Meta Is Employing Fact-Checkers To Combat Disinformation on Threads

Meta is planning to build a team of fact-checkers specifically to combat disinformation on Threads. The platform already has third-party content moderators on Facebook and Instagram but will now be extending its efforts to the Twitter competitor.

Instagram CEO Adam Mosseri shared the news in a post, saying that they plan to launch the fact-checkers by next year.

“Early next year, our third-party fact-checking partners will be able to review and rate false content on Threads,” Meta detailed in an update. “Currently, when a fact-checker rates a piece of content as false on Facebook or Instagram, we extend that fact-check rating to near-identical content on Threads, but fact-checkers cannot rate Threads content on its own.”

Essentially, the fact-checkers working on Meta’s other platforms determine if a given piece of content can be considered disinformation or merely false. If that same information appears on Threads, it’ll also be removed. Given that Threads is a text-based platform, however, it’s likely that a good deal of its content – disinformation included – will need its own set of eyes.

“We currently match fact-check ratings from Facebook or Instagram to Threads, but our goal is for fact-checking partners to have the ability to review and rate misinformation on the app,” Mosseri wrote. “More to come soon.”

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