Take a Look Inside Sala Gaspere, an Underground Bar Dedicated to Campari

Camparino in Galleria, the cocktail bar dedicated to celebrating Campari, will be expanding its influence with the opening of a new underground bar. Sala Gaspare is located in the same laboratory where Gaspare Campari created the recipe for the namesake liquor.

Just a few blocks from Milan’s Duomo, the bar is designed to immerse visitors in the history of Campari, seating just 12 guests at a time, with only four situated at the actual bar. Camparino in Galleria tapped Vudafieri-Saverino Partners to design a space that interrelated iconic symbols from Milan with modern elements. Wood paneling lines the walls while strategically placed light fixtures create a gentle glow throughout the space.

A tasting menu exclusive to Sala Gaspare will first recreate vintage recipes from the laboratory’s books infused with contemporary ingredients and influences. From there, guests will try a selection of cocktails that draw on the same ingredients that Gaspare Campari used to engineer his own blends of cordials, bitters and vermouths.

Rounding off the night will be classic cocktails from the brand’s heritage, such as Negroni and Boulevardier. Bartenders will serve snacks from the kitchen throughout the experience.

“The unveiling of Sala Gaspare marks an exciting chapter in Camparino’s rich history,” Head of Mixology at Camparino Tommaso Cecca said. “The bar’s meticulously crafted menu celebrates the legacy of Gaspare Campari and offers guests a unique opportunity to enjoy the iconic flavors that have defined Campari for over a century.”

Sala Gaspare is available to visit by reservation only.
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