Katy Perry owes you nothing

‘I’m waiting on Katy Perry’s reaction’, read one tweet. 

‘Katy Perry must have some things to say now it’s out there!’, read another. 

In light of the shocking allegations of sexual assault, rape, and grooming made against Russell Brand, people are hanging on Katy Perry’s every word. 

A number of women have come forward with claims against the Get Him to the Greek star, with Channel 4 airing a special episode of Dispatches this weekend following a joint investigation with The Times into Brand’s alleged actions. 

Titled Russell Brand: In Plain Sight, the film lived up to its name, revisiting decades of inappropriate so-called ‘comedy’ from Brand and how, despite numerous complaints being made about his behaviour, he was able to keep climbing the TV ladder to mainstream adoration. 

It’s a harrowing watch and, naturally, the documentary has got people talking and directing their energy towards those in Brand’s life. However, I can’t help but think we’re awaiting a response from the wrong people. 

Pop star Perry, 38, was married to the comedian, 48, for 14 months in 2010. Admittedly, it’s a bizarre moment in time to look back on now because, well, the contrast between who they are as people couldn’t be more stark. 

Their relationship was very much public, though. Chaotic joint red carpet interviews, PDAs, matching tattoos… for that brief period, they were a tabloid’s dream until Brand decided to throw a grenade into their marriage by revealing he wanted a divorce via text message, moments before Perry was due on stage. 

Perry is now happily married to Orlando Bloom and they share adorable daughter Daisy Dove, so why are we demanding her thoughts on her ex-husband’s alleged behaviour when she does not owe us them? 

Brand and Perry no longer speak. They don’t share children. They have no reason to be in one another’s lives.  

Perry remains a successful music and TV star while Brand has, well, rebranded as some sort of wellness guru with a cult-like following, using his podcast and social media platforms to take aim at the press and dissect ‘conspiracy theories.’ 

The former couple are worlds apart, so to read posts dragging Perry into his mighty mess over 10 years after they cut ties with one another reeks of misogyny. 

The only person we should be holding accountable for Russell Brand’s actions is Russell Brand himself. While she’s much more famous and their romance was extremely high profile, Katy Perry is under no obligation to comment on a situation concerning a man who also treated her terribly. 

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With several women alleging that Brand was emotionally abusive and controlling towards them, it’s worth a moment’s thought – could Perry have been potentially subject to that in some capacity, as well? 

Regardless, she has no moral obligation to speak up, nor do any other women who have interacted with Brand. 

We don’t know if Perry was aware of these allegations when they were married. If it becomes clear that she was, then perhaps she should comment.

But she isn’t obliged to whack out an Instagram Story statement. A woman is not responsible for her man’s – or ex’s – behaviour. 

This seems to be a recurring pattern, demanding explanation for a man’s actions from a woman he’s dated. We witnessed it recently with Taylor Swift and Matty Healy. 

As a Swiftie, was I disappointed that she associated with someone who has made offensive comments towards marginalised communities? Yes. But did I hold her responsible and order her to speak out when Healy himself has barely apologised for the hurt he’s caused? No. 

Instead of calling out Perry – who was 25 when she started dating 35-year-old Brand – how about we direct that anger elsewhere? 

If the allegations prove true, let’s direct our anger at the people who facilitated Brand.

Instead of demanding Perry relives her own relationship by forcing her to publicly stand against a man whose name she hasn’t even uttered on camera for years, why don’t we lobby against the production companies who are accused of turning a blind eye. 

Brand’s alleged behaviour was an open secret in his world long before he met Perry. 

He’s also continued to spark outrage with his comments long after the end of their marriage. 

So, I beg you to pause and realise that Perry is not part of the problem here. 

Personally, I’m just glad our Teenage Dream songstress got out when she did. I love to now see her thriving in a healthy relationship and raising the family she’s always wanted. I wouldn’t ever wish for her to cut open old wounds and divulge all the details of her marriage to someone who has a reputation of being vile in and out of the workplace. 

Sure, it might be incredibly satisfying to hear what she has to say, but I don’t hold that expectation of her, especially when Brand possesses so much power and influence and could make this a legal nightmare for her.  

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The fact remains that, whether Perry responds or not, the allegations are against Brand and Brand alone. Whether he married Perry or not wouldn’t have changed that. 

So no, I’m not waiting on a statement from Katy Perry.  

Brand made it very clear that he has zero respect for Perry or her well-being when he ended their marriage with a simple text before she was due to perform to a crowd of thousands.

Why should she put all the healing she’s done since in jeopardy by even giving him the time of day?

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