Wes Anderson Has More Adaptations of Roald Dahl's Stories

Wes Anderson revealed that he has a few more Roald Dahl movie adaptations following the premiere of his take on The Wonderful Story of Henry Sugar.

Speaking to Deadline, the filmmaker confirmed that Henry Sugar is a “standalone, short film” Heand that his other adaptations will follow suit. “Well, there’s one where Ralph Fiennes plays a rodent exterminator. It’s a story called The Rat Catcher that Dahl wrote, I think, in the ’50s. That’s got Richard Ayoade, and it’s got Rupert Friend. Just a little group. It’s probably 13 minutes, or something like that,” Anderson shared.

He added, “Henry Sugar is the longest one [of the project]. Significantly longer. It’s more than twice as long as any of the others. Then we also have one called Poison. That’s an old Dahl story. Maybe from the early ’40s, or mid-’40s, I guess. For that one, we’ve got Benedict Cumberbatch again, we’ve got Ben Kingsley again, and we’ve got Dev Patel again. So that’s a completely different group from The Rat Catcher. And we’ve also done The Swan, which is from The Wonderful Story of Henry Sugar and Six More. That’s essentially just Rupert Friend, who was great by himself. And that’s quite a short one as well.”

Anderson further explained that these stories were chosen based on the same way he was able to adapt Henry Sugar for the big screen. “Henry Sugar, I just couldn’t figure out how to adapt. I just didn’t see a way to do it. And then it was the idea of using his description of it, really, that appealed to me…So, once I’d done that, I went, ‘Well, which other stories seem suited to this method?’ It felt suited to Henry Sugar, but maybe not to every story. And so, I kind of found ones that I thought could be sort of ‘performed’. And so that’s how I picked the others.”

Stay tuned for more info on the upcoming titles. Meanwhile, The Wonderful Story of Henry Sugar is set to hit theaters for a limited time on September 20 and will premiere on Netflix on September 27.

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