Screenwriter and WGA West Board Member John August Signs With Verve

“Big Fish” screenwriter John August has signed with Verve talent agency, marking a high-profile recruit for the agency that is the first among the established Hollywood literary players to agree to the Writers Guild of America’s new rules governing talent agents.

August is a veteran screenwriter an an influential voice among writers as co-host with Craig Mazin of the long-running podcast “Scriptnotes.” He’s also a WGA West board member.

August disclosed his new agency home in a tweet sent Friday afternoon. The signing comes more than two months after the WGA directed members to fire talent agents that refuse to agree to the guild’s newly implemented Agency Code of Conduct, which bans agents from receiving packaging fees on conflict of interest groups.

“When I toured Verve, I really liked the vibe and spirit. It felt like a good match. To be clear: I would have met with ANY agency that had signed the agreement. I know a lot of screenwriters who will do the same,” August wrote.

August was previously with UTA.

“Back in April, I tweeted that I’d happily give my UTA agent of 20+ years a kidney,” August wrote. “The offer still stands. But my frustration with big agency practices has only grown. I don’t think they’re putting clients first.”

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Lizzo Claimed A Summerfest Security Guard Attacked Her Team & She’s Calling on Fans To Help

Lizzo has never been one to shy away from speaking up for others — especially when she needs to speak out to protect and support the people she loves. On Thursday, June 27, the singer headlined a concert in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and after the show, Lizzo claimed that security at Summerfest had attacked her team on Twitter, and she asked her fans for help.

Shortly after midnight, the "Truth Hurts" singer asked her Twitter followers if anyone had gotten "footage of the security guard that tackled and attacked my team @Summerfest?!" alleging that the guard in question, "slapped and manhandled my hairstylist and I’m out for blood." According to USA Today, Lizzo later posted a video of the alleged security guard who she claimed attacked her team, explaining in a since-deleted tweet that she decided to film him in case she needed "evidence."

"They’re keeping me from going over there and having my way with him, but I’m filming this right now just in case I need some evidence and just in case I need to put this on the internet," she wrote, according to Stereogum. Clearly, Lizzo wanted to ensure that this person was held accountable for his alleged actions. "He needs to be in handcuffs… This racist bigot put his hands on my people and used hurtful language while tackling and dragging my team off the festival grounds," she reportedly wrote in another since deleted tweet.

In the early hours of Friday morning, Lizzo tweeted that the alleged attack had cast a dark shadow over her performance, which she described in a post as "the best show ever." She added, "I feel like I can’t even celebrate cuz RACISM don’t matter if you a headliner…." Lizzo then asked the Summerfest organizers to "please send footage" to back up her claim. She also noted that she and her team will be "filing a complaint against that bigoted ‘security’ guard" in another tweet, alongside a message to her fans that "the struggle ain’t over. Racism and bigotry don’t care if you’re a headliner."

Summerfest issued a public statement on Twitter about the alleged incident a short while later, explaining that the festival’s organizers will be conducting an investigation. "Lizzo gave an incredible performance which she now feels is tarnished by events which occurred during the performance. We do not tolerate racism in any form. We will conduct a thorough investigation," the statement read. "We have an experienced crowd management staff who strive to protect performers & fans. While there may be challenges during a performance, we expect those challenges to be handled professionally & respectfully. If those standards were not met, we will take appropriate action."

While the vast majority of social media users and festival goers were supportive of Lizzo’s desire to have the alleged incident investigated, she seemed to fire back at some detractors on Friday, explaining that racism comes in many different forms. "Friendly reminder that you don’t have to say the ‘n word’ to be racist," the singer wrote on Twitter. "That’s not the sole requirement. Asking people to prove racism is another tool the oppressor uses to marginalize and discredit us."

Throughout her career, Lizzo has been committed to using her voice and platform to speak out for herself and for marginalized communities everywhere. Back in December, she explained to fans on Twitter, "I represent black ppl, black women, feminism, intersectional feminism, big girls, big black girls, on a daily basis…" adding that her decision to be such a vocal representative for those communities is "a tough job."

In a May interview with NPR, the singer explained the origins of her song, "My Skin," and reflected on the fact that simply loving herself as a black woman can be a radical act. "The thing that I like about myself the most is the thing that’s weaponized against us. People with black skin, you know, we get that weaponized, and this was [during] the beginning of #BlackLivesMatter, when there was such a public amount of executions of unarmed black people by police officers," she recalled.

"And so, I think that it was almost oxymoronic to be like, ‘I love my black skin,’ when that was the thing that’s held against me the most in this society. I wanted to write a song about that too, and talk about how I’m proud of it no matter what."

Being such a powerful voice in the spotlight is not something Lizzo takes lightly, and she’s shown that she means not only speaking up to support and uplift other women of color, but also more difficult things like speaking out against biases and not backing down. She’s using her stardom to show people everywhere that she is willing to hold them accountable for their biases.

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Asda is selling Disney soft toys starting from £4 with Toy Story, Frozen and Winnie the Pooh characters

If you like a bit of Disney magic, you're going to love the brand new soft toy range from Asda.

The supermarket has just launched 25 Disney character plush toys and even better, they're on sale too.

All the characters, including Winnie the Pooh, Eeyore, Elsa, Olaf, Buzz Lightyear and Woody come in one of two sizes – small or medium.

Normally a small toy would cost you £5 and a medium would cost £10, but until July 10 you can pick them up for £4 and £7 respectively.

The toys are only available in store, so you'll need to pop to your local Asda to get your hands on one.

There are over 630 shops across the UK and you can find your nearest one using the store locator tool.

Sizes vary slightly from character to character, but a medium toy is approximately 10 inches tall, while a small one is six inches high.

Which characters can you buy in the Asda Disney sale?

The full list of characters available to buy is:


  • Jasmine
  • Genie

The Aristocats

  • Marie


  • Bambi
  • Thumper

Disney classic

  • Mickey Mouse
  • Minnie Mouse


  • Dumbo


  • Anna
  • Elsa
  • Olaf
  • Sven

Lady and the Tramp

  • Lady

The Lion King

  • Simba

One hundred and one dalmatians

  • Dalmation


  • Rapunzel
  • Pascal

Toy Story

  • Woody
  • Buzz Lightyear
  • Rex
  • Little Green Men

Winnie the Pooh

  • Winnie the Pooh
  • Piglet
  • Eeyore


The toys are exclusive to Asda, so it's impossible to do an exact price comparison, but obviously there are other Disney soft toys for sale online.

A Rex toy at the Disney store, for example, costs £7.95 – almost double the Asda cost and it's a smaller toy too.

A medium Woody toy at Disney is also much more expensive at £20 – but it's substantially bigger than Asda's too at 18 inches vs 10 inches.

Argos has plenty of Disney soft toys including Eeyore, Winnie the Pooh, Rapunzel and Vanellope (from Wreck-it Ralph) – but they're all extra-large and cost £25 or more.

Debenhams also has discounts on Disney toys, but a 10 inch One Hundred and One Dalmatian toy is £12, reduced from £15 – compared to just £7 at Asda.

Disney teddies aren't the only great bargains you can pick up at Asda – as the supermarket has launched a huge toy sale.

Meanwhile, Toys R Us is set "to re-open in time for Christmas" – but only in the US.

And Argos has launched a HUGE toy clearance sale on Hatchimals, LOL Surprise and Peppa Pig with prices from £5.

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How Will Owen Pierson's Dad React When He Finds Out About His Son's Upcoming Drag Performance?

Making your drag debut is no easy feat. Sometimes telling your dad about it is even harder.

But Owen Pierson‘s siblings sound optimistic in this clip from Sunday’s new Relatively Nat & Liv, which will see Olivia Pierson‘s older brother performing in drag for the first time—publicly, at least! Unlike the makeshift cabarets he and cousin Joel Halcro used to put on in the basement as kids (costumes, wigs and all; they still have videos), Owen’s upcoming performance is the real deal. Which is really exciting, though he’s still preoccupied wondering how his father Brian Pierson is going to handle the news.

Liv and Owen’s younger sister Sophia Pierson points out that, much like Joel and Natalie Halcro‘s dad, theirs also used to say that “being gay wasn’t OK” back when his son first came out to him.

“And look at them now,” Sophia continues, “how supportive they are now.”

“Dad’s come around full circle,” Owen agrees, and Sophia is hopeful that’s indicative of Brian’s eventual understanding in this new scenario too.

“They’ve fully come around,” she reiterates, “so why wouldn’t he come around for this?”

Joel suggests Owen’s nerves about the whole thing have less to do with getting his dad’s approval and much more to do with the event itself.

“I think you’re probably more concerned about just being on a stage performing,” says the Halcro bro. And while his cousin’s reaction indicates he may have a solid point there, it’s hard to believe Brian’s blessing wouldn’t help calm those nerves a little bit. 

Hear more about Owen’s pre-opening night jitters—and find out how Liv reacted when she first found out her brother was gay—in the clip above!

Watch a brand new episode of Nat & Liv Sunday at 11 p.m., only on E!

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Neighbour from hell banned from town forever for calling locals ‘cannibal Nazis’

A "neighbour from hell" was called "evil" and "vile" as he was banned from a town for life after tormenting locals as old as 90 almost every day.

Peter Johnson, 58, waged "psychological war" against his neighbours in Alsager, Cheshire, in a campaign of hate that left the victims terrified.

Johnson threatened to stab one of his victims with a carving knife and sent an obituary notice to an elderly neighbour claiming they had died and celebrating their death.

He sent defamatory letters to the victims' bosses, GPs and others with untrue accusations relating to cannibalism, paedophilia, Nazi collaboration, bestiality, terrorism, Aids, drug addiction and homosexuality.

Johnson claimed one of the victims had Aids and bombarded elderly victims with unsolicited funeral director brochures through the post, CheshireLive reports.

Johnson pleaded guilty to five counts of stalking involving serious alarm/distress at Chester Crown Court.

He was jailed on Tuesday for two years and four months and banned from returning to Alsager even though he owns a house in the town.

The ban is part of a lifetime restraining order that prohibits him from contacting his five victims or anyone in relation to them.

Johnson launched his campaign of psychological vigilante justice after being accused of assaulting one of his five victims in 2002.

The case was dropped but he began targeting people who gave evidence against him.

Neighbours were threatened in the street, and on one occasion he swung a metal bar around and paced up and down his driveway whilst gesturing towards victims, who were inside their home.

In other incidents he drove a circle around a victim in a golf club car park and stalked the person around a supermarket.

The malicious letters with untrue accusations were sent to the victims' GPs, workplaces and even a Royal Air Force base.

In the defamatory letters, Johnson claimed to be the victim or a worried associate.

One of the letters to a GP surgery claimed a victim had sexually abused his son.

One of the victims was investigated by counter-terror police due to one of the letters, and was banned from engaging with or working near children or vulnerable people.

The claims were investigated and proved to be unfounded.

Cheshire police found that some of the letters had been written and printed out by Johnson at the local library.

Related video:

Police Constable Collette Cook, the officer in charge of the investigation, said: “This neighbour from hell made his victims’ lives a misery, tormenting some of them on an almost daily basis.

“It is one of the worst cases of its kind that we have ever dealt with at Cheshire Constabulary. He left victims, including one in their 90s, worried about leaving their homes, answering their phones and looking at their mail.

“Johnson waged psychological war on those who had given evidence against him in relation to an accusation of assault in 2002.

“This psychological war began with things like needlessly parking in front of victims’ houses, waving frantically and grinning at them and staring into their homes for long periods and has escalated to serious stalking offences between January 2018 and March 2019.

“Once these offences were reported to us we investigated Johnson’s activities and proved that he was responsible for abusive phone calls and letters that victims received.

“He subsequently pleaded guilty to stalking offences involving each of the five victims and the extent of his offending is reflected in the severity of the sentence he has received.

“We are delighted that he is now behind bars facing the consequences of his actions and has been given a lifetime restraining order prohibiting him from going into Alsager upon his release or making any sort of contact in relation to any of the victims.

“I hope that the sentence that has been handed out by Chester Crown Court deters others from committing similar offences and enables the victims in this case to move forward with their lives.”

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Best Value and Cheap School Supplies 2019 | The Sun UK

PART of getting our kids ready for the new academic year involves kitting them out with back to school clothing, shoes, and school supplies.

Popular stationery supplies stores for kids like Paperchase, Smiggle and Tinc have school supplies that look fantastic but cost a hefty sum.

We’ve rounded up the best cheap supplies to get your kids ready for school on a budget.

School supplies are another expense parents seem to constantly be shelling out for.

They’re easy for kids to lose and wear through with daily use so need frequent replacing.

School supplies have become another way for kids to accessorise and show off their personal style – especially when they wear uniforms to school daily.

The paper, pencils and composition books we used in years past have been swept away in a sea of sparkly pencil cases, sequinned notebooks and rubbers shaped like hippos, avocados and unicorns.

There are some specialised cheap-as-chips stationery suppliers like The Works, where you can find regular deals on school supplies. You can also find bargains at supermarkets like ASDA and Aldi.

From pencils to paper, files to folders, these are the places to check out for cheap school supplies. Write on!

1. So Crafty XL Permanent Markers

  •  So Crafty XL Permanent Markers, £1.99 for a 24-pack at Aldi – buy here

Aldi's selection of school supplies will ramp up at the start of the academic year, but you can find some amazing deals online year-round, from times table revision books for 99p to an A4 laminator for £13.99.

We'd also recommend stocking up on permanent markers and highlighters from the retailer – the markers are a steal at £1.99 for 24, in different colours. Score.

2. Helix rubbers

  • Helix rubbers, 90p for two at ASDA – buy here

ASDA has a comprehensive selection of cheap school supplies to appeal to both younger kids (a sequinned A4 notebook for £5) and older students.

If you want rubbers that actually rub things out properly, these are great value at 45p an eraser.

3. T. Stationery essentials in drawstring bag

  • T. Stationery essentials in drawstring bag, £12 at Tesco – buy here

Tesco has a vast selection of own-brand and name-brand cheap school supplies.

We'd especially recommend it for when you're looking for hassle-free buys.

For example, bargain versions of school supply sets, like this backpack with glue sticks, writing set, sticky tape, sticky notes, scissors, notebook and ruler.

You can also find a four-piece geometry set (with 6" ruler, 45 & 60° set squares and 180° protractor, for £1.75) and a Midnight Garden stationery box (£6) for your desk at home.

4. A4 Fashion Ring Binder

  • A4 Fashion Ring Binder, £1.49 at B&M – buy here

B&M has a large selection of kids' stationery and school supplies, including branded sets from beloved characters like My Little Pony and Harry Potter – sure to be a hit with youngsters.

Older kids can stock up on a variety of back-to-school essentials, including colourful ring binders for £1 and these printed designs for £1.49.

5. B5 Notebooks

  • B5 Notebooks – 5 pack, Coloured, Lined Paper, £3.95 for a 5-pack at MUJI – buy here

MUJI's stationery designs and school supplies are simple, streamlined and stylish.

They're also really well-priced for designer gear.

5. Rhino A5 exercise books

  • Rhino A5 exercise books, £6.78 for a 10-pack at Amazon – buy here

Amazon has plenty of cheap school supplies on offer.

The biggest savings comes from buying in bulk, like this 10-pack of notebooks or Q-Connect's document wallets, which cost £8.52 for 50.

6. Glitter pencil case

  • Glitter pencil case, £2 at The Works – buy here

The Works is a dedicated supplier of all things crafts and stationery, and you'll be able to stock up on bundles of cheap school supplies here, or individual bits and bobs, to suit kids of all ages.

We've got our eyes on the charming selection of pencil cases for under a fiver (half the price of premium brands) – and they look just as smart.

7. Clear sticky tape

  • Clear sticky tape, £2.99 for a pack of eight at Baker Ross – buy here

Another online destination to stock up on cheap school supplies and arts and crafts materials, Baker Ross is all about the bulk-buy.

These tapes cost less than 40p individually – compare that with a branded roll at £3+ a pop.

8. Lever arch file

  • Lever arch file, £1.75 at Wilko – buy here

Wilko's selection of cheap school supplies is comprehensive, and this is a good site for stocking up on items for older school kids and even uni students.

You'll find geometry sets, revision books, cheap calculators and an impressive selection of binders, folders and organisers.

Better still, the products get top reviews from fans for their superior looks and quality, despite the affordable price point.

Once you've got your cheap school supplies, your child will need somewhere to store them – which is why we've looked at best value school bags too.

Whether you want to upgrade your wardrobe, find some new gym kit or get some gift-buying inspiration, Sun Selects is here to help you out. Click the link to find more of our recommendations.

If you want to find more of our parenting recommendations, check out our dedicated Sun Selects' parenting section.

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5 Dog Chew Toys That Actually Last Longer Than One Day — And They're All Under $12

Dog owners know two things to be true: A pup will bring immense joy into your life, and that same pup will rip through chew toys in mere minutes.

Indeed, these little fur balls will make you feel happiness deep in your soul. But, they also require plenty of love and attention. This includes buying them boxes upon boxes of toys because, as any dog owner will tell you, most will end up in the trash within hours. Dogs simply love to take a new toy, methodically rip out the squeaker, then tear it limb from limb until there are tiny pieces of the poor guy all over the house. (Please someone tell me this isn’t just my dog.) 

As a dog mom, I’ve scoured the globe for dog toys that will stand the test of time. And after five years of puppy motherhood, I’ve found a few brands that are built to last. Here are some toys both new and old dog parents alike should be investing in so their pups can keep their favorite toys pristine for more than just a few days. 

Pet Champion Rope Dog Toy Large

Dogs simply adore playing a bit of tug o’ war with their mom or dad, and Pet Champion’s Rope Toy was made just for that. The four-knot toy is twisted to ensure a tightly braided rope for maximum durability. And, the toy provides a safe and effective method of exercise for doggy teeth and gums. Best of all, these things last. One reviewer wrote, “My dog is a mighty chewer and can destroy most rope toys in short order. She destroys these too… but it takes her quite a few days to really take them apart as opposed to hours with others. We really like these rope toys.”  

Buy It! $4.82; 

Chuckit! Flying Squirrel Spinning Dog Toy

If you’re on the hunt for a frisbee alternative, look no further than Chuckit’s Flying Squirrel toy. The Chuckit! frisbee for dogs features four “paws” for dogs to latch onto that even glow in the dark at night. The toy makes for the perfect activity for playtime-loving pets and is tough enough to last thanks to its durable canvas material. It’s even great to toss into a lake for water-loving dogs. As one reviewer shared, “My dog loves her Flying Squirrel so much, I bought another one and had it shipped to a friend’s dog in Las Vegas. Awesome dog toy. Works great on land and as a water toy.”

Buy It! $5.99 (originally $12.97); 

KONG Extreme Dog Toy

If you’re going to buy your pet one single toy, make it the KONG Extreme Dog Toy. The ultra-durable and all-natural rubber formula is meant to help stimulate a dog’s natural instincts. It’s designed for “determined chewers” and is most certainly built to last. In addition to the material withstanding ferocious chomps, the toy’s rubber bounce will keep dogs on their toes. Have them play with the toy alone, and stuff it with their favorite treat for an added bonus. You can even place the toy in the freezer to get a longer-lasting chew. The toy also comes in several sizes for small, medium, and large dogs. Truly, this toy is dog’s best friend. As one reviewer added, “Threw some canned dog food in there, put it in the freezer, and in the morning, took it out, gave it to the pup, and left for work feeling like my dog wasn’t going to be so bored. Took him a while (I’m assuming!) to get the frozen food out. Wish I had bought this sooner!” 

Buy It! $11.99-$19.89; 

Tuffy Red Dog Ring Toy

Want something you can toss, play tug o’ war with, and leave with your pup for hours of solo play? Get Tuffy’s Red Dog Ring Toy. The chew toy is made with several bonded layers that are truly tough for a dog’s teeth to get through. The toy is sewn together multiple times, meaning it has several seams that take quite a long time to rip apart. Each toy also comes with “squeaker safety pockets” so that piece is sewn into pouches as an added layer of safety. Another great thing about this toy is it’s machine washable. A reviewer shared, “It is sewn together really well. My little Ellie is quite a chewer and loves to tear things apart. This is a GREAT stuffed toy! Most stuffed toys last her a couple of days and that’s when all the stuffing is gone and the material is in shredded pieces. This Tuffy Dog Ring has lasted her about 3 WEEKS! I just purchased another one from my local Walmart store today.” 

Buy It! $11.97 (originally $12.97); 

Invincibles Snake Stuffingless Durable Tough Plush Dog Squeaky Toy

For long-lasting durability and hours of fun, check out Invincibles Snake Stuffingless Plush Toy. The toy features two layers of super-tough fabric along with special squeakers that continue to make noise even after being punctured. The toy is truly engaging for pups thanks to the various shapes, sounds, and fabric textures. And, because there’s no stuffing, there’s less mess for you to clean up when your pet does ultimately destroy it. One reviewer touchingly shared, “I have a service dog that goes with me whenever I go out by myself but stays home when my husband goes with me. Whenever I get home my service dog throws ‘a party’ by bringing this toy and squeaking it profusely, letting me know how happy he is.” 

Buy It! $8.49;

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Missing holiday camp worker Rosie Johnson ‘was in distressed state after row’

A missing holiday camp worker whose disappearance has sparked a large search operation was in a "distressed state" before she vanished, police say.

Rosie Johnson has not been seen since Sunday, and investigators are still yet to piece together her movements that evening.

Rosie, 22, works at the PGL Little Canada adventure centre on the Isle of Wight.

According to a neighbour, she may have been involved in an argument shortly before her disappearance.

John Thorpe, 71, who lives nearby, told the Daily Mail that he had spoken to police who were searching for Rosie, originally from Glasgow.

He said: "They didn't reveal too much but they said that she was in a distressed state just before she disappeared.

"The officers wouldn't elaborate but neighbours have since told me that she may have had an argument with someone at the activity centre."

Police have been scouring a creek close to the spot where she was last seen alive.

Coastguards were concentrating their efforts on the water near where zoology graduate Rosie was last sighted at the weekend.

The police inspector leading the investigation today said he believes the 22-year-old was 'not the victim of crime' – but admitted he was 'seriously concerned' for her safety.

Inspector Andy MacDonald refused to be drawn on whether he believed Rosie was still alive following her disappearance on Sunday evening.

Staff at the site said police were called on Monday morning when Rosie – niece of Scottish Labour MSP Daniel Johnson – did not check into work.

Inspector MacDonald revealed search and rescue specialists hoping to find Miss Johnson scoured the entire grounds of activities site Little Canada – including every children's cabin.

A friend of Miss Johnson's, Brendan Storer, issued a desperate plea to find her by telling his friends on social media 'please, please, please share' a police appeal and her MSP uncle, Mr Johnson, also encouraged people with information to help.

Inspector MacDonald, of Hampshire Constabulary, said he will not reveal what Miss Johnson's state of mind was on Sunday evening and refused to say if he believes she is alive or not.

He said Miss Johnson's family are being supported by Hampshire Constabulary but would not say who the last person to see her was.

He said: "At this moment in time the information we have available to us says Rosie has not been the victim of crime.

"I'm not in a position at this moment to tell you what her state of mind was on Sunday evening.

"We currently do not know her whereabouts and are seriously concerned for her welfare."

He added: "Rosie was last seen around the creek area, near to her place of work, Little Canada.

"The search operation has taken place predominantly in Wootton Creek.

"We have searched an extensive area with quite difficult terrain as there is forest and water – there's a real variety of challenges with the search operation."

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What George Soros' life is really like: How the former hedge-fund manager built his $8.3 billion fortune, purchased a sprawling network of New York homes, and became the topic of international conspiracy theories

  • Former hedge-fund manager George Soros is the 178th-richest person on the planet, with a net worth of approximately $8.3 billion, according toForbes.
  • Soros is well known for his philanthropy, having given away more than $32 billion, according to his personalwebsite.
  • He has purchased a sprawling network of homes in the New York area, including aSouthhampton estate and an Upper East Side townhouse.
  • The billionaire spends big on causes he believes in, includingpolitics.
  • Visit Business Insider’s homepage for more stories.

Conspiracy theorists accuse former hedge-fund manager George Soros of aiding Nazis, conspiring to fill Budapest with refugees, and trying to start a Civil War in the United States. While these theories lack support, little is actually known about how the 88-year-oldbillionaire passes his days.

Soros built his fortune running what was once the world’s largest hedge fund — Quantum Fund. After he passed his hedge fund to his sons in 2011, Soros has largely focused his personal goal of creating a more open society through giving to both his personal foundation and a variety of progressive politicians, according to his personalwebsite.

Keep reading to see how George Soros built his fortune, how he spends it — and why.

Soros was born as Gyorgy Schwartz into a Jewish family in Budapest on August 12, 1930. They later changed their surname to Soros.


Soros and his family stayed in Budapest through the city’s Nazi occupation from 1944–1945, using fake IDs to hide their Jewish heritage. “Instead of submitting to our fate, we resisted an evil force that was much stronger than we were — yet we prevailed. Not only did we survive, but we managed to help others,” Soros is quoted as saying on his personal website.

Soros’ family fled Hungary for London as the Soviets swept the country in 1947. In London, he worked part-time as a waiter in a night club and as a railroad porter.

He later enrolled in the London School of Economics, graduating in 1954.

Source:, Bloomberg

Soros moved to New York in 1956, and got a job trading foreign stocks for F. M. Mayer.


Soros founded Quantum Fund in 1973. Quantum would later become the largest hedge fund in the world.


Quantum’s success made Soros a billionaire. His net worth is now $8.3 billion, according to Forbes.


“My success in the financial markets has given me a greater degree of independence than most other people,” Soros said.

He retired from managing money for clients in 2011 and passed control of his firm to his sons.

Source:Bloomberg Billionaires Index,Washington Post

Soros returned $1 billion to his investors and established a family office to manage his family’s fortune and the assets of his foundation.

Source:Bloomberg Billionaires Index

Soros has been married three times, first to Annaliese Witschak from 1960 to 1983 and later to historian Susan Weber from 1983 to 2005. Soros married his current wife, Tamiko Bolton, in 2013.

Soros has five children, although none with Bolton.

Source:Bloomberg,The New York Times

The Soros family has several homes, including the Southampton estate where the billionaire hosted his 80th birthday party in 2010.

Source:The New York Post

Read more:Meet The Fabulously Rich And Famous Residents Of Southampton

He’s also a longtime Manhattan resident. He once owned 116 East 70th St., a lavish Upper East Side townhouse, with his ex-wife Susan Weber.

Source: Bloomberg Billionaires Index, Curbed

He now owns a duplex on Manhattan’s Fifth Avenue that has a view of the Central Park reservoir.

Source:Chicago Tribune

Soros also owns a residential compound in Katonah, New York.


A pipe bomb was sent to that home on October 23, 2018.


The bomb was later detonated by authorities in a secluded area. Prominent Democrats including Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, George Soros, former President Barack Obama, former Attorney General Eric Holder, Congresswoman Maxine Waters, and Former US Director of National Intelligence James Clapper were also sent bombs. No one was hurt.

Source:The New York Times

Soros is often vilified by conservatives for his large contributions to liberal politicians in the United States, Hungary, Russia and elsewhere.

Source:The Chicago Tribune

He identifies as an agnostic Jew.

Source:Chicago Tribune

Much of the criticism of Soros by media and political figures is anti-Semitic.

Source:Al Jazeera

Soros was featured in ads sponsored by the far-right Hungarian government accusing him of colluding to bring Muslim immigrants into Hungary. Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban campaigned on a promise to pass a “Stop Soros” bill aimed at silencing his critics, including Soros.

Source:AP, The Chicago Tribune

Closer to home, conspiracy theorists have accused Soros of attempting to start a civil war in the US and funding the violence at the 2017 “Unite the Right” protest in Charlottesville, Virginia.

Source:Al Jazeera

Soros is also often accused of collaborating with Nazis during the Holocaust. Comedian Roseanne Barr repeated this conspiracy theory on Twitter in 2018 in one of a series of tweets that resulted in the cancellation of her ABC sitcom.

Source:Al Jazeera

In response, Soros said that such allegations “annoy me greatly.” He also said that they are “a total fabrication.”

Source:Chicago Tribune

“The bigger the danger, the bigger the threat, the more I feel engaged to confront it,” Soros said.

Source:Chicago Tribune

The controversy around Soros isn’t limited to conspiracy theories, however. Soros is sometimes called “the man who broke the Bank of England,” after he made $1 billion betting against the British pound as it crashed on “Black Wednesday” in 1992.


Soros has said that his opponents fuel him to fight for what he believes in: “I’m painfully aware that they are against the ideas that I stand for.”

Source:The Chicago Tribune

The billionaire spends big on causes he believes in, including politics. He spent at least $25 million on voter mobilization efforts to help Clinton and other Democrats during the 2016 elections, one of his spokespeople told the Chicago Tribune.

Source:The Chicago Tribune

Soros was surprised by Clinton’s defeat. “Apparently, I was living in my own bubble,” he told The Washington Post.

Source:The Chicago Tribune

Clinton lost because “she was too much like a schoolmarm,” Soros said. “Talking down to people… instead of listening to them.”

Source:Chicago Tribune

Soros also unsuccessfully supported several candidates during the 2018 midterm elections, despite donating $17 million. Several district attorney candidates he supported in California lost to incumbents.

Source:The Chicago Tribune, The Guardian

Soros has also referred to President Trump as a “narcissist” who “considers himself all-powerful.”

Source:Chicago Tribune

Soros said he and Trump had been friendly “decades” before Trump took office. The pair spent time together at the home of a mutual friend.

Source:Chicago Tribune

“I had no idea he had political ambitions, but I didn’t like his behavior as a businessman,” Soros is quoted as saying in June 2018 Chicago Tribune article.

Source:Chicago Tribune

Soros hasn’t publicly announced who he will support in 2020, but has said who he won’t back: New York Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand.

Source:Chicago Tribune

Soros takes issue with Gillibrand’s calls for the resignation of former Sen. Al Franken.

Source:The Chicago Tribune

Soros has not always been liberal, however. He supported Republican candidates until the invasion of Iraq under President George W. Bush in 2003 turned him against the party.

Source:The Chicago Tribune

Soros doesn’t just give money to politicians. He is the founder and chair of Open Society Foundations, a non-profit that disperses grants for education, human rights, criminal justice, and journalism projects.

Source:Open Society Foundations

Soros first became active in philanthropy in 1979, when he funded scholarships for black South Africans during apartheid.

Soros has donated more than $32 billion of his own money to his foundation, according to his personal website.

Soros named the foundation after a book by Karl Popper, titled “Open Society and Its Enemies.” In it, Popper writes how societies succeed only when they are democratic and protect human rights.

In Hungary, the attacks on Soros are so vicious that the foundation announced that it would relocate from Budapest to Berlin in May 2019. “The government of Hungary has denigrated and misrepresented our work and repressed civil society for the sake of political gain, using tactics unprecedented in the history of the European Union,” Open Society Foundations president Patrick Gaspard said in a statement.

Source:Al Jazeera

Central European University, a graduate school founded by Soros, also plans to relocate from Budapest to Vienna due to tensions with the Hungarian government.

Source:Central European University

“It makes it very difficult for me to speak effectively because it can be taken out of context and used against me,” Soros said about the conspiracy theories, according to the Chicago Tribune.

Source:Chicago Tribune

Russian President Vladimir Putin pushed Soros’ foundation out of Russia in 2017, where it had funded numerous projects, including an anti-torture program.

Source:Chicago Tribune

“He intervenes in things all over the world,” Putin said of Soros in a 2018 television interview in Austria. “But the State Department will tell you that it has nothing to do with that, that this is the personal business of Mr. Soros.”

Source:Chicago Tribune, Bloomberg

Outside of his philanthropic work, Soros has also written 14 books on a variety of topics, including the European Union and the global financial crisis.

At his 80th birthday party, Soros told his 350 guests: “I am a philanthropist. Some maybe think I’m a philanderer. My philosophy is very simple. I like to make a lot of money, so I can give away a lot of money.”

Source:The New York Post

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Trainer reveals why she’s removing $7k of cosmetic work from face

Personal trainer, 30, reveals why she’s getting $7,000 worth of Botox and fillers drained from her face – as she admits she’s ‘s*** scared’

  • Madalin Giorgetta is a personal trainer who works in Perth, Western Australia
  • The 30-year-old has previously spoken about the $7k worth of surgery she had
  • But since overhauling her training and diet, she decided to stop Botox and fillers
  • She’s now encouraging others to stop ‘pleasing society’ with their regime 

An Australian personal trainer has revealed why she’s removing $7,000 worth of Botox and fillers from her face and boycott the beauty and ‘diet’ industry.

Madalin Giorgetta, from Perth, Western Australia, has been on a ‘diet detox’ since the start of 2019, eliminating transformation photos, calorie counting and obsessing over exercise from her day-to-day life.

And now she is looking inward at her experiences with cosmetic surgery and why it’s not a practice she wants to advocate for anymore. 

‘I’ve had a lot of insecurities about my face and I tried fixing them all with Botox and fillers,’ the social media influencer wrote in a caption on Instagram. 

Scroll down for video 

Madalin Giorgetta (pictured) has been on a diet detox since the start of 2019, eliminating transformation photos, calorie counting and obsessing over exercise from her day-to-day life 

‘I’ve had a lot of insecurities about my face and I tried fixing them all with Botox and fillers,’ the social media influencer wrote in a caption on Instagram

‘I’ll be honest with you I actual prefer how I look with cosmetic injections and I am s*** scared about them draining out of my face over the next six months.

‘But I have decided to give up the needles for good.’ 

She said that it was easier to turn her back on hardcore dieting practices than it was for her to stop visiting her cosmetic surgeon.  

‘I’ve felt for a long time that I needed to look a certain way for social media and I’ve felt as I’ve turned 30, that I didn’t want to look old either,’ she said.

‘I’ve realised that the beauty industry and the diet culture industry are not that different. They both make money off the insecurities of women.

‘And I refuse to hand over my money anymore.’  

In a YouTube video Madalin explained that she got Botox in her glabella – the middle of her eyebrows – forehead, chin, above her eyebrows and around her eyes to get rid of the wrinkles, also known as crows feet. 

In a YouTube video Madalin explained that she got Botox in her glabella – the middle of her eyebrows – forehead, chin, above her eyebrows and around her eyes to get rid of the wrinkles, also known as crows feet

She admitted to getting ‘multiple’ lip injections to get plumper lips – and eyelash extensions

She’s also had lip injections for a fuller mouth, fillers under her eyes [tear trough], cheekbones and jawline. 

The young online star laughed as she confessed to even getting a few injections in her chin. 

‘It’s always a bit scary putting this stuff out there because once it’s on the internet it’s permanent,’ she said of the reason why it took so long to come to her decision.

‘I didn’t have that face that you see on Instagram and I felt insecure about mine.’

Before she started getting regular cosmetic treatments, Madalin was concerned about her face

Estimated cost of treatments


  • Forehead – $390
  • Eyebrow lift – $530
  • Chin – $260
  • Crows feet – $360
  • Glabella – $390 

Eyebrow microblading – $400


  • Lips – $800
  • Tear trough – $720
  • Cheek – $720
  • Jawline – $1,400

Teeth whitening – $800 

Total cost: $6,770

‘I know for me seeing my Instagram feed with images of beautiful women caused me to feel extreme insecurity about my face,’ she said 

In total the cost of her cosmetic work almost totalled $7,000.    

‘I know for me seeing my Instagram feed with images of beautiful women caused me to feel extreme insecurity about my face,’ she said.

‘This lead me to spend thousands of dollars injecting Botox and fillers into my face, so I could feel beautiful. 

‘We are bombarded with images daily which can make us feel like we are not enough. We are not pretty enough. We are not thin enough. 

In total the cost of her cosmetic work almost totalled $7,000

 Madalin, who has one million followers on Instagram alone, has overhauled her workout guides so that a certain way of eating or working out is not encouraged

‘Our eyes are too small, our noses too wide, our waists too large, our hip dips too dippy, our eyebrows too thin, our skin too dark, our skin too light, our teeth too yellow, our boobs too small, our hair too dry, our lips too thin, our eyelashes too sparse, our bums too flat. 

‘I’m sick of not feeling enough and then too much of anything else.’

Madalin, who has one million followers on Instagram alone, has overhauled her purchasable workout guides so that a certain way of eating or working out is not encouraged.

She wants women to feel good about their bodies and work out for the sake of their health, not to meet a criteria set by society. 

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