Jamie Foxx Reportedly Did a Total 180 in His Dating Philosophy Following His Health Scare

This year, Jamie Foxx has been through a lot. And although details of his “medical complication” are still a mystery to his fans, whatever he went through, and luckily recovered from, was quite intense. So, it’s no surprise that the actor might be rethinking some things after his recovery.

Most recently, sources indicated that the health scare may have totally changed his outlook on dating. “Nearly dying has really woken him up to his own mortality,” a source told National Enquirer, per RadarOnline. “Now he’s very aware it could all end in an instant.”

With such a heightened awareness of life, his budding new relationship, with Alyce Huckstepp, has taken a new form. “He’s started saying he wants to settle down,” the source added of the couple, who first sparked dating rumors in August.

Prior to Foxx’s change of heart, the actor was reportedly quite resistant to the idea of settling down and tying the knot. So much so that it was reportedly the biggest reason for his split with Katie Holmes after six years together.

“It’s freaking out everyone in his life,” the insider said, suggesting that not even his friends understand the newfound Jamie. “They’re worried he’s going to marry Alyce just because she’s the one he happens to be with now.”

“Now he’s gung-ho about making Alyce his wife and people think he’s being impetuous,” the insider continued.

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