California Millionaire's Wife Charged In Murder-For-Hire Plot – THEN Her Husband Disappeared?!

This case is out of control!

A California woman has been arrested after allegedly plotting to murder her husband. But… what happened to him??

It all began with a fire. According to a news release, the San Diego County Sheriff’s Department came across Tatyana Remley after responding to a call about a house fire at a residence in Del Mar on July 2. She was arrested on firearms charges — she had three guns on her at the time — but soon detectives suspected she was up to more. Within 24 hours they received information she was interested in hiring someone to kill her husband. The release doesn’t say so, but it’s been reported she told a friend what she wanted, asking that person to set up a meeting with a hired killer. We’re guessing they told the police instead.

In any case the cops opened up an investigation and within a month set up a sting operation. Tatyana thought she was speaking to a hitman — in actuality she was meeting an undercover officer about her desire to pay $2 million to have her estranged husband killed. She even brought a down payment with her to the Starbucks. Yes, really. A murder-for-hire over a couple caramel macchiatos.

The 42-year-old had been married to Mark Remley, a millionaire who had given her a life of luxury. Back in 2012, they were in the news previously as they tried to launch an equestrian show called Valitar but then closed it abruptly. That was a scandal in itself as performers claimed they had not been paid, and no one was given proper notice.

The two apparently had a tumultuous relationship for years before beginning the divorce process in May. She reportedly was asking for $15,000 per month in spousal support — with her attorney writing that she was “unable to maintain her realistic monthly expenses of just $12,000.” Maybe it wasn’t enough money going the legal route? For whatever reason, it seems Tatyana decided to end Mark’s life instead of just their marriage.

She was arrested on the spot and just last week was officially charged with solicitation of murder and some more firearms charges — as she brought three more guns to the meeting.

So that should be the whole story, right? The cops got lucky and caught this one before the murder. Well, here’s where it gets confusing. Since the hitman was actually a cop, what happened to Mark then?? Because according to a shocking report from on Tuesday, he DISAPPEARED!

A source told the outlet he sped to his burned-out $5.3 million mansion in his Ferrari last week — but ran and banged on a neighbor’s door instead:

“He was highly agitated and looked absolutely terrible, like he might have been detoxing from something… Forget him being 57, apparently the guy looked more like 77.”

Yeesh! The insider continued:

“He said he thought he was having a seizure so the neighbor immediately rang 911. He was taken away in an ambulance to the hospital.”

The thing is… that seems to be the last anyone has seen of him! Per DM‘s source:

“The Ferrari was left there. Three days later two of his friends arrived, took the car away and put chains on the gates of the house.”

So then… where is Mark? What happened to him? Did he have a seizure? Is he OK?? Did Tatyana get what she wanted after all???

Far too many questions left over here…

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