Britney Spears' 2006 Mercedes For Sale For $70,000

The car Britney Spears drove during, perhaps, the most cataclysmic year of her life is now for sale … meaning someone’s getting the keys to one of the most photographed celeb vehicles of all time.

The iconic ride is Britney’s black 2006 Mercedes-Benz CLK350, and it’s been on display at the Volo Auto Museum in Illinois since 2011 — but now it has a price tag of $70k.

The sporty convertible was once known as the most dangerous vehicle on the streets of L.A., because it’s the one Brit was driving in 2007 as her life started to spiral out of control.

That was the year she zoomed through red lights while playing cat-and-mouse with paparazzi, went for countless late night joyrides and also had an infamous hit-and-run.

While it’s far from a unique car, Brit’s Benz became almost as recognizable as her as paps snapped hundreds of shots of it on the daily.

This dark stage in her life came to a head in January of 2008 when she was removed from her house by ambulance, and taken to a hospital — and later that year she would be placed under the conservatorship that remained in place until 2021.

In other words, this car’s been through the wringer … which is exactly why it’s been parked in a museum for all to see.

However, Volo’s looking to unload the piece of pop star history, so it could be yours if you’re game — just drive carefully.

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