mfpen and BLANKOF Reunite for Third Bag Collaboration

Copenhagen-based label mfpen is evolving its brand identity one step at a time, teaming up with BLANKOF to spearhead its accessories line. The brands have united twice before, presenting technical bag collections with minimalistic identities. The duo’s Spring/Summer 2023 collection was dominated by crinkled ROOTSCOPE nylon, working on more classic styles this time around.

mfpen and BLANKOF’s best-selling products return with pocketed panels and waterproof constructions. The Double Clasp Pack 25 and Reporter Bag are made for men on the move, with the latter boasting two exterior pockets, clasped fastening mechanisms, and an angular body. The Reporter Bag is ideal for your workday essentials with an elongated strap and rectangular form.

Finally, the collaborative unit reintroduces the Helmet Bag from SS23, now boasting a slim design with bare compartments and utilitarian detailing.

Take a closer look at mfpen and BLANKOF’s third collaboration in the gallery above. It will be available via mfpen and select retailers on September 7.

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