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WHAT better way to countdown to Christmas than with a beer every day?

Luckily, the best beer advent calendars offer you just that and are a great gift for any beer lovers out there each day. You're introduced to a new beer to experience.

There are a whole host of beer websites, including Brewdog and Brewdog, who have joined in on the fun, producing their own advent calendars.

Typically, beer advent calendars contain 24 unusual, exciting and often award-winning beers, but they can also come in a box of 12.

Sometimes these beers are brewed exclusively for the calendars and are often limited editions giving beer lovers a taste of something new and unique.

Some beer-themed advent calendars include snacks, as well as access to exclusive events, free drinking glasses, and secret online tastings for beer lovers.

Bitters, stouts, IPAs, and pale ales… we want it all. Here's our line-up of the best beer advent calendars to try this Christmas.

How do we choose the best beer advent calendars?

When it comes to picking out the best beer advent calendars, we consider a few key factors.

Firstly we choose trusted brands with a history of releasing advents that not only provide beers with value but also ones that people have come to know and love in their leisurely drinking time.

Secondly, just being a trusted brand isn't enough. The calendar has to have a diverse mixture of beers to enhance the overall enjoyment of discovering something new behind each door.

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Lastly, we sift through the reviews left by customers as opinions from beer enthusiasts can provide a great insight into how enjoyable a beer advent will be.

Best beer advent calendars at a glance

  • Best overall beer Advent calendar: Star Wars Original Stormtrooper Beer Advent Calendar
  • Best craft beer Advent: Virgin Wines Beer Advent Calendar 2023
  • Best lager Advent: Traditional Beer Company Lagers of the World Beer Hamper
  • Best ale Advent: BrewDog Advent Calendar
  • Best IPA Advent: Beavertown Craft Beer Advent Calendar

A Very Thornbridge Christmas Advent Calendar

  • A Very Thornbridge Christmas Advent Calendar, £90 from Thornbridge Brewery – buy here

Experience an exquisite craft beer journey with Thornbridge's best.

With 25 different beers, there's no way you won't be feeling the Christmas spirit for the duration of December.

If you're running short on Christmas decorations, the calendar doubles as a tree as you assemble it day by day after sipping on your incredible range of beer.

If you've bought a Thornbridge Christmas calendar before, you'll be pleased to know that one thing that hasn't changed is the range of beer. This year they've included 12x330ml, 5x440ml, 6x500ml and 2x375ml Barrel beers.

If that's not enough, the ABVs range from 3.8% to 13%, so expect that warm Christmas feeling.

Dimensions: N/A Number of items:25Type of Beer: Barrel-aged beer

Beavertown Advent Calendar

  • Beavertown Craft Advent Calendar,£69 from Beavertown – buy here

Founded by the son of Led Zeppelin's Robert Plant, Beavertown is arguably one of the most recognisable craft breweries, thanks to its distinctive illustrations and popular drinks, including Neck Oil and Gamma Ray.

This year's Craft Calendar has arrived, and it's even better than before, with 24 full-size cans of bestselling and exclusive beers.

Available to pre-order now for delivery in November, the advent includes a variety of festive beers, and a special pint glass, alongside a Christmas decoration that'll look perfect on any tree.

You can find out more information about what's inside the Beavertown Brewery beer advent here, but it's the perfect pick for any craft beer lover.

Dimensions: N/A Number of items: 24 x 330ml cans Type of Beer: Craft


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Beerwulf Advent Calendar

  • Beerwulf Calendar, £89.99 from Beerwulf – buy here

Beer retailer Beerwulf has joined the festivities and produced a beer-y good advent calendar of its own – available to order now, with free delivery.

Chock full of 24 extra special beers from unique brewers, Beerwulf promises this is its best calendar yet – with some exclusive beers brewed by the likes of Amsterdam's sister-founded Gebrouwen Door Vrouwen and Middelburg-based brewmasters, the Kees brewery.

Each brewery places its best beers to ensure you capture the spirit of Christmas.

After working on it all year, with exciting collabs hidden inside, Beerwulf has announced that there are over 12 different styles to boast, with the full sneak peek available to see here.

The contents include beers from all over the world, including Belgium, the Netherlands and Japan.

Dimensions: N/A Number of items: 24 beers Type of Beer: mixed

Personalised Lager Beer Christmas Advent Calendar

  • Personalised Lager Beer Christmas Advent Calendar, £90 from Not on The High Street – buy here

If you're looking to get an advent as a gift, you'll love the Personalised Larger Beer Calendar.

While there may not be a better way to show someone you appreciate them than a calendar containing 24 hand-selected flavourful lagers from globally renowned brands, you can add a touch of personalisation to show you really care.

You can add their name to the box as long as it is 12 characters or under with a cute Christmas message to wish them the best.

If you've got more to tell the recipient of the calendar, you also have 255 characters to send your best wishes for the Christmas season.

Dimensions:N/ANumber of items: 24 Type of Beer: Mixed

British Beer Calendar

  • British Beer Calendar, £97.50 from Not on The High Street– buy here

For British beer fans, this 24-window advent calendar contains a mixture of bottles and cans to inspire and indulge.

Chock full of favourites – and surprises – from independent breweries across Britain, such as Magic Rock in Huddersfield, Thornbridge in Derbyshire and Sambrooks in London.

Great as a gift for friends or yourself, and if you want to order it now, you have the option to delay your delivery to arrive on or just before a specific date.

Dimensions: N/A. Number of items: 24 Type of Beer: Craft Beer

Gluten-Free Craft Beer Advent Calendar

  • Gluten-Free Craft Beer Advent Calendar, £79.95 from Beer Hunter – buy here

No need to miss out on the boozy spirit of the Christmas countdown because you have an intolerance.

Beer Hunter has answered the call of all Beer enthusiasts with a Gluten allergy or intolerance by compiling a snazzy Advent Calendar that's packed with 24 hand-picked frosty cold Gluten-free craft beers allowing you to expand your beer pallet on the run-up to Christmas Day.

Some of the choices behind each door consist of IPAs, Pale Ales, Pilsners, Lagers and Seasonal Specials.

Calendars will be dispatched from the 21st of November, arriving on the 1st of December, so you can start the countdown the right way.

Dimensions:N/ANumber of items: 24 Type of Beer: Mixed

Alcohol-Free Craft Beer Advent Calendar

  • Alcohol-Free Craft Beer Advent Calendar, £69.95 from Beer Hunter – buy here

Want the taste of your favourite beers without the possibility of a hangover?

There's something for everyone this Christmas, and those who don't drink alcohol have a great alternative if they still want to knock back a cold one.

Sample the Christmas spirit and delve into some of the most popular craft beers without breaking your sober streak with 24-hand picked alcohol-free craft beers from around the globe.

If you're getting it as a gift for someone, you can also add a 100-character message to the calendar to make it just that little more special.

Dimensions:N/A Number of items: 24 Type of Beer: Mixed alcohol-free craft beer

Beer Countdown Advent Calendar

  • Beer Countdown Advent Calendar, £129.95 from Not On The High Street – buy here

Spend the month of December merrily sampling 24 delicious beers with the help of this charming advent calendar.

Behind each of the 24 windows hides a bottle of hand-picked beer to invigorate your taste buds.

This present-shaped calendar is available to purchase now, with delivery in just two days, so get cracking on your way to having a 'beery' Christmas.

If you're looking to order it now, it will arrive in time for Christmas free of charge.

It currently holds a perfect five-star rating with a reviewer whose husband is a 'bit of a beer connoisseur' and 'loving it', so if you're giving it as a gift, it sounds like you're pretty safe with this choice.

Dimensions:35x48x21cm Number of items: 24 Type of Beer: Mixed

Star Wars Original Stormtrooper Beer Advent Calendar

  • Star Wars Original Stormtrooper Beer Advent Calendar, £49 from Menkind – buy here

Star Wars fan and also an avid beer lover? We found the best of both worlds with this stormtrooper beer calendar.

An absolutely unique Christmas calendar perfect for dads or movie fans. The contents are as interesting as the packaging.

from Galactic pale ale all the way to Lightspeed Pilsner, there's a StaWars-themed drink for everyone. To sweeten the deal, you also get a pack of snacks to pair.

The only question you may have is, what would they pour their galactic beers into? Luckily, it also comes with an iconic stormtrooper glass and beer mats to keep your tables stain-free.

Dimensions: N/ANumber of products: 18 Type of Beer: Ale

Beer & Snacks Advent Calendar

  • Beer & Snacks Advent Calendar, £80 from John Lewis – buy here

Beer is best accompanied by a few snacks, and the John Lewis Advent is a great choice for anyone looking for a little nibble to go with their festive bottle.

You have 24 days of mystery to discover; you'll be greeted with one of 14 330ml glass bottles ranging from Toast Craft Lagers to  Twisted Golden Ales.

While the other days, when maybe you need a break from the festive drinking, you'll be delighted with the selection of nuts, crisps and pretzels, some of the best snacks to accompany anything alcoholic should you want to wait a few days and pair them together.

Dimensions:  N/ANumber of items: 24 Type of Beer: Larger and Ale mix

The Snaffling Pig Co. Pork Crackling and Beer Advent Calendar

  • The Snaffling Pig Co. Pork Crackling and Beer Advent Calendar, £67.95 from The Snaffling Pig Co. – buy here

Pick up a Christmas gem like this one from The Snaffling Pig Co., which not only includes 12 cans of beer but also 12 bags of award-winning pork crackling.

Behind the 24 windows, you'll find three varieties of pork crackling – Low & Slow BBQ, Marvellous Maple and Perfectly Salted – as well as Snaffling Pig beer cans in Twisted Tail Pale Ale, Mighty Swine Lager and Wild Hog Helles.

It's also worth noting that Snaffling has brewed 3 exclusive beers just for this advent calendar, so if you want to try, you'll have to get your hands on the calendar for now.

If you're looking for an item to pair with it, you can also grab their case of 6 popped pork for an extra £5.95.

Dimensions:  46.8×27.2×12.6cm Number of items: 24 Type of Beer: Pilsner and Ale mix

Seven Bro7hers Advent Calendar

  • Seven Bro7hers Calendar, £69.95 from Seven Bro7hers – buy here

Tastebuds more on the adventurous side? This craft advent calendar is perfect for anyone looking to enjoy the festive season while picking up some new favourites.

Get ready for a surprise mix of a selection of 440ml and 330ml cans; swing open the door in the morning and leave it to chill, ready for you to come home to enjoy that Christmas cheer.

They're currently up for pre-order, so secure yours now to avoid disappointment.

Dimensions:N/A Number of items: 24 Type of Beer: TBA

BrewDog Advent Calendar

  • BrewDog Advent Calendar, £49.95 from BrewDog- buy here

When it comes to the best beer advent calendars around, BrewDog is an annual favourite for many beer lovers.

The brand is known for its exciting flavour combos (marshmallow and chocolate stout layer cake beer, anyone?) and its commitment to sustainability.

This advent calendar is packed with 24 craft beers, including five popular launches and five advent calendar exclusives, so you're in for a fantastic treat.

If you like surprises, you can look forward to cracking open each can at the end of the day or can spoil the surprise here.

Dimensions: N/A Number of items: 24 beers and one glass Type of Beer: Mixed

Siren Craft Brew Advent Calendar

  • Siren Craft Brew Advent Calendar, £90 – buy here

The contents of this calendar from Berkshire Brewery, Siren Craft Brew, are still a secret, but if you simply can't wait until December, you can email the company now and ask them.

There are 24 cans to get you in the Christmas spirit, including festive favourites, new friends and exclusives.

Pre-order now for delivery from mid-November.

Adding to the festive cheer, you or the person you purchase it for also get an additional £10 voucher for the store.

Dimensions:  N/A Number of items: 24 Type of Beer: Craft Beer

Traditional Beer Company Lagers of the World Beer Hamper

  • Traditional Beer Company Lagers Of the World Case of 12 Bottled Beers, £34.99 from Amazon – buy here

Okay, so this isn't an advent calendar as such, but beer-obsessives will be just as happy with a larger world tour courtesy of this Festive Beer Hamper by the Traditional Beer Company, available on Amazon.

Inside are 12 lagers from 11 different countries around the world, including Germany, USA, Italy, Belgium, Brazil, Denmark, Czech Republic, India, Japan, Spain and Jamaica.

It's not crafty as such, with pretty mainstream favourites like Coors, Corona, and Cobra, but it's a great way to share a budget-friendly, festive beer with mates this year.

With a 4.6-star rating on Amazon, you can be sure there's not a drop of these bottles left come Christmas Customers call it a 'great gift' with another praising it for being a 'nice gift for beer lovers'.

Dimensions: 27.5x26x22.5cm Number of items: 12 Type of Beer: Larger

Menkind Advent Calendar

  • Menkind Advent Calendar, £89 from Menkind – buy here

Raise your glass or bottle with 24 craft beers, an absolute brew lover's dream, and partake in 24 different beers, from IPAs and Stout to Pilsner and Largers.

If you want a sneak peek at what's in store, you'll be getting the Thornbridge Lukas Helles Lager, Cold Bath Brewing Co. Pilsner, Alechemy Brewery Talisman Lager and Harviestoun Brewery Old Engine Oil Black Ale, just to name a few.

If you want to know the entire contents, head on over to Menkind for the entire rundown so as to not spoil the surprise here.

Dimensions:  N/ANumber of items: 24 Type of Beer: Craft

Black Sheep Brewery Black Sheep Calendar

  • Black Sheep Calendar, £65 from Black Sheep Brewery – buy here

While plenty of breweries have been taken over by drinks giants (like Beavertown, above), North Yorkshire's Black Sheep Brewery has remained fiercely independent – an ethos that can be traced back to the 90s, when black sheep of the family, Paul Theakston, left his family brewery after it was bought out.

If that's a backstory you can get behind, then make sure to check out Black Sheep's advent calendar, which is filled with award-winning beers plus some new limited-edition brews.

While it's the perfect gift for beer lovers, nobody can blame you if you decide to keep it for yourself, as 24 award-winning beers sound a little too good to give up and not try for yourself.

It's available in a red and black or green design, with a bottle or can of Black Sheep or York Brewery beer behind each of the 24 doors.

Dimensions: N/A Number of items: 24 Type of Beer: Mixed Black Sheep bottles

Beer52 Craft Beer Advent Calendar

  • Beer52 Craft Beer Advent Calendar, £64.99 from – buy here

Enjoy an international journey through craft beers from 17 different countries with this advent calendar from Beer52.

There are 18 different styles behind the 24 windows, all from a hand-picked selection of microbreweries – and you can sample them all in the accompanying tasting glass.

You could even win a free beer (or case of beer) with the hidden scratch card in every calendar.

Dimensions: 45x46x18 Number of items: 24 Type of Beer: Mixed

Dry Drinker's Enchanted Alcohol-Free Beer Advent Calendar

  • Dry Drinker's Enchanted Alchohol-Free Beer Advent Calendar, £77.76 from Dry Drinkers -pre-order here

There is no longer a need to miss out on the taste of a pint if you're going teetotal.

No matter your preferred beer style, there's something for everyone in the box. From hoppy holiday treats to merry marvels, nobody has to feel left out.

If you're looking for even more of a reason to grab a sober box, if you preorder one now, you'll get 20% off your order and an extra £5 voucher towards your next order.

Dimensions: N/ANumber of products: 24Type of Beer: Alcohol-free mixed.

What is a beer advent calendar?

Imagine a typical chocolate advent calendar; replace it with beer, and you've got it.

A beer advent calendar typically has 24 doors to open in the days leading up to Christmas, starting on 1st December.

Many calendars include a varied selection of craft beers made by independent breweries, so a beer advent calendar is a fantastic way for aficionados to try new flavours and expand their beer palette.

Where to buy beer advent calendars

Online is your best bet for tracking down the ideal calendars with the most varied selection of beers.

Most can be purchased directly from the brewers themselves, but certain online retailers do stock them, and we have a list if you'd like to hunt for yourself.

  • Amazon
  • Menkind
  • Selfridges
  • Beer52
  • Boots

How much do beer advent calendars cost?

The best-value calendars generally start at around £50, with prices rising up to around £80.

For advent calendars with lots of extra products, like glasses and snacks, and that contain bigger bottles of beer, prices can sometimes climb up to around £120, as seen with some of the ones we found.

What to look for in a beer advent calendar

Think about your budget and find a beer advent calendar that fits within it.

Consider the type of beer you like and if there are any particular breweries you favour – if so, see if they produce their own advent calendar.

What is the best beer advent calendar for 2023?

With so many great options to choose from, it all comes down to personal preference – and of course, how much you want to spend.

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For instance, you might want to go for a household name like BrewDog, whose annual calendar always goes down a treat with beer fans.

For something more affordable, the Traditional Beer Company's Festive Beer Hamper is a great calendar alternative, while the Bier Company's Ultimate Craft Beer Advent Calendar is a complete showstopper at nearly a metre high – plus the £50 saving is far too good to miss.

Want to find more savings on your online shopping? Then head to Sun Vouchers where you can get discounts and voucher codes from hundreds of top retailers including B&Q, Boots, Iceland, Lookfantastic, Dunelm, Adidas, Marks & Spencer and more.

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