Prince William gets on ‘brilliantly’ with Pippa who is ‘loyal and discreet’

Prince William gets on "brilliantly" with Kate Middleton's younger sister, Pippa who has shown her loyalty and discretion to the Royal Family, a royal expert said.

The Middleton sisters, Kate and Pippa are known to be "extremely close" and "talk about everything" as often as they can and it's no surprise when they're just a year and eight months apart in age.

But the close bond goes deeper in the family as royal expert Jennie Bond spoke exclusively to OK! and said the Prince of Wales " gets along brilliantly with Pippa".

The journalist and TV presenter continued: "She [Pippa] has proved a loyal and discreet sister-in-law. And that goes a VERY long way in William’s book.

"But she also has the same easy manner and sense of humour that attracted him to Catherine in the first place."

Talking further about Kate and Pippa's relationship Jennie said: "She and Catherine are extremely close; they chat as often as possible and meet whenever they can.

"They talk about everything, and I very much doubt that Catherine expects her sister to stand on ceremony when they are together.

"In public, of course, Pippa pays due respect to the future Queen, but I suspect they probably both find that sort of protocol quite funny."

Pippa, who recently celebrated her 40th birthday made her first noticeable public appearance when she served as Kate's maid of honour during her wedding to William in April 2011 at Westminster Abbey.

After this very public appearance at the royal wedding, Jennie said the younger sister has "kept her feet on the ground".

Explaining this she said: "If you think about the blaze of publicity that fired Pippa into the public eye when she was a bridesmaid at William and Catherine‘s wedding, it’s surprising that her head was not completely turned there and then.

"But she seems to have kept her feet very much on the ground and is, by all accounts, a delightful young woman.

Pippa has since remained in the public eye while supporting her older sister and future Queen, although tends to keep her private life out of the spotlight with her husband James Matthews and their three children, Arthur, 4, Grace, 2, and Rose, 1.

The royal expert added: "The fact that Pippa has married an extremely wealthy man, James Matthews, means that the relationship between the two sisters has remained quite a balanced one.

"Pippa and James have a riverside mansion in Berkshire, less than an hour’s drive from Windsor (where Catherine lives) and half an hour from their parents in Bucklebury.

"The Middleton family has remained an extremely close unit, in spite of the fame and the grandeur of the lives they now live."

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