that I will really miss. We have great chemistry on screen and right from our first scene I felt and I guess the producers must have seen it too.’

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Lynda Bellingham’s widower Michael Pattemore is set to remarry – with late star’s blessing – The Sun

LOOSE Women star Lynda Bellingham’s widower has revealed he is set to remarry – with the blessing of his late wife.

Lynda’s ex Michael Pattemore has found love again with office manager Pam Shotton, who also lost her partner to cancer.

And the couple are planning to tie the knot next year at the same church where Lynda’s funeral was held in November 2014.

Michael, 64, feels as though the telly star is looking down on him and says she would approve of his wedding.

He told the Sunday Mirror: “I had a blissfully happy marriage to Lynda and now I’ve found the woman with whom I want to spend the rest of my life.

“Lynda told me when she was sick in hospital, ‘I want to think you’ll find another love one day.’

“I know she is looking down on us both and wishing us well. I feel her presence all the time. Not many people get a second chance like this.”

He revealed he got down on one knee and asked Pam to marry him during a church service.

The news of their impending nuptials comes in the week of the fifth anniversary of Lynda’s death.

Lynda, who was also known as the 'Oxo mum' after starring in a series of ads, died on 19 October 2014 at the age of 66 after a battle with bowel cancer.

Staffordshire resident Pam, who met Michael at a Christmas party in 2016, also lost her previous partner of 15 years to cancer eight years ago.

Pam, 57, revealed that she visits Lynda’s grave with Michael – and sometimes goes alone to tell the star she’s “looking after” him.

Michael and Lynda were married for six years and he kept a bedside vigil at a London hospital during her final days.

But after she passed away, a bitter row erupted when Pattemore bought an eight-bedroom Grade II listed mansion, which was reported to have cost £600,000.

Lynda's sons Michael and Robbie accused him of squandering their mum’s fortune on the luxury home as well as splashing out on holidays and cosmetic treatments.

They previously claimed they had only seen £750 of their mum’s huge fortune, which they claim stood at £10million.

The sons also previously told how Pattemore evicted them from their family flat by text.

Michael defended himself by claiming the former Loose Women panellist was in £50,000 in debt when she died.

He said her money was tied up in properties worth millions.

Lynda's sons later told how they were left disappointed by getting £50,000 each from their mum's estate – which was eventually valued at £5million.

Following the bitter inheritance row, Michael, 36, and Robbie, 31, will not be at next year’s nuptials.

The wedding will be at St Bartholomew’s Church in Crewkerne, Somerset, where Michael’s parents are also buried.

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Peaky Blinders: Why did Tommy Shelby become a gangster? Cillian Murphy reveals shock truth

Peaky Blinders picks up on Tommy Shelby’s (played by Cillian Murphy) story after he returns from World War One. While some aspects of his past have been hinted at throughout the series, a new Steven Knight audio story reveals the most yet. Read by Cillian Murphy, the short clip explains what drove Tommy to become the brutal man he is today.

Why did Tommy Shelby become a gangster?

Earlier this week, Steven Knight uploaded two short audio stories to looking at the past of his cast of characters.

Each narrated by Cillian Murphy and Tom Hardy, the two poems reveal more about the stories of their beloved roles.

In a short poem entitled The Ballad of Tommy Shelby, Murphy narrates the story of the notorious gangster Tommy Shelby as a young child through to his experiences in the war.

The moving piece contains some interesting revelations of Tommy as an intense young tearaway on the streets of Birmingham.


Fans of the series find out that he has always had his iconic stare ever since he used to scare his neighbours by appearing from the fog with a stick.

Tommy’s love of horses is also explored throughout, as listeners learn that he once tried to kill a man to save one.

However, the majority of the poem focuses on Tommy’s experiences in World War One and the trauma he faced after enlisting in 1915.

The Knight-written clip also reveals for the first time what Tommy’s explicit motive was in the developing the Peaky Blinders into a notorious gang.

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Beginning with the anger he felt against those who sent him to the front, the poem charts his disillusionment with religion and authority.

He reads: “He went away in a ship to fight a million other kids and they all drew straws to see who eventually died.

“And the kid came home knowing everyone but the horses lied.”

This seemingly leads him to ignite a battle of his own when he returns against those who sent him there.

He continues: “So we’re burning all the bridges and burning the past and we’ll tell the sons of b******* that this is a new day.”

The poem ends with Tommy returning from the war, the hardened man that viewers get a glimpse of in the first season of the show.

He said: “Then by some miracle, they sail you home to the place you used to be.”

“I got out of the hole and into a Mercedes Benz and I drove to the place the old morality ends.

“I became the solider of the living lost, the king and protector of the forgotten past, never once remember anything except what must come next.

“You must never, ever forgive me for the rest of what I did. ”

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Viewers have only been afforded few amounts of Tommy’s backstory in the series so far.

While his PTSD developed from his experiences as a tunneller in the war is one of the key themes of the series, the focus on the show is after he has returned to Small Heath.

However in season four, more was also revealed about his first love before he enlisted, Greta Jurossi.

This is revealed through his relationship with radical Jessie Eden (Charlie Murphy) who presses him on the subject.

However, this new audio story gives fans of show their clearest insight yet into the notorious character.

Peaky Blinders seasons 1-5 are now available to stream on BBC iPlayer.

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Strictly’s Katya Jones leaves viewers feeling ‘awkward’ as she bursts into tears and says she wants to kiss partner Mike Bushell – The Sun

KATYA Jones left Strictly viewers feeling awkward tonight as she said she wanted to kiss partner Mike Bushell after their Quickstep.

After smashing their dance to Come On Eileen' by Dexys Midnight Runners, Katya burst into tears and hugged the broadcaster.

And the excitable dancer was overjoyed with the judges comments, telling host Claudia: "I want to kiss him so much. He worked so hard! I love him so much."

But fans of the show couldn't help but cringe, with Katya's infamous Seann Walsh kiss from last year still in their minds.

One wrote: "Did Katya just say she wanted to kiss him?!! #notAgain!!! #Strictly."

Another posted: "That was all a bit awks with Katya. “I want to kiss him” and all those tears. Was that about the dancing 💃🏻? #Strictly."

A third wrote: "Katya saying ‘I just want to kiss you’ errr awkward #strictly."

As a fourth shared"Katya ‘I could kiss him’ yeah…maybe not the best comment #Strictly."

Katya famously made headlines on last year's show when she was pictured kissing Seann on a night out, despite being married to fellow pro Neil Jones.

The Russian star split with Neil before the current series, but was pictured still wearing her wedding ring yesterday.

Mike previously said his wife of one-year, Emily Bond, couldn’t be more different and is over-the-moon about their partnership.

When asked by Chris Moyles on his Radio X Breakfast show what his missus thought, Mike said: “My wife thought that Katya would be the best choreographer because she takes risks.

“She loves the show and got me into it last year.

"But she kept saying Katya is one of the best choreographers because Katya’s known for taking risks.

"And if you can get Ed Balls to Blackpool we can get at least to Halloween.”

Last week she was left red-faced after falling over TWICE in the live show.

The 30-year-old star was first seen taking a tumble during her Cha-Cha and she then missed her footing and slipped to the floor.

Ever the professional, Katya quickly spun around on her bottom and turned the fall into an additional move.

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Dermot O’Leary winces as Thom Evans and Ben Foden grind on Celebrity X Factor

While Nicole Scherzinger might have been swooning at rugby boys Thom Evans and Ben Foden grinding on The X Factor : Celebrity tonight, Dermot O'Leary had a very different reaction.

The host was left cringing as rugby boys Thom, Ben and Levi Davis, who named themselves Try Star, sang No Diggity.

Before they even got into the song, Nicole drew attention to Ben's shirt, which gaped open at the waist.

"I'm so excited about your shirt right now," Nicole remarked, prompting laughter. "How it hangs open and freely next to your chesticles."

The trio began belting out the hit R&B song, instantly earning themselves wolf whistles.

Their grooving on stage got the audience excited, with many dancing along with them.

However their grinding proved too much for Dermot watching at the side, who put his arms above his head and cringed.

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Strictly’s Craig Revel Horwood accused of flirting with Chris Ramsey live on TV

Craig Revel Horwood was accused of flirting with contestant Chris Ramsey in an awkward TV moment.

The notoriously harsh dance critic looked far from impressed when comedian Chris playfully made the allegation.

Risking antagonising Craig, Chris said: "You are flirting with me.

"You are pulling my pigtails in the playground."

Failing to raise a smile, Craig replied: "You are dreadful."

Commenting on the duo's banter, one viewer tweeted: "Chris and Craig make me laugh."

Another added: "Basketball shot from Chris.

"Was just going to say 'in your face Craig' then his footwork went t*ts up."

A third wrote: "Already know Chris is going to get criticised for his hands by Craig."

Meanwhile, a fourth continued: "I love how he answers Craig back."

Despite their jovial war of words, Craig ended up giving Chris six points.

In total his dance with Karen Hauer gained him 26 points for the all important leader board.

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'90 Day Fiancé': Are Ashley Martson and Jay Smith Talking Again?

90 Day Fiancé fans are collectively groaning — Ashley Martson seems to be back on speaking terms with Jay Smith. After an incredibly contentious divorce that saw Jay Smith landing in ICE custody, fans thought that Martson had finally had enough of her ex-husband. 

In fact, Martson was seen out and about with Bachelor in Paradise alum Christian Estrada. Despite that, and her ongoing conflict with Jay Smith’s sister, it seems as if Martson and Smith might be on friendly terms again. Hopefully, nothing more comes of it. Here’s what we know. 

Divorce following infidelity

Jay Smith’s infidelity when it comes to his marriage with Ashley Martson is well-documented. The Jamaica-born 90 Day Fiancé star married Martson in Vegas — they barely had a chance to enjoy their honeymoon before Martson discovered that Smith was chatting up other women on Tinder. 

Martson prepared the paperwork to divorce Jay Smith when she found out, but decided to give their marriage another shot. Unfortunately, Smith wound up cheating on Martson again. This time, Smith had sex with a woman in the bathroom of a barbershop. Smith was working there at the time. 

The woman he cheated with eventually called Martson to explain the situation to her. She who told her, “I had come into the barbershop and getting ready to start the tattoo, and he kinda was like touching me, kind of caressing me and then one thing kind of just lead to another. We went into the bathroom and had sex.” 

The woman revealed that Smith had never told her he was married. Martson mentioned that she doesn’t blame the woman for what Smith chose to do.

Seen out with Christian Estrada

Since then, Martson has been seeing other people. In fact, she was spotted at Disney World on August 17 with Bachelor in Paradise alum Christian Estrada. A source confirmed with People that it was definitely a date. 

On August 2, Martson shared a picture of Estrada to her Instagram story with the caption, “blinded from the start,” alongside some heart-eyed emojis. However, according to Estrada, the two weren’t dating at all.

On an episode of The Domenick Nati Show, Estrada said, “No, I know Natalie, I know Ashley’s PR. I’m good friends with her PR, but I mean the few times Ashley and I are hanging out it’s not just the two of us, it’s a few friends of ours. But I respect the girl, she’s an awesome girl, but it’s like I said you know, at this point I’m just focusing on my projects and my father’s company.” 

From the sound of it, the two may have just had a simple fling. Martson eventually claimed that she and Estrada are “just friends.” 

A shoutout to Jay Smith

In a social media move that surprised many 90 Day Fiancé fans, Martson gave ex-husband Jay Smith a shoutout on his birthday. Ashley posted a festive background with the cheeky text “Happy Birthday, Loser!”

Jay Smith reposted her message with a devil face and a laughing face, writing “Thanks punk.” Martson told InTouch, “Jay and I have been talking since I chose to drop the PFA.” She added, “We are not back together, just cordial.”

She went on to add, “[We are] trying to get our divorce and immigration figured out. We both made a ton of mistakes and chose to forgive.”

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X Factor: Celebrity’s Zara McDermott in tears as she reveals hypnotherapy saved her dream of becoming a singer – The Sun

ZARA McDermott was in tears today as she revealed hypnotherapy saved her dream of becoming a singer as she makes her debut on X Factor: Celebrity tonight.

The 22-year-old was frozen with nerves at the thought of performing in front of people after school bullies shattered her confidence.

But after turning to therapy that uses hypnosis to rid her of past traumas, Zara will be seen performing on the talent show tonight.

She's teamed up with her Love Island co-stars Samira Mighty, Wes Nelson and Eyal Booker to become a quartet.

They flew out to Simon Cowell's Malibu mansion to film the competition ahead of it airing on ITV tonight.

In an emotional video on Instagram this morning, Zara said: "Today is the day. Celebrity X Factor is happening.

"I've never been so excited in my whole life for something.

"I know it's been the biggest build up in the whole world and I haven't stopped talking about it, but the reason for that is because this is the biggest thing I've done in my life.

"I had to have hypnotherapy to even sing in front of the producers.

"To be able to then go on and progress so much and able to sing in front of Simon Cowell, Louis Walsh and Nicole Scherzinger – some of the best and most successful people in the industry – is just such a huge thing for me.

"If anything comes out of this show from a personal level, it's that I want to show people that if you work hard enough and put your mind to something  – but you're scared or nervous and think you're petrified and won't be able to do it -… I want people to be able to look at me and think 'she did it, so I can do it as well'.

"Hopefully I can inspire people to push themselves so out of their comfort zone they never thought they'd ever be able to do it…"

Zara was excluded from school aged 14 when her boyfriend shared nude pictures of her.

She went on to suffer cruel bullying and friends ditching her when she was in secondary school.

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Robert Forster Dies: Academy Award Nominee Who Appeared In More Than 100 Films Was 78

Robert Forster, an Academy Award nominee for his work as Max Cherry in Quentin Tarantino’s Jackie Brown, died at his Los Angeles home today following a brief battle with brain cancer. His death was confirmed by his family and representatives.

Forster appeared in more than 100 films, including his latest, El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie, released today via Netflix

Born in Rochester, New York, Forster, a member of Triple Nine Society, graduated from the University of Rochester and then moved to New York City, where he was quickly cast in the Broadway production Mrs. Dally Has a Lover, opposite Arlene Francis.

Forster’s performance caught the eye of director John Houston, who cast him in his first film, Reflections in a Golden Eye, with Elizabeth Taylor and Marlon Brando. He then worked with renowned director Haskell Wexler on Medium Cool, which became a classic due to its filming during the riots at the 1969 Democratic Convention in Chicago.

He continued to make films and television series. Among his favorites were the series Banyon and films Alligator and American PerfektOther notable projects include The Descendants, Firewall, Me, Myself and Irene, the return of Twin Peaks, and last year’s What They Had. Forster also recently played Tim Allen’s father in Last Man Standing, a part he loved because the series was a comedy, a new genre for him. 

Forster completed three additional projects in 2019: El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie, Steven Spielberg’s Amazing Stories and Werewolf

He is survived by his children: Bobby, Elizabeth, Kate and Maeghen; his grandchildren: Tess, Liam, Jack and Olivia; and long time partner, Denise Grayson. 

Details of a memorial service have not yet been announced. 

Deadline’s Pete Hammond interviews Robert Forster on his craft.


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