Eamonn Holmes sparks concern as hes pictured having spine decompressed

GB News: Eamonn Holmes discusses his health

Eamonn Holmes astonished fans by sharing a photo of the spinal treatment he is currently receiving, in the hope of putting an end to years of agonising and debilitating pain.

Reclining while strapped to a contraption on a hospital bed, the GB News presenter looked slightly perturbed in the snap, which he published for the benefit of 801,000 curious followers.

“I look like an 80s Disco dancer,” he joked, “but actually on a rack having my neck and back stretched. Spine decompression.”

Some patients with pains like Eamonn’s have had lumbar decompression surgery, which takes place under anaesthetic, although other non-surgical efforts are usually attempted first.

His 63-year-old wife and former This Morning co-host Ruth Langsford, sympathised in the comments, writing: “Ouch! I like the 80’s vibe though! X.”

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Another fan warmed up to the vintage exercise theme, quipping: “Are you wearing leg warmers as a bit of Mr Motivator vibes too? #thosewerethedays.”

A third teased that they’d thought he was “up for a game of tennis”.

Another mischievous fan even compared him to John McEnroe due to his head strap gear, adding: “Yoga and pilates are amazing for the spine and for body and mind too.”

The breakfast news anchor was encouraged to continue with the daunting looking procedure, with supportive messages such as “You’ll be a few inches taller after this!” flooding in.

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Another commented: “Sounds painful,” while a social media user added: “I heard you mention it on your show this morning @gbnews… it didn’t sound great, but here you are looking relaxed.”

Eamonn has been struggling with his back ever since he dislocated his pelvis in an agonising accident back in 2021.

Despite initial hopes for a swift improvement, the presenter revealed on a recent segment of his show just how debilitating his pains have been.

He revealed: “I can’t run, I can’t walk, I can’t do anything except watch TV and eat.

“It’s not good, it’s not a good recipe, I have to say,” he grimaced, while confirming he still “hasn’t recovered” from his last stint of surgery.

Last year, Eamonn endured an operation, but just two weeks later while recovering at home, he plummetted downstairs, hitting a stone floor.

The accident left him with blood pouring out of his mouth, while he also suffered a broken shoulder.

Eamonn was later spotted in a wheelchair, while he also attempted to walk using a stick for support.

However, he has persevered in searching for a treatment that could restore him back to his former mobility and health.

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