Celeb Big Brothers Jess Impiazzi diagnosed with Lupus after coughing up blood

Jess Impiazzi has shared that she was recently diagnosed with Lupus, after her hair began falling out and she started coughing up blood.

The former Celebrity Big Brother star revealed that she was terrified that she was dying, after her body began "completely failing her."

Jess opened up about how she and her footballer boyfriend Jermaine Pennant, were left fearing that she may be suffering from stomach cancer, but later discovered that she was suffering with Lupus.

Detailing her symptoms, Jess told The Sun on Sunday: "My body was just completely failing me and I couldn’t get any answers. I was tired all the time, aching all over and then this angry rash appeared on my chest and face.

“One day I started coughing up blood, which was incredibly scary. I thought it was stomach cancer. Then I started panicking that it was multiple autoimmune."

Then, in July, Jess was diagnosed with Lupus, an autoimmune condition in which the immune system attacks its own tissue and organs.

Earlier this year, Jess shared that she and Jermaine were planning to undergo IVF after she was told she had a low ovarian reserve and was at-risk for early menopause.

However, the couple have had to put these plans on hold, following Jess's Lupus diagnosis.

Discussing her prior plans to star IVF, Jess has shared a interview snippet to Instagram, which she captioned: "Soo today my story about women’s health and menopause came out so just wanted to do a little post alongside it.

"I’ve not hit the menopause just yet but due to my low ovarian reserve (the amount of follicles on my ovaries which produce the eggs) and blood tests showing certain levels i will most certainly hit an earlier menopause than most. Which at 34 is quite upsetting seeing that I haven’t started my family yet!!

"However the news it not totally bleak because I have the help of @thesurreyparkclinic and IVF! I’ll keep everyone updated on the process, I’m the meantime, anyone that’s younger and facing this, reach out because it’s something I didn’t expect.

"I’ve been terrified to tell my story," she added. "I’m glad I have because I’ve felt pretty alone in it, and I hope to find some kind of lovely community from it that can help and support one another."

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