Extravagant Artist’s

We wrote about the International Competition For the World’s Most Creative Nail Artist which attracted a wide mass of artists worldwide and those who follow them and their work.
The Competition itself was organized under the Kostka Nail System International brand by Internationally famous Nail Artist, designer, mentor, Master Educator, the Extravagant Serbian Nail Artist Kostka Bojana.
As we wrote before, this International Competition ended on February 15th, when the winner of the competition was declared. Anna Machova, a Nail Artist from the Czech Republic, won the trophy for the Most Creative Nail Artist in the World!
The subject of the Competition was “Black Diamond” and participants had the task of delivering the Fashion Poster photo on the given subject.
The Competition itself was of a humanitarian character, and on this occasion, instead of paying the cotization for participating, the competitors were asked to deliver the proof of donation(free choice amount) to the nonprofit organization for help and support of animal rights, Levijatan.

Thanks to the generous donations of Kostka Bojana and participants of the Competition, the funds were raised for medical prosthetics for animals with disabilities.
On this international Competiton, participants came from all around the world with some of the countries including the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Greece, Hungary, Bulgaria, Dominican Republic, Poland, Italy, Portugal, Iran, Spain, Mexico… and there were 9 judges from 8. different countries with the head judge and organizator Kostka Bojana herself.
As a reward for 1st place in the competition, the competitors were promised a reward, included 3. days of Poster Casting seminar with Kostka Bojana and her team.
Anna Machova landed in Serbia on 26th August, as we hear from employees of KNS, accompanied by Exclusive Distributor/representative of Kostka Nail System International brand for the CZ, Slovakia, Germany, and Austria, Michaela Janchikova, who was also the model on this Poster Casting Seminar.
We wrote about this International Competition from the very start and we were eager to see what kind of masterpiece extravagant Serbian Nail Artist is cooking for us this time.
We fell in love at the first sight, when we saw photos of work created during those 3 days of the seminar, with Bojana and her team. Beautiful, extraordinary, extraterrestrial are just some of the words we could use to describe this masterpiece. Bojana explain to us, that, nails, accessories on the nails, accessories on the hand, hair, makeup, everything was- teamwork.

There is no stopping for these extravagant Artists and their art anytime soon, and we look forward to more of this amazing art.