Horoscopes today – Russell Grants star sign forecast for September 20


You have the energy and determination to achieve a lot. To do this you also need to keep focused on what you are doing. If, therefore, you give in to the demands of others, this will only slow you down and make you annoyed with yourself. Keep your mind on what you plan to do and ignore any distractions.


Don’t push people away as you feel inclined to do when they bring up touchy topics. Although you will want to get such conversations over and done with as quickly as possible, you may have to prepare yourself to have to discuss some matters in detail. Let down your barriers.


What you were once striving towards does not seem to be as important to you now. It may be that you have reached some goals but your ambitions have been slowly changing. Rather than continue in a direction that is wrong for you, a complete change may be in order.


There will be an almost uncanny understanding between you and a friend when it will seem like you can read each other’s minds. Joining forces with a creative colleague will bring out the best in you. When a job is concluded, you will be offered some freelance work.


Living with a volatile partner is proving to be emotionally exhausting. You’re constantly trying to stay ahead of someone’s changing emotions. All you long for is harmony and open communication. Instead of focusing on other people, start thinking of your own needs and healing yourself.


An invitation to a glamorous social event makes you a little suspicious. You might wonder why a friend or neighbour has chosen to invite you. If you look for an ulterior motive you are likely to find one. This experience will be costly and you will be expected to put your hands in your pocket.

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Health in general will be so-so; not brilliant but not too bad either. To find the best opportunities, keep your eyes wide open. If you are travelling or making plans to travel, this is likely to be for business or medical reasons. You will have some clever ideas to maximise productivity at work.


Think twice before making a long-term commitment. You really need to start putting your health before the demands of others. This doesn’t mean you should ignore or shun requests made of you altogether but you could tell others they will have to wait.


Recently you’ve been holding back from taking the initiative. A mistake has left you feeling vulnerable. All of a sudden you will take an interest in a challenge that needs to be overcome. Friends will remark on this positive change and will be glad to see you back to your normal self.

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