Phillip Schofield's daughters unfollow Holly Willoughby

EXCLUSIVE: Phillip Schofield’s daughters unfollow Holly Willoughby on Instagram after their father did the same

Phillip Schofield’s daughters have also stopped following Holly Willoughby on Instagram despite them both being close to her in the past.

MailOnline can reveal that both Molly and Ruby Schofield joined their father in a show of unity against the embattled This Morning presenter this week after he very publicly showed how their once strong friendship has come to an end.

But Holly might now be surprised to learn that the two women have also turned on her in support of Phillip, who recruited her to the ITV daytime show 14 years ago.

During happier times, both Molly and Ruby would join Holly, 42, girls’ nights out during their long summer holidays at their neighbouring villas on Portugal’s Algarve. 

They had also known Holly since for many years, with both women being teenagers when she and their dad began working together.

It’s over! Phillip Schofield’s daughters Molly and Ruby (far left and far right with the presenter and his wife Stephanie) have also stopped following Holly Willoughby on Instagram

Drama: MailOnline can reveal that both Molly and Ruby Schofield joined their father in a show of unity against the embattled This Morning presenter this week

One source close to the situation said: ‘Both Molly and Ruby have seen their father go through hell, they have been at his side as he has lost everything. 

‘Meanwhile, by following Holly on Instagram they see her carrying on with her life.

‘The whole scandal has taken its toll on them, their support for him as been unwavering and this is the final nail. They are staunchly loyal to their dad, despite everything that has gone on.’

Molly, 30, also knew Holly in a professional capacity for many years as she works as a talent agent at YMU where she was signed to until 2020 when she left following a legal battle with them over future earnings.

Phillip also parted company with the London-based company the day before he revealed that he had had an affair with a much younger This Morning runner behind his wife Stephanie Lowe’s back – and then lied about it to The Mail on Sunday.

Phillip still follows Holly’s sister Kelly, while Holly, for now, still follows Phillip.

Yet the mum-of-three posted a telling comment about ‘releasing negativity’ and ‘new beginnings’ shortly after his social media snub was revealed.

Holly made her first public appearance at the National Television Awards for 13 years without Phil last Tuesday.

Distant: Phillip’s daughter Ruby no longer follows Holly, despite knowing the presenter for many years

Where is Holly? Likewise Molly has also unfollowed the presenter on social media, and a source said: ‘They are staunchly loyal to their dad, despite everything that has gone on’

She went on a charm offensive with the media just hours after This Morning was criticised by viewers for its post summer comeback. 

Last Monday’s show went down 200,000 in its audience figures from the previous Friday when Alison Hammond hosted with Dermot O’Leary.

Meanwhile, Phillip was seen leaving the Roebuck pub in Richmond last Monday – the same day Holly returned to This Morning following her eight week summer break.

Last month he was also spotted enjoying drinks with Vanessa Feltz at a cocktail bar in Chiswick, West London.

When asked to address the toxic culture claims that have engulfed the show, Holly said on the NTAs red carpet: ‘We are very blessed, we have a great team of people, we really do.

‘I know there’s been a lot of talk about things and for me personally, I don’t want to speak on behalf of other people, it’s a world I don’t recognise.

‘For me, I look around and see the team getting ready and giving it all. I just want to come to work and have more of that.’

Holly’s grand return to This Morning was met with a tepid reaction from viewers, as well as a dip in ratings. 

Once considered a crown jewel of ITV’s schedule, This Morning now faces an uncertain future following Phillip Schofield’s departure in May after he admitted to an ‘unwise but not illegal’ affair with a much younger male colleague.

Producers will be desperate to recapture some of This Morning’s pre-Schofield scandal magic, but reactions to Monday’s opening scene suggest they are a long way off winning over viewers. 

Holly didn’t seem too worried by the ratings drop-off, telling MailOnline she ‘just wants the future to continue as it is.’

She admitted, however, whether that future comes to pass is not down to her, or any of her co-hosts – instead it is down to the viewers, many of whom have become disillusioned by the show and its attempts to distract from claims of a toxic culture.

An independent inquiry into the Schofield scandal remains ongoing, with Eamonn Holmes yet to be questioned despite being one of his most vocal critics. 

According to The Sun Jane Mulcahy KC has not quizzed the former This Morning hosts despite the findings set to be published ‘very soon.’

In the months surrounding the scandal, This Morning faced questions about exactly what they knew of the affair, leading to the broadcaster announcing they were bringing the KC to ‘carry out an external review to establish the facts’.

A source told the publication: ‘Eamonn has extensive knowledge of the atmosphere at This Morning and has said before he thought Phil’s affair was “covered up”. The fact he’s not been approached is leading to confusion as he could be key in helping engender change at ITV.

Outing: Holly made her first public appearance at the National Television Awards for 13 years without Phil last Tuesday

Before adding: ‘If he and Ruth aren’t asked about what they know, it appears the investigation into This Morning and what went on may not be as thorough as people first believed it would be.’

MailOnline contacted Eamonn’s reps for comment.  

Meanwhile Holly has reportedly already spoken to the barrister in charge of the independent inquiry.

It is said that the host has ‘fully complied and cooperated with everything that has been asked of her by the KC’, reported The Mirror.

A source said: ‘Holly was more than happy to do what was asked of her, and explain her position, and what she knew, and what she didn’t.’

Jane Mulcahy KC has been drafted in to lead the external review of the facts surrounding the scandal and is expected to publish her findings in September.  

There are deep-rooted fears among bosses that they are not out of the woods yet as the results of the Schofield inquiry are anticipated this month which executives know they will have to publish in full.

Schofield resigned from This Morning in May. He admitted he had a relationship with a much younger man who worked with him on the show, and later lied about it. 

In a bombshell statement to the Daily Mail, the veteran TV presenter admitted that he and the man began a relationship that was more than a friendship. The ex-TV presenter describes this as ‘unwise but not illegal’.

Schofield further confessed that he lied to his employer ITV, to his colleagues, his friends and his agents at the management firm YMU.

The scandal created a state of disarray for the show, with it triggering ongoing allegations of a toxic culture behind the scenes.

Full timeline of the Phillip Schofield crisis

Monday April 17 2023

Both Schofield and co-presenter Holly Willoughby should have been scheduled to return on air together after the former took leave to appear as a witness at his brother Timothy’s trial, where he was convicted of child sex offences. 

Phillip responds to his brother’s charges by saying he ‘no longer has a brother’.  

Despite Schofield returning as scheduled, Willoughby is absent after contracting shingles, which sees her off air for a week. 

Wednesday May 10 2023 

The Sun reports Schofield and Willoughby are ‘barely speaking’, as ‘insiders’ claim their relationship had ‘cooled’ and issues had ‘rumbled for some time’. 

Thursday May 11 2023

Schofield hails Willoughby as his ‘rock’ while admitting ‘the last few weeks haven’t been easy for either of us’.

Monday May 15 2023 

Schofield and Willoughby continue to present This Morning together, but viewers are worried by an apparent loss in chemistry between the pair, who continue  discussing headlines, with neither making statements regarding an apparent ‘feud’. 

Saturday May 20 2023 

Schofield confirms his departure from This Morning with immediate effect, having hosted the show for more than 20 years. 

Sunday May 21 2023 

Following Schofield’s departure, ITV confirms that Dermot O’Leary and Alison Hammond will take over presenting duties for the next instalment of This Morning on Monday May 22. 

Meanwhile, Holly Willoughby takes early half-term leave. She is expected to return to the show on Monday June 5. 

The pair both commented on Schofield’s departure from the show, with Holly Willoughby saying: ‘The sofa won’t be the same without him’

Monday May 22 2023

In the first This Morning show since Schofield’s departure, his former colleagues Hammond and O’Leary praise him for being ‘one of the best live television broadcasters this country has ever had’. 

Friday May 26 2023

Schofield admits to having a relationship with a much younger man who worked with him on This Morning, and later lying about it.

In a bombshell statement to the Daily Mail, the veteran TV presenter admitted that he and the man began a relationship that was more than a friendship. The ex-TV presenter describes this as ‘unwise but not illegal’.

He also admitted lying to The Mail on Sunday, the Daily Mail’s sister paper, which first exclusively described his relationship with the younger man earlier this month.

In his grovelling apology, Schofield said: ‘I am making this statement via the Daily Mail, to whom I have already apologised personally for misleading, through my lawyer who I also misled, about a story [sic] which they wanted to write about me a few days ago. 

The Mail is aware of the younger man’s identity, but has chosen not to name him. 

Saturday May 27 2023 

Responding to Schofield’s statement regarding his affair, an ITV spokesperson said: ‘Further to our statement last night, ITV can confirm that when rumours of a relationship between Phillip Schofield and an employee of ITV first began to circulate in early 2020 ITV investigated.

Willoughby takes to Instagram to vent her anger about the situation, saying Phillip lied to her about the affair. ‘When reports of this relationship first surfaced, I asked Phil directly if this was true and was told it was not,’ she wrote on Instagram. ‘It’s been very hurtful to now find out that this was a lie.’

Sunday May 28 2023

Former This Morning resident doctor Ranj Singh says ‘the issues with This Morning go far beyond’ Schofield and describes it as ‘toxic’. 

He states he ‘took his concerns right to the top of ITV’, with a spokesperson responding that, although the broadcaster was ‘sorry’ to hear his comments, an investigation found there was no evidence of bullying.

Willoughby replaced Fern Britton as This Morning host in 2009, and had worked alongside Schofield until his departure from the show in May 2023 

Monday May 29 2023

Elaborating on his claims regarding the antics of Schofield, Mr Holmes said: ‘Thursday was playtime when he and Phillip would hit the town and then he obviously stayed overnight. There are records to show that he was brought in the next day separately in cars paid for by ITV.’ 

Schofield subsequently took to social media to defend himself and the show he presented for more than 20 years

Posting on Instagram, Schofield stated: ‘Now I no longer work on This Morning I am free to say this. I hope you have noticed that it is the same handful of people with a grudge against me or the show who seem to have the loudest voice. This Morning is the best show to work on, with the best people. In all the years I worked there, there was no toxicity’. 

Tuesday May 30 2023 

Claims emerged that Schofield’s younger lover received a financial settlement from ITV. 

The Daily Mail is told that he was given a payment following the end of the on-off relationship, which Schofield described as ‘unwise but not illegal’.

ITV insiders said bosses at some level must have known about any payment. One added: ‘There have been numerous pay-offs at ITV and they have always had to be arranged and sanctioned by people of some seniority.’ 

Wednesday May 31 2023

A clip of Schofield downing whisky with his younger lover on the set of This Morning reemerges. 

The Christmas-themed segment, which aired in 2016, saw Schofield and Willoughby trying out alternative advent calendars while Schofield’s lover – w as a runner on ITV – was in the background dressed as an elf.

With Schofield delighted by the ‘smooth’ drink, he turned to his festively dressed lover and asked, ‘Do you want some?!’

After the younger man took a sip, he joked: ‘Let’s get the elf smashed!’

On May 31, ITV were forced to call in investigators to get to the heart of the Phillip Schofield scandal.

In a humiliating climbdown after a crisis staff meeting, the broadcaster said it was bringing in a barrister to ‘carry out an external review to establish the facts’, plunging the future of This Morning into doubt.

Thursday June 1 2023 

Jane McDonald is announced as Schofield’s replacement to present the British Soap Opera Awards at The Lowry in Salford. 

Meanwhile, it is revealed that Schofield is selling the flat where he used to spend ‘Playtime Thursdays’ with his younger lover, it has been claimed.

Schofield would take his junior colleague for secret trysts at the property before the studio runner left the next morning in a taxi paid for by ITV, Eamonn Holmes has claimed

The former This Morning presenter, 61, and his wife Stephanie, 59, are said to have put the ‘immaculate’ two-bedroom penthouse in south London on the market for £1.2million – the same price they paid in 2012 when it had just been built. 

A listing appears to show the asking price has now been reduced by £100,000.

It is also revealed that the former This Morning star’s eldest daughter Molly only found out about her father’s statement to the Daily Mail in which he admitted lying over the relationship with the man just minutes before the story broke. 

Friday June 2 2023 

Phillip Schofield says he is too frightened to go out as he fears he will be spat on in the street following his departure from the show, in a lengthy sit-down BBC interview. 

He also reveals that he will not use social media again following the fallout from the affair. 

Monday June 5 2023 

Holly Willoughby returns to This Morning for the first time since the affair, saying she felt ‘shaken, troubled, let down and worried’ about the events that led to Phillip Schofield’s departure from the ITV programme.

Eamonn Holmes launches a fresh attack on Phillip Schofield, insisting he doesn’t believe the former ITV star’s claim that he has made ‘one mistake’ in his 40-year career.

Speaking on his GB News programme, Phillip’s former colleague Eamonn called for ‘anyone watching today who has kissed Phillip Schofield, let us know’.

Holly returned to This Morning on Monday June , marking the first time she presented on the show since Phillip Schofield’s admission of an affair with a ‘much younger man’

Tuesday June 13 2023

Willoughby appears to snub her former This Morning co-host in a string of social media posts.

The presenter, 42, uses her Instagram Stories to post a beaming selfie with temporary co-host Dermot O’Leary.

Wednesday June 14 2023 

ITV boss Dame Carolyn McCall admits she failed to launch a formal investigation into Schofield’s affair when rumours emerged within the network. The chief executive is among three broadcast bosses grilled by the Culture, Media and Sport Committee in the wake of the presenter’s departure. 

Saturday August 26 2023

Reports say Holly has spoken to the barrister in charge of the independent inquiry into the Schofield scandal.

Saturday September 2 2023

A trailer for the channel’s new daytime schedule, which starts on Monday, shows Ms Willoughby smiling for the cameras as she prepares to take to the famous This Morning sofa. 

Monday September 4 2023

Holly returns to This Morning following her long break, with viewers calling the moment ‘cringeable’.   

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