Offset Channels Michael Jackson On 'Set It Off' Album Cover Art

Offset‘s been defending his love for Michael Jackson heavy, and now it’s easy to see why — his new album cover finds him, effectively, channeling the King of Pop in explosive fashion!!!

On Thursday, Offset officially confirmed his “Set It Off” album’s October release date while premiering the cover art, which shows a screaming Offset dressed like MJ — black sequin suit, one glove, highwater pants and sparkly white socks — getting blown away from an exploding building.

Cardi B recently told the world Offset has an MJ tattoo that stares her dead in the face when she’s engaged in a certain sex act with her hub, and he told us he’s keeping it … no ifs, ands or shamones about it!!!

The album’s been delayed for nearly a year … first due to a legal battle with Quality Control Records that was eventually settled, and again after Offset’s brother-in-Migos Takeoff was killed in November.

He recently got things back on track by enlisting Cardi for his new single “Jealousy” and sources close to the project tell us it won’t be her only appearance on the album.

Offset’s new thriller arrives next month … on Friday the 13th, no less!!!

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