Mercedes-Benz Is Building a Network of Quick-Charging EV Stations

Mercedes-Benz is leaning into the EV market with its forthcoming network of EV charging hubs. The company announced its plans to launch the network in the fourth quarter of 2023, but its chargers won’t be like any other of its kind.

Describing the stations as “high-power,” each hub will be capable of delivering up to 400 kW, more than any other charger in the US currently offers. To avoid damaging the vehicle, however, a car will only be charged up to its own maximum power rating.

The first of Mercedes-Benz’s hubs will be built in the company’s home city of Atlanta, Georgia, along with Chengdu, China and Mannheim, Germany. The company is aiming to build 2,000 chargers in the US alone by the end of 2024. In a decade, it wants to increase that number to 10,000 EV chargers around the globe.

Hubs will be situated at “main traffic stops” and at Mercedes-Benz dealerships. The stations will also feature surveillance cameras to ensure user safety, LED lights to help them see and coverage to protect people from the weather.

While drivers of any brand vehicle will be able to make use of the hubs, Mercedes-Benz owners will be entitled to special benefits such as being able to reserve a charger ahead of time and a streamlined way to automatically pay for each charge.

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